Top best WordPress acceleration plugins

Top best WordPress acceleration plugins

WordPress acceleration plugin helps improve page loading speed, bring better user experience, and help the website of the search engines evaluate and rank higher, the best WordPress acceleration plugin that Taimienphi introduces. Introduce will help you improve page loading speed effectively.

Website built on WordPress platform has the advantage of being compact and completely free. This is absolutely true when you only use the basic settings of WordPress for the website. However, after a period of use, the amount of data increased making the website increasingly slow. The simplest and most effective solution now is to install additional WordPress acceleration plugins.

Top best WordPress acceleration plugins

Top 5 best WordPress acceleration plugins today

1. Perfmatters

Like Window, the first factor that makes your website increasingly slower is due to unnecessary default options. If you have knowledge of WordPress, you can find and turn off these options in turn or you can do this with Perfmatters.

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Perfmatters is a compact, resourceless WordPress accelerator plugin. It works by detecting and shutting down options that you don’t use, running in the background which slows down the page loading speed. Thus, it significantly improves the performance of the website.

– Download Perfmatters here.

2. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is a WordPress accelerator plugin that uses caching. When a user accesses the website, this plugin will automatically save the activity on the website, thereby reducing the page load time in the next 70% of that person.

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For many experienced users, W3 Total Cache is really an effective website speeding tool with many options from basic to advanced. For new users, it is difficult to get the most out of the features due to the many features.

– Download W3 Total Cache here.

3. EWWW Image Optimizer

Image is often the most resource intensive element. Optimizing images will help page loading speed be faster. EWWW Image Optimizer plugin reduces the image size but still ensures sharp quality, users will not need to wait long during the access process.

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Up to now, EWWW Image Optimizer is a WordPress acceleration plugin that has received great support from users with over 700,000 downloads worldwide.

– Download EWWW Image Optimizer here.

4. Advanced Lazy Load

By default, when accessing a website, the system will try to load the contents of the page at the same time, including images. If the number of images is large, the page will take a long time to load and appear fully. This will make users feel uncomfortable when it takes time to wait.

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Advanced Lazy Load will reduce this waiting time by delaying image loading. This plugin will download images one by one according to the user’s needs. This means that when you scroll, the website will load images in that area. As a result, the page loading speed will be significantly improved when the website only loads the necessary content instead of spreading out.

– Download Advanced Lazy Load here.

5. WP Super Minify

The last WordPress acceleration plugin that Taimienphi would recommend to you is WP Super Minify. The mechanism of action of this Plugin is to combine JS, HTML and CSS files together and compress them to save space, speed up page loading.

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This method is simple and easy to use but it has the disadvantage of being able to conflict with other plugins. Therefore, you should consider carefully before installing.

– Download WP Super Minify here.
To improve page loading speed, you can refer to these settings WordPress acceleration plugin Best that Taimienphi has just introduced in the article. However, you do not need to install it all, but only choose the right plugin. In the process of installing WordPress acceleration plugin that you encounter problems, please leave a comment below to be answered by Taimienphi. Besides, you refer to 5 Image optimization plugin for WordPress here. Good luck!


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