Top best TV control application

Top best TV control application

With the list of TV control applications listed below, users will have more convenient and smart tools to turn their phone into a versatile control that can connect with many household devices. The family is much more convenient than the conventional remote.

If for some reason your TV remote is not working properly, don’t be too upset. You just need to unplug your phone and download yourself a control application by phone.

Top best TV control application

Not only can control the television, the applications that Taimienphi will introduce in the following content can also connect and control many other household items.

Top 5 best TV control applications

1. SURE Universal Remote

Opening the list of best TV control application today, Taimienphi would like to introduce you to the tool named SURE Universal Remote . This application supports users to connect and control most smart home appliances such as TVs, air conditioners, DVD players, projectors, …

Top best TV remote control app 2

All you need to do is open the application, press the button Add in the left corner of the screen and search for the name of the device you want to control, save and use. SURE Universal Remote is provided completely free of charge and works effectively on Android phones.

– Download SURE Universal Remote for Android

2. Smart IR Remote

Like SURE, Smart IR Remote towards the ability for users to control all household appliances with just one application on the phone. Up to now, AnyMote is still doing very well. The application has the ability to connect to any device using infrared, Wifi including television.

top best TV remote control apps 3

Besides manual manipulation, this application also equips users with convenient and intelligent voice-controlled TV remote control.

– Download Smart IR Remote for Android

3. Mi Remote Controller

Not just a phone company, Xiaomi is constantly developing and launching many new products in many areas to bring more convenience to users. With that in mind, Xiami programmers have developed applications Mi Remote Controller allows users to remotely control TV equipment, cameras, air conditioners, fans, … manufactured by the manufacturer and others.

top best TV remote control apps 4

The Mi Remote controller has a relatively simple, compact interface and is currently available for free on the CH Play app market.

– Download Mi Remote Controller for Android

4. Universal TV Remote

If you just need to use your phone just to control the TV then probably Universal TV Remote would be worth the reference. The application provides a list of TVs that it supports, users can set up and control right away with just a few simple steps.

Top best TV remote control apps 5

Universal TV Remote is provided free of charge but with ads attached. And the minus point is that the publisher does not offer a paid version to remove them.

– Download Universal TV Remote for Android

5. Unified Remote

Today, many users are no longer watching TV on TV, instead they use online TV services right on the computer. Capturing the psychology of users, Unified Remote has developed a remote control for computers. Of course, the functions of the controller just stop at the basic level such as toggle, transfer files, increase volume, … for watching TV on computer better.

top best TV remote control apps 6

This application works well via Bluetooth and Wifi connection with computers running Windows, Mac and Linux.

– Download Unified Remote for iPhone
– Download Unified Remote for Android
If you want a search TV control application Simple, please use Universal TV Remote. If you want to control many other devices in your house, you can SURE, Smart IR Remote,Mi Remote Controller or Unified Remote. So which application will you choose to replace your familiar TV remote? Leave your answers in the comment section below this article!


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