Top best plagiarism testing tool to avoid content duplication

When it comes to content, plagiarism is one of the biggest ethical concerns today. Plagiarism basically means the act of copying someone else’s work and making it your own. Although there are cases of intentional and unintentional, but clearly, plagiarism is misconduct.

Whether intentional or not, plagiarism can affect the quality of the author’s work or reputation. So if you are a content writer or professional writer specializing in online content publishing, you definitely need to take care to avoid plagiarism. The best plagiarism testing tools available will also help you improve your writing and original content production skills.

Top best plagiarism testing tool to avoid content duplication

Top best plagiarism testing tools:
1. Plagiarisma.
2. DupliChecker.
3. PlagScan.
4. Grammarly.
5. Copyleaks.
6. Paperrater.

1. Plagiarisma

Plagiarisma is the most common tool used to find plagiarism errors in an essay, website content, academic writing, course, research document or dissertation. You can upload content saved on a drive, from a folder on your computer, simply paste the URL or content directly into the box and click the Check duplicate content button. The software will only take a few minutes to check the entire content.

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Plagiarisma accurately detects duplicate content, supports all major text formats including TXT, HTML, RTF, MS Word DOC, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, XLS, PDF, ODT, EPUB, FB2. It also provides support for Google, Yahoo, Bing, Scholar and Books, compatible with major platforms such as Windows, Android, BlackBerry, Moodle and the Web.

Price: Free version available; Paid version starts at 5 USD / day / 100 searches.

– Download Plagiarisma here.

2. DupliChecker

For users looking for a free plagiarism testing tool, DupliChecker may be the best option. It almost immediately provides accurate results, whether it’s web content, blogs, articles or research papers, all you need to do is copy and paste the text content into a blank cell. and get results. Alternatively, you can also upload documents or files from a directory and start plagiarism testing.

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Not only that, this tool also supports grammar checking for the entire content. DupliChecker is also known as one of the most accurate results test software, available on any device, even allowing you to easily check content on the go. The search box supports testing up to 1,000 words / time.

Price: Free

– Download DupliChecker here.

3. PlagScan

Like the aforementioned tools, PlagScan is also one of the best plagiarism checking tools, giving accurate results after a few clicks. The best part of PlagScan is that it is very easy to use and compatible with almost all file formats, from printing PDFs to combining interactive browser reports, plagiarism reports of software very flexibly, depending at the request of the user.

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Another plus point of PlagScan is that it respects privacy and compliance with the law by keeping your uploaded documents secure, not accessible to third parties. Whether you are a single user or an organization, PlagScan supports accurate and effective detection of textual content.

Pricing: Free trial available; Pro version starts at 5.99 USD.

– Download PlagScan here.

4. Grammarly

Grammarly uses artificial intelligence (AI) assistants to check errors for all your content. Whether you’re writing in MS Word or Gmail, or on social media platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn, it works in the background to correct text if an anomaly is detected.

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In addition to plagiarism testing, Grammarly also focuses on your grammar, spelling and writing style. It helps you find words that match the context. What’s more, you can also add it to Chrome for free as an extension and use it all the time.

Price: Free version available (limited); Premium version starts at 29.95 USD / month.

– Download Grammarly here.

5. Copyleaks

Copyleaks not only detects plagiarized content but also interprets content in writing with the help of AI technology. It helps you check the authenticity of content by using search refining algorithms and tracking text in all languages.

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This software can easily track any copy of online content using cloud computing. It can scan 60 trillion Internet pages and databases for original content. More specifically, it is compatible with all major viz file formats. txt, pdf, HTML, doc, etc. From personal to business, Copyleaks supports all users.

Pricing: Free trial version available; Pro version starts at 50.99 USD / month.

– Download Copyleaks here.

6. Paperrater

Paperrater is a popular free plagiarism testing tool that checks text content along with grammar and spelling. You can use it online, no need to download software. It supports checking all grammatical errors and fixing them in seconds. Besides, the proofreading feature will give you a number of options to change the writing style or vocabulary, thereby improving the writing ability of the author.

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Specifically, the tool compares the content of your printed paper or text with more than 10 billion documents while checking its authenticity. Paperrater uses AI and data science to evaluate articles in real time and provide instant results. You can easily use without registering, logging in or downloading.

In addition to automatic grammar checking and proofreading, it also provides a scoring feature, which sends you feedback using Grendel (AI engine).

Price: Free version available; Premium version costs 14.95 USD / month or 95.4 USD / year.
– Download Paperrater here.


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