Top best SSD drives for computers

You can choose one of the best SSDs for your computer at the moment instead of choosing an HHD drive, because the SSD has very fast read and write data speed, suitable for demanding tasks. The computer’s processing power is high and it is also a support factor for playing today’s heavy games without lag

The best SSD and Ultrabook hard drives are designed to support each other, with the portability and lightweight design of the Ultrabook complementing the read / write speed and durability of the SSD. In addition, SSDs are increasingly improved, data read / write speeds are faster, storage capacity is larger and more importantly, affordable, suitable for users’ pocket.

11 SSDs are rated the most

In the following article, will introduce you to the list of Top best SSDs for computers today.

Top best SSD drives for computers

1. Samsung 970 Evo

Samsung’s SSD Evo line is constantly getting better, and the Samsung 970 Evo is no exception. Following the success of the 960 Evo, the Samsung 970 Evo is improved with impressive performance and the ability to automatically disconnect when the hard drive overheats like on the 960 Pro, this SSD hard drive promises to shorten the time for data transfer. Data, and currently available with 2TB of memory, users won’t need to worry about running out of free space.

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2. WD Black NVMe

With WD Black NVMe SSD SSD, you can say goodbye to the error of loading the screen forever. For less than $ 300, you won’t find an SSD faster and longer like the WD Black NVMe SSD. There’s no denying that WD Black NVMe is the best SSD hard drive for gaming.

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3. Samsung 960 Pro

Samsung 960 Pro takes full advantage of the NVMe standard designed to maximize the power of an SSD (solid-state drive). With an M.2 interface and an ideal read speed of up to 3500 MBps, up to 2TB of memory, the price is not cheap, but you can be sure that one Samsung 960 Pro will not disappoint you. .

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4. Toshiba OCZ RD400

If you’re looking for a variety of options, the Toshiba OCZ RD400 series SSDs come in 4 sizes and 3 different interface standards: M.2, M.2 2280 and AIC. Not all sizes are available for three communication standards, so if you’re looking for a 1TB SSD and fast read speeds, you might consider choosing one of the Toshiba OCZ series of SSDs. RD400.

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5. WD Black PCIe SSD

With a 5-year warranty and an impressive read / write speed, of which the read speed is up to 2,050MBps, and the write speed is 800MBps, 512GB size, WD Black NVMe deserves to be one of the best SSDs for computer now.

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6. Samsung 860 Pro

Samsung SSD 860 Pro has a storage capacity of up to 4TB, the data transfer rate reaches up to the theoretical connection speed of SATA 3, plus the leading reliability and security, Samsung SSD hard drive 860 Pro is SSD will be the best choice for those who are SATA3 fans.

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7. Intel 750 Series

The U.2 standard allows for a larger SSD hard drive capacity and uses the PCIe x4 slot on the computer to send all data through it. The Intel 750 Series SSDs include a cable that users can mount the hard drive in in the case on the case and still plug the drive into the PCIe slot on the motherboard.

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8. Samsung 860 Evo

Samsung 850 Evo first launched on the market in 2014, with excellent performance and affordable price, to meet the needs of users. Despite being limited by the SATA3 interface, the Samsung 860 Evo still uses its predecessor’s performance, with improved read / write speeds and a host of other form factors, while selling prices remain. constant. Undeniably, the Samsung 860 Evo is the best SSD hard drive for computers today, with fast download speeds and affordable prices for users.

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9. HP S700 Pro

If you’re looking for a long-lasting SSD, the HP S700 Pro is exactly what you’re looking for. HP S700 Pro lifespan up to 2 million hours and storage capacity up to 650 terabytes of text. The HP S700 Pro is one of the best-performing SSDs, but the SATA interface can slow down the read / write speed to extend the life of the hard drive.

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10. Intel 760p Series SSD

Intel’s NVMe hard drive is famous for being “expensive”. However, with the 760p SSD, it seems that Intel is trying to change everything. The 760p performance is second only to the Samsung 960 Evo, with a read speed of 3,056 MB / s and a write speed of 1,606 MB / s. It is worth noting that the price of Intel 760p is not so expensive as NVMe, but still achieves great performance.

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11. Samsung Portable SSD T5

If your laptop or computer uses the USB Type-C Gen 2 interface, you can look for another external drive. Samsung Portable SSD T5 with read / write speed up to 540 / 515MBps, suitable for affordable PCIe users. In addition, Samsung Portable SSD T5 is also one of the best SSD hard drive for users who have to move a lot.

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The article above has just introduced you to the list of Top best SSDs for computers today. If you are looking for a cheap SSD model, you can choose from the list of these SSD model 120GB, 128GB Cheapest worth buying today.
In case you have any questions or questions, you can leave your comments in the comment section below the article, will answer your questions as soon as possible. be. In addition, RAM is also one of the important parts of a computer, RAM is the temporary memory when the device works, owning a good RAM bar will also make the computer’s performance to be more efficient. examination Top best RAM for computer Here if you want to own a RAM.


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