Top best route finder, maps

Maps find the way, maps are a useful tool for many people, especially when you want to find the shortest, most convenient way to get to the place you need. Using maps is a simple way to reduce travel time and avoid congestion when traveling in Vietnam.

Traffic in Vietnam is relatively complex, so you will have difficulty finding your way to an address. Maps to find your way, maps is a powerful tool to help you find the shortest path to the necessary location, avoid traffic jams, save travel time. In the following article, Taimienphi will share the Top 5 best route finder and maps applications suitable for users in traffic in Vietnam.

Top best route finder, maps

Top 5 applications to find the way, maps for Vietnamese users

1. Google Maps

Top in the Top Path finding application, maps best suited for Vietnamese users is Google Maps. The Google Maps map tool is completely free and works on many platforms such as mobile phones and computers.

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Google Maps has a huge traffic database, giving users a lot of options to get to the place they need without spending a lot of time and avoiding congestion points. In addition to the traditional directions for cars and pedestrians, Google Maps also provides directions for motorbikes and bicycles that are popular with Vietnamese people.

In addition to the online map view, Google Maps also supports users to download maps to look up even when there is no network.

– Download Google Maps for Android
– Download Google Maps for iPhone

2. Here We Go (Here Maps)

Similar to Google Maps, the Here Maps application is also in the Top Path finding application, maps are best used by many people. Here Maps or Here WeGo has detailed information stores in more than 1,200 cities in over 100 countries around the world, including Vietnam.

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Here WeGo can suggest routes that are suitable for all popular transport modes, whether you travel by motorbike, car, walk, … or even when you want to find the route by car. bus. Not only does it suggest the usual map route, Here We Go also has a 3D map view, so that you can view stereoscopic images of the scene from which to distinguish and find the way faster.

– Download Here WeGo for Android
– Download Here WeGo for iPhone

3. Waze

If the Path finding application, maps that we have just introduced focus on building a big data store for ourselves, Waze is going in a different direction. This tool collects information from users and displays reports if congestion is detected. As a result, this application proved to be very flexible, automatically changing the appropriate route based on the latest traffic situation.

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Besides, Waze users can also look up the current location of friends, or find gas stations along the way and detailed quotes – something many other route finders do not yet support.

– Download Waze for Android
– Download Waze for iPhone

4. VOV traffic map

VOV traffic map is the only product developed by Vietnamese that we would like to introduce in Top Path finding application, maps best.

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Besides the main features such as maps and directions, this application continuously broadcasts information from VOV Traffic channel of Voice of Vietnam Radio. Most of this information is directly provided by users and carefully screened before broadcasting. As a result, you are always up to date with hot traffic information, with high accuracy, to flexibly choose the most appropriate route yourself.

5. Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps is the last application on the Top 5 list Path finding application, maps are best suited for Vietnamese users. This is a product developed by Tomtom.

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Users when searching the way, will guide in detail by each step, speed limit specific. The application also provides support for voice navigation in Vietnamese. You can rest assured to drive, and still move accurately without constantly looking at the phone.
Top 5 Path finding application Taimienphi has just introduced are completely free and developed to suit the complicated traffic situation like in Vietnam. Users can download and install these Path finding application, maps is best on both devices running iOS and Android. Compatible with iOS and Android operating systems.


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