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Using a VPN application helps users hide their current IP into a virtual access address to hide information, secure online privacy, and these tools also allow you to use good services. Access to foreign websites is blocked with Vietnamese users

Not hard for you to find one VPN application on the internet or in the app market. However, not all applications are reliable, you can be monitored or stolen information from the VPN tools that you use.

VPN app for phones

In this article, Taimienphi will introduce you to these VPN application quality and trusted by many users and installed on their devices.

List of Top 5 best VPN applications 2019

1. TunnelBear

True to its name, when using TunnelBear VPN application This will create a secure network connection and protect your privacy as strongly as a bear. Currently the application has 2 full versions, works on iOS and Android devices.

Top best vpn apps 2

The best ID changer

Like specialized VPN software on computers, TunnelBear encrypts data, and changes the user’s current IP address to an IP address in another country. As a result, you will easily see only limited content, exclusively for users in more than 22 different countries.

– Download TunnelBear for iPhone

– Download TunnelBear for Android

2. Hotspot Shield

When it comes to powerful and quality VPN hiding tools on your computer, it’s hard to ignore Hotspot Shield. The good news for loyal users of this software is that the manufacturer of Hotspot Shield has also released a version VPN application Exclusively for mobile devices.

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Fake ID application for iPhone, Android

Thanks to a solid foundation that has been built for a long time, Hotspot Shield has a wide selection of IP addresses for users. You will not encounter many difficulties when accessing websites or using online services in fastidious countries such as China, USA, UK, Japan, …

– Download Hotspot Shield for iPhone

– Download Hotspot Shield for Android

3. PrivateTunnel

Not only is trusted by more than 50 million individual users, PrivateTunnel is VPN application Professional is used by many businesses in its commercial activities.

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Best VPN App for phones

All servers and IP addresses are constantly monitored and optimized by the company, thus ensuring a stable and secure connection. Users can enable and maintain the PrivateTunnel application 24 hours a day at home, work or even at public places without worrying about affecting the quality of bandwidth.

Currently PrivateTunnel is being provided free to users and absolutely does not contain ads inside the application.

– Download PrivateTunnel for iPhone

– Download PrivateTunnel for Android

4. VPN

Currently on the market there are many VPN application powerful to help you hide information or prevent all attempts to exploit access information from third parties. This will hinder when you access some chat applications or social networks.

top best vpn apps 5

Tool to change facebook access ID VPN does this much better than many other applications when it cleverly filters and doesn’t block VOIP services. So that you can use Skype, Viber, Tango, … comfortably, while keeping your personal information secure.

In addition, has an automatic VPN selection feature, you will always be connected to the appropriate server to ensure a stable connection and the fastest speed.

– Download VPN for iPhone

– Download VPN for Android

5. Free VPN- Betternet

The last application that Taimienphi wants to recommend to you in the list is Betternet. Not too prominent but his brothers, VPN application This is designed with a simple, easy to use interface. With just one touch, Betternet automatically optimizes the connection, selection and connection of your device to the most appropriate server.

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Software for changing ID of web surfing

To use Betternet, you only need to download the application to install on your computer without having to perform any registration or login steps. And yet, the application also has no ads or even completely free.

– Download Betternet for iPhone

– Download Betternet for Android
Above, Taimienphi has introduced to you 5 VPN application powerful on your phone helps you keep your personal information private, and increase your connectivity effortlessly. Hopefully you will quickly select an application that suits your needs.


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