Top best Windows cleaning and speeding tools 2019

Using a Windows computer over time will slow your computer down and not due to hardware but mainly because you install too many applications, so many things are garbage to clean up. Please select one of the best cleanup, speeding up and cleaning tools in 2019 below to solve the problem you’re having.

The use Cleanup tool, speed up Windows or specialized applications, cleaning software, speeding up the computer selected by many people with the purpose of optimizing their computers to make them run faster, smoother and especially to achieve the best performance. When you work on a computer or laptop.

To clean, speed up the computer, users can look to the dedicated software

There are a lot of cleaning and speeding up apps for your computer, so choosing an application to use will become difficult when you are wondering whether to use one or the other. The key of this is that you do not know the basic information of the software, it will be suitable for any computer, so it will be best used for the type of user computer.

Therefore, in the article below, we will help you synthesize and filter out the top 5 best Windows cleaning and speeding applications in 2019 for your reference, from which you can easily choose a suitable software. Best.

Top 5 best Windows cleaning and speeding tools 2019

1. Software to clean, speed up computer Advanced SystemCare Pro

– Download Advanced SystemCare Pro here.
– See how details install Advanced SystemCare Pro here.

Advanced SystemCare Pro It is an application with modern user-friendly functions of automatically optimizing the system. Users only need to select the tasks that want the application to support and enable scanning. Immediately after that, your computer will be cleaned, fixing Windows errors, improving the speed to help the program on the computer to run more stable.

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One of the unique features of this software is FaceID and biometric data support that not only protects your computer but also can take pictures of anyone trying to invade your system. FaceID history will encrypt, store images of intruders on your computer and you can easily check who has access to your computer.

Here are some good features of the software Advanced SystemCare Pro:

– Don clean up, speed up your computer.
– Powerful cleaning ability to quickly remove unused programs from your computer, giving your computer more space to operate.
– Ability to manage resources monitoring disk space, RAM and CPU well.
– Safe browsing, optimal system protection, anti-spyware help minimize the computer before malicious programs and outside threats.

2. Software to clean and speed up CCleaner computer

– Download Ccleaner Latest version here.
– See details How to install CCleaner here.

Ccleaner is a software to clean junk and speed up the computer used by users quite popular today. With Ccleaner users will quickly notice the ability to clean computers, clean web browsers and intensive cleaning to help you free hard drive space as well as make the computer operate at the best performance.

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Software Ccleaner rated as one of the best computer cleaning and speeding applications today. This software has the ability to delete junk files, registry, uninstall software, applications to speed up the computer as well as improve the performance of the computer, increase the efficiency of work and study.

Here are some key features of Ccleaner you need to know:

– Clean computer system fast and efficiently.
– Uninstall applications easily.
– Clean Registry quickly.
– Clean the browser and speed up Internet access for computers.
– Increase performance for computers
– Very intuitive interface and easy to use.

3. Software to clean, speed up Ashampoo WinOptimizer computer

Download Ashampoo WinOptimizer here.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is a cleaner, speed up computer with functions done completely automatically. This software provides users with general information about the status of the system, helps find and remove duplicate files, invalid shortcuts, and manage Registry backups … easily.

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Using this software, the application will provide users with information about the computer including hardware specifications, software, status of hard drive scans, and analysis of space allocation. on the drive.

Besides, Ashampoo WinOptimizer It also helps you measure the performance of your computer and compare it with other systems. When used, this application also helps users find and detect corrupted files, quickly restore and backup all system files and save performance data of applications. use on computers.

Some key features of Ashampoo WinOptimizer can mention:

– Analyzing and viewing details of system information
– Ability to find and detect corrupted files.
– Recover deleted data.
– Clean excess data and improve the performance of the system.
– Protection of system data.
– Allow customizing Windows on demand.

4. Cleaning software, speeding up System Mechanic Professional computer

Download System Mechanic Professional here.

System Mechanic Professional is the 4th software we introduce in this article. It is a powerful application that uses advanced technology to detect and fix problems encountered by users.

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Using this software, users will easily diagnose errors that can occur with your computer hardware, so that users know where the problem is encountered, thereby proactively preventing threats. could be harmful to your computer.

A good feature of this software is Live Boost, which optimizes files in real time, thereby ensuring the resources on the computer are balanced, helping the operation of the computer be stable.

Some key features of System Mechanic Professional Can repeat is:

– Help your computer clean and fix common problems encountered
– Remove unnecessary programs or applications when starting Windows.
– Powerful drive defrag system.
– Helps easily remove junk files, private browsing data and more.
– Allow recover files lost or accidentally deleted by users such as photos, videos, documents …
– Helps users determine applications that start with Windows from which users can allow to continue running or not to run.

5. Software to clean, speed up AVG PC TuneUp computer

– Download AVG PC TuneUp here.
– See details of how to use the software cleaning and repair of AVG PC TuneUp computer here.

The last application in this article that we want to show you is, that is AVG PC TuneUp – find and fix existing errors on your computer.

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This software uses Turbo Mode to turn off unnecessary processes that are active on the computer, thereby helping to boot your computer faster. In addition, this application also helps the system defragment the drive, clean junk files, clean the registry, remove duplicate files, free up drive space, clear browsing history to protect the User sensitive information.

The main features of AVG PC TuneUp Worth mentioning are:

– Find and fix system errors on the computer.
– Clean the computer quickly.
– Defragment the hard drive.
– Clean and backup the registry.
– Manage startup.
– Increase performance for the system.

Above are 5 applications and software belonging Top best Windows cleaning and speeding tools 2019 According to Each of the above software has its own advantages and disadvantages, so depending on your actual needs to choose the most suitable software to use.
Also, if you want more information than 5 software in this article, please refer to Top computer acceleration software Best of to have more information to choose offline!


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