Top best remote control software

Remote computer control software is software that allows us to be in any place with a network connection but still be able to access home and use it with basic operations. In this article, will introduce to you the top remote computer control software with different advantages and disadvantages.

Remote computer control software is an indispensable tool on the computer for those who need to use their computers anytime and anywhere. It is convenient when we can control our computer from somewhere with a computer connection, of course, the control operations are limited to a certain format of instructional style or consider a problem. something on your computer and can’t use it as a tool to play games at home.

Currently, there are many remote control software and not all software works best for the user as well as the usage is different. To choose a remote computer software, this article will be a rich source of reference for you before making decisions and choices.

Top remote computer control software

1. Control remote computers with TeamViewer

Top best electronic remote control software 2

– Download Teamviewer Download it here, download itTeamviewer.

Teamviewer Currently the number one remote control software currently available, the ability to connect to any system from any location in the world. You can both do professional work and chat and chat with others. Teamviewer is especially useful for those who do administration, communication and customer guidance to help you save time and improve work efficiency.


– Using Teamviewer completely free for personal use, lifetime use and comfortable upgrade.
– How to use Teamviewer easily, there are many references to search.
– Quick connection, few interruptions and many functions even the free version.
– Modern interface, easy to use and supports both Vietnamese.
– There are many connecting modes, many password setting modes.
– Available on computers, iPhone and Android phones.


– Sometimes there are still minor errors.
– Still use error 5 minutes and then exit (by the user and has a way to handle).

2. Control your remote computer with UltraViewer

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– Download UltraViewer to your computer here, download UltraViewer.

UltraViewer is a remote control software, and it is rated as one of the best remote computer control software today that can replace any one of your remote control applications. UltraViewer is also considered the biggest challenge of Teamviewer today and is trying to improve to become even more superior.


– Use completely free, comfortable upgrade.
– Basic interface, easy to use with new people.
– The connection is quite stable and fast, there are many different modes.
– Can control and chat with a partner
– Connect with multiple computers at once


– There are still some errors occur during using UltraViewer.
– Sometimes no parameters to connect the computer.

3. Control remote computers with GoToMyPC

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– Download GoToMyPC to the computer here, download GoToMyPC.

GoToMyPC is a remote control software that you can easily log in remotely to another computer from a web browser with a high-speed connection that can edit and save Word files on remote access machine, transfer many files from client to host, receive and delete email on host machine, ….


– Connect remotely to computers, phones, tablets via the application or software.
– There are many security connection modes, using many advanced encryption algorithms.
– Quick configuration settings and simple computer connection.
– Allows sharing the computer with a 3rd computer.


– There is no free version, only trial limited features.
– Uncommon and the connection sometimes has errors.
– The interface is not optimal to the user.

4. Control your computer remotely with Chrome Remote Desktop

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– Download Chrome Remote Desktop to your computer here, download Chrome Remote Desktop.

Chrome Remote Desktop is a Chrome browser utility that allows you to quickly connect and control remote computers via the browser. Chrome Remote Desktop provides great support to network administrators, often to help customers. Users will be provided with a password for each access and can work on both platforms Mac, Linux, Windows.


– Install Chrome Remote Desktop and connect quickly.
– High security mode, absolute safety for users.
– Compatible with both Mac and Linux operating systems.
– Use your Google account to connect and control computers remotely.


– Use extension should only work on Google Chrome and Coc Coc.
– There is no software version so it is a limitation.
– Not as many features as other software.

5. Control remote computers with AeroAdmin

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– Download AeroAdmin to your computer here, download AeroAdmin.

Aero Admin is an effective remote control software for performing all operations but sitting directly in front of the system. The software also helps parents to control and monitor their children, protect from the harmful effects of online websites, and can also organize interactive meetings remotely.


– Simple connection, basic interface easy to use.
– Quickly connect remote online meetings.
– Secure connection with many different types of security.
– Use advanced encryption security technology
– Use completely free.


– Sometimes the connection is still not stable, there are not many options.
– There are not many features, the basic interface and simple.

Above is the top of remote computer control software, with advantages and disadvantages mentioned in article hope you will have a wise choice to find reasonable remote computer control software for myself.
If you are interested, you can also refer to a number of remote control applications for Android, iPhone. These applications will help you solve a lot of problems when you do not have a computer but have to use your phone, refer to the computer control application Here and choose for yourself one of them.


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