Top best voice changing software on computer

There are many ways the software changes voice on the computer, helping users to quickly change their voice to become more hanging, cuter or deeper. And with the top best voice changing software on computers, the following will be the options not to be missed.

The software to change the voice on the computer Nowadays, it is used a lot, especially when the services related to live stream are booming, from live stream Facebook or Youtube or Gaming, there are many people using these voice changing software to attract listeners. , see more. And with the top voice changing software on computers, here are 3 of the many voice changing software on computers that are trusted and used by most users today.

Top best voice changing software on computer

1. Auto Tune

>> Download Auto Tune here.

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Auto Tune Voice Changer is the best computer voice changer, voice recorder and audio editor with many interesting functions to help you take your voice to the next level. Auto-Tune 8 is the latest generation in the Auto Tune audio editing software product line, which is familiar to many generations of famous singers, musicians, and music producers.

It is also because of the ability to edit sound that you can apply to the software to change the male to female voice according to your wishes and vice versa. Thanks to it, the lyrics that are recorded in the recording will be more sacred after processing. Or even tones that no actual instrument can produce, except the power of a computer

2. MorphVOX Pro

>> Download MorphVOX Pro here.

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MorphVOX Pro is one of the best voice changing software on the computer. MorphVOX Pro allows users to change the pitch, pitch, pitch and pitch of voice when performing a voice chat on Windows operating system, it allows users to change voice, insert into voice chat Other sounds easily. In addition, the program window integrates features for you to use and operate with the mouse or joystick. Software to help you hide your true voice when chatting via common voice chat tools such as Skype, CCtalk, FacebookCall or online games that support voice chat

Main features of MorphVOX Pro:

– Change voice with high sound quality just need your computer connect to the internet.
– Support very well on online games or connecting with friends via Yahoo, MSN, Skype, AIM, Google Talk, TeamSpeak and online games.
– Change the voice with the voice of a familiar character or create a voice of your own personality.
– Use and manipulate with mouse or joystick easily.
– Call your friends via SMS or VoIP with awesome sound effects.

3. Fake Voice

>> Download Fake Voice here.

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Fake Voice is a software to change the voice on the computer, allowing to change the voice to help you change your voice while chatting with other people. Popular chat applications today.

Fake Voice offers hundreds of different special sound effects, you can change the voice from old people to young people, natural voices become children’s voices, or men’s voices become female voices, high voices become Low voice and many other effects.

Fake Voice allows you to freely change the configuration of audio parameters, add echo, noise, adjust the intensity …. The program can be installed as a default recording device on your computer. Sound Recorder helps you record every sound emitted from the Microphone and transform them any way you want.

Key features of fake voice:

– Change the real voice when using Chat Voice.
– Support many popular chat applications Yahoo, MSN, Skype …
– Provide hundreds of different sound effects.
– Optionally change the audio parameters.
– Install as a recording device on the computer.
– Compact size, easy to use.
– Compatible with Windows operating system.

Above is the top of the best voice changing software on the computer today. This is a list collected by so if you read any software that is better, easier to use, please comment by commenting in the article below.
In the list of top voice changing software on the computer, you’ve probably heard of Auto Tune software, right? This is the software that helps you adjust your voice very well but the usage is quite difficult. To use Auto Tunes you need to have certain knowledge and do not forget to refer to the instructions Use Auto Tunes here.


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