Top best PDF file reader 2017

Top best PDF file reader 2017

The best PDF reader software Taimienphi listed below such as Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader or SodaPDF … will help you open and view PDF files on your computer easily, find out the advantages and disadvantages of these PDF readers!

Referring to PDF reader software, experienced people will immediately think of such software as Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader or SodaPDF, because these are programs that are too famous for opening and viewing PDF files on computers. already.

Top best PDF reading software 2017 today

In the top list PDF reader software 2017 The best below includes both free and paid software. Evaluate the best PDF file readers based on their available features, ease of use, high speed reading of large PDF files, etc. If you do not know how to open and read PDF files, under These are the best software to help you do this.

Top best PDF file reader 2017

1. Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is one of the first PDF reader support software. With these powerful features, Adobe Reader is the best solution for your need to view and edit PDF files.

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You can open multiple PDF files and view them at the same time with the tabbed management interface. Besides, this software also comes with a range of other PDF editing functions available. It also supports many types of PDF documents, including password-protected files and files with lots of bookmarks, forms, and more.

Download and install Adobe Reader on your computer here: Download Adobe Reader

2. Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader It is also an impressive PDF reader that is enough for you to view PDF documents as well as use some excellent PDF editing features. It has a sophisticated and modern user interface, complete with tabs that support reading multiple PDF documents at the same time, the file reading speed is quite smooth with many standard views.

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You can add all kinds of additional information, such as comments, highlighting selected parts of the PDF document. It comes with a variety of reading modes, along with form fill functions and everything from attachments. After making the edits, you can easily share them via email with the built-in function of Foxit Reader.

Download and install Foxit Reader on your computer here: Download Foxit Reader

3. SodaPDF

There are not as many interesting functions as those in the best PDF reader 2017, but SodaPDF includes the most advanced features you can see, far beyond the simple PDF viewing and editing capabilities of a conventional software.

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In addition to the native features, SodaPDF allows you to add drawings, stamps and sticky notes to your PDF documents. You can also convert from other document formats like HTML, TXT and RTF to PDF easily. . However, the biggest drawback of this software is that the SodaPDF installer comes with some other applications, so if you choose SodaPDF you should pay close attention to the installation.

Download and install SodaPDF on your computer here: Download SodaPDF

4. PDF-Xchange Viewer

PDF-Xchange Viewer Process all types of PDF documents (from lightest to heaviest) without difficulty, and features such as tabbed interface to work with multiple PDF files at the same time. All standard features like reading mode and bookmark support are also provided.

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But what is most noticeable is the editing capabilities of PDF-Xchange Viewer. Examples include markers and annotations, geometry, stamps and more to PDF files. PDF-Xchange Viewer can also open files from the web through specified paths and can create PDF files from existing files and even images obtained from scanning devices.

Download and install PDF-Xchange Viewer on your computer here: Download PDF-Xchange Viewer

5. Nitro Reader

There may be many people who do not need to use the editing features that come with pdf reader software such as Foxit Reader, Adobe Reader, .. they simply need the simplest PDF reader possible. If you are looking for an application that can meet the above requirements perfectly, then Nitro Reader is a liked software.

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When viewing PDF files, Nitro Reader is like the best 2017 pdf reader, it can easily view multiple documents simultaneously thanks to the tabbed interface. There are many viewing modes available and support for PDF highlighting. It does not have many notable features, but the annotation tool and digital signature are added as one of the most powerful features of the PDF reader software.

Download and install Nitro Reader on your computer here: Download Nitro Reader

Above is the top Best PDF reader software 2017 For you, these software are listed to suit the basic needs of the user as some will have a lot of features, some with few features but are focused on readability, View the PDF file.
Currently, users tend to convert Word to PDF to secure data information, there are many ways to convert Word to PDF that you can use such as software or online services, depending on your needs. and file size, you can use many different methods.


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