Top best password management application on Macbook

Top best password management application on Macbook

Top best password management applications on Macbook summarized in Taimienphi’s article will help you control passwords and sensitive information better, refer to the best option for yourself. !

When using a Macbook or any other device, the password is probably something that makes users bother a lot because if you put it short and simple, the data is easily compromised by others but if set too long then you will easily forget and then have to reset, recover the password – a job is not easy. Not only that, using a password for all emails, banks and other important accounts is no different than “inviting” hackers / hackers.

Top password management application on Macbook

Therefore, to prevent risks that may happen to you, you should immediately use a password management software. With Macbook device, has researched and synthesized top best password control applications for you to refer and choose in the article below.

1. iCloud Keychain.
2. Dashlane.
3. 1Password 7.
4. Keeper.
5. LastPass.
6. KeePassXC
7. Secrets
8. Bitwarden

Password management application on Macbook

1. iCloud Keychain

Password manager application on Macbook

iCloud Keychain is a free app available by Apple for Macbook devices. With this application, you can access passwords across the system when syncing iCloud. Not only that, You can store login information on websites, credit card information, e-wallet password, address and many other types of passwords. Integrated with Safari, the application makes it easier and automatically to organize usernames, passwords, and forms.

2. Dashlane

Password manager on Macbook

The Dashlane password manager not only helps secure and store your passwords but also gives you useful features like automatic password generation, easy reset, password status monitoring, two-factor authentication. , security and VPN breaches alerts.

Moreover, you also get quarterly security reports from the app developer. With the free Dashlane app, you can save up to 50 passwords, and with the premium plan, you can save unlimited passwords. The best thing is that you will access Dashlane with a unique password and this password will not be saved or transmitted anywhere.

– Download Dashlane for Mac here.

3. 1Password 7

Password management software on Macbook

As the name of the application suggests, all you have to do is remember a password when using this application. With great features, the application is ready to meet your password needs from weak or duplicate password detection to security alerts when your data is compromised.

1Password 7 also has a smart Travel mode that hides / deletes sensitive data while you’re away from your Macbook device. You can use Touch ID on Mac and Face ID on iOS to unlock apps. 1Password 7 is really a perfect application for families and team members because each user can share passwords. You can try the free app for 30 days.

– Download 1Password For Mac here.

4. Keeper

Password management tool on Macbook

As a cloud-like application, Keeper can help you store your passwords, photos, videos and secret files. However, unlike the cloud, your data is stored in an encrypted archive. While you can access your encrypted documents from any device, these codes will only be decoded by you.

With the Keeper app, you can use your fingerprint or face recognition as an alternate password to access Keeper. Keeper also regularly checks for outdated or weak passwords. In times of emergency or unfortunate circumstances, Keeper provides you with a unique feature that allows you to share your account with 5 people you trust.

– Download Keeper for Mac here.

5. LastPass

Password manager on Mac OS

LastPass is one of the best password management apps on Macbook. If with other free password management applications you will usually only be allowed to access one device, LastPass allows you to access on all your devices, including phones and devices. tablet.

LastPass’s encrypted vault helps protect images, notes, PDFs, membership, IDs, passwords of other software and sensitive data. With extensions for Safari and Google Chrome, LastPass will help users fill out the login form and automatically log in next time.

– Download LastPass For Mac here.

6. KeePassXC

Password manager application on Macbook

KeePassXC is a free and open source software that encrypts passwords and other sensitive information and stores them on your own Mac. With a fairly simple interface, you can move your database to the cloud to access files on other devices. With extensions specific to Google Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi and Chromium, you are free to choose your favorite browser.

– Download KeePassXC for Mac here.

7. Secrets

Password manager application on Macbook

The Secrets app is like an electronic wallet that can securely store all your passwords, credit cards, banking information and other personal information. The application uses iCloud and syncs your “confidential” data across the system. Secrets has a smart search interface that allows you to find data quickly. Moreover, you can create one-time login passwords for applications by two-factor authentication.

– Download Secrets for Mac here.

8. Bitwarden

The best free password manager on Macbook

Bitwarden is an open source software where you can synchronize your login information on all your devices. Because all data is stored in a secure vault, only you can access this data. Bitwarden uses smart and powerful encryption technology AES-256 bit, PBKDF2 SHA-256 so no one can access to read your data.

– Download Bitwarden for Mac here.
Through the content of the article, Taimienphi has introduced you to the top of the best password management applications on Macbook, used by many people. If you have not used any tool to manage your account password, then try a tool to experience the convenience of offline!


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