Top best Proxy free and paid

Top best Proxy free and paid

Using a proxy is one of the best ways to protect your privacy while browsing the web. But you do not know where is the best Proxy, let’s find out in the article below of offline!

If you want to protect your privacy while working online, one of the best ways is to use a Proxy server. It acts as a gateway between you and the Internet; So, when using Proxy, the website details you have visited and your online history will be saved to that server, instead of saved on your computer. In addition, Proxy also provides many other utilities to avoid the tracking of advertisers and privacy breaches.

Top best Proxy free and paid

So, where is the best Proxy today? Here is a list of the top 5 best proxies, both free and paid Aggregate based on user feedback.

Table of Contents:
1. ExpressVPN.
2. Surfshark.
3. Hide My Ass.
4. KProxy.
5. ProxySite.

1. ExpressVPN
ExpressVPN allows access to over 3,000 servers in 160 locations across 94 different countries, the largest platform you can ever find. ExpressVPN can support almost every area of ​​your life such as Bitcoin payments, P2P support, Netflix unblocking, encryption, interrupts, DNS leak protection, stable and reliable performance, and primary. The book is not logged in.


ExpressVPN service supports 5 concurrent connections for each user. If you need a high-speed service with lots of features and all the support you need, ExpressVPN will be one of the top choices.
– Download ExpressVPN for iPhone
– Download ExpressVPN for Android

2. Surfshark
Surfshark has all the features needed for beginners to use Proxy such as UDP and TCP protocols, IKEv2, AES-256 encryption and interrupts are always available to prevent information from being leaked whenever it is disconnected. connect. In addition, Surfshark has a private DNS and an additional layer of security through a dual VPN. With this service, you can quickly connect to a server in US, UK or anywhere else like Australia or New Zealand. You can also easily access your Netflix account while abroad.


Surfshark has a very simple interface; all you really see is the “Quick connect“and”All locations“integrated in the icon”Settings“Another advantage is that you can sign up for the service on an unlimited number of devices. That means you can use it on laptops and desktops (compatible with Windows, Macs). , and Linux), tablets, mobile phones (both iOS and Android), and Amazon Fire TV Stick with only 1 account.
– Download Surfshark for Windows.
– Download Surfshark for Mac.
– Download Surfshark for Linux.
– Download Surfshark for Android.
– Download Surfshark for iPhone.

3. Hide My Ass
Hide My Ass is a free and extremely convenient web proxy service when you want to browse privately but don’t have the time or permission to download additional browser software or extensions. The premium software version has faster speeds, better security encryption, and helps protect users from malware.


Hide My Ass will help conceal your identity and IP address, connect via servers located in the US, UK or Netherlands (other options are available only in the paid version). When using the free version, you will see a large banner placed on top of the site, but this is only an advertisement for Hide My Ass’s own products – your data will not be transferred to third parties . The service also supports HTTPS connections.
– Download HMA VPN for PC.
– Download HMA VPN for Mac.
– Download HMA VPN for Linux.
– Download HMA VPN for Android.
– Download HMA VPN for iPhone.

4. KProxy
KProxy provides a browser-based service, an extension for Chrome and Firefox, and a mobile version of Firefox with pre-installed utilities that allow you to use it on your school computer, at home, or at the office. The installation is also very easy. After installing the extension, simply select a remote server and click on “Connect“. KProxy also supports secure HTTPS connections.


The free version only allows you to browse the web for 3 consecutive hours or until you reach the 300MB data limit; After that, you will get suggestions for upgrading to a paid version. However, this is not a mandatory option, you can reconnect after 30 minutes. With the paid version, in addition to unlimited time, you can also access to more advanced servers.
– Download KProxy for PC.
– Download KProxy for Chrome.
– Download KProxy for Firefox.

5. ProxySite
ProxySite is a free proxy that provides anonymous browsing. It is equipped with a number of features that are suitable for many users. For example, in ProxySite settings, you have a choice from a range of different user agents. On the one hand, it makes it less likely that a person will be able to identify the actual device you’re using; but on the other hand, administrators and web designers can still take advantage of this to check their site’s access options.


The paid version of ProxySite is a true VPN service that provides encryption and is capable of fixing display and compatibility issues.
– Download ProxySite software here: Download ProxySite
Above are the software, applications Best proxy free and paid. Depending on your use needs, you choose for yourself the most appropriate plan.


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