Top best WordPress image optimization plugin

Top best WordPress image optimization plugin

Just type WordPress image optimization plugin on search engines like Google, you will get hundreds of thousands of different results. In the middle of so many choices, how do you know which image optimization is best for WordPress and best suited to your needs?

Picture is an integral part of every article. They illustrate the content, helping your writing more vivid, more attractive. However, images are always much larger than text so it will take longer to load, directly affecting the experience of the visitor.

Top best WordPress image optimization plugin

So how to maximize the effectiveness of the image without affecting website quality? Taimienphi would like to introduce Top5 WordPress image optimization plugin Best in the content below, please refer.

Top plugin WordPress image optimization best today

1. WP Smush.It

In the list WordPress image optimization plugin At best, users tend to be interested in tools that support image compression. However, lowering the size may affect the quality, resulting in blurry images, blurred images, or broken details.

top plugin i see u wordpress wordpress best 2

When using the WP Smush plugin, you won’t have to worry about this. You just need to download this tool and run it in automatic mode. Image size on the website will be lowered to the lowest level while maintaining the sharp quality.

– Download WP Smush.It

2. BJ Lazy Load

Despite every effort to reduce image quality in the article, the number of them is still too much. When users access the website, WordPress will automatically synchronize all the images in the article, this can slow down, even freeze down.

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BJ Lazy Load’s smart solution is to limit the images to be downloaded at a time. This plugin only allows loading images in the post according to the position of the scroll bar. When the user drags to what content, the image there begins to be displayed.

– Download BJ Lazy Load

3. Google XML Sitemap for Images

If you are an SEO or looking, then you are not familiar with the concept of making a sitemap for a website. Creating a sitemap for articles, categories, … helps search engines easily browse website content, display priority on search pages, increase the number of visits.

top plugin i see u wordpress best WordPress 4 images

Google XML Sitemap for Images is WordPress image optimization plugin works the same way but with images. Creating a sitemap for images will bring a significant number of visits when users find images on search engines. This is also an effective indirect way to increase the rankings for websites in SEO.

– Download Google XML Sitemap for Images

4. SEO Friendly Images

Image search tools are getting smarter today, they can categorize and evaluate images through the color density of each image. However, this function is not really complete. Therefore, to help SEO good images, you still can not ignore the optimization of information tags. This will help search engines understand what the image is talking about, whether it is appropriate for the article or not to rank the article on the search results page.

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You do not know or do not have time to insert information for each image in your article? Image SEO optimization tool SEO Friendly Images will help with this. The plugin will automatically insert the article title into the alt tag and the title of the corresponding image.

– Download SEO Friendly Images

5. Watermark Reloaded

Watermark Reloaded does not improve image quality or support for SEO work but is in the top WordPress image optimization plugin best today. The only thing this tool does is prevent users from copying images on your website without your consent.

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Every time you post a new content on the website, Watermark Reloaded will automatically stamp your Watermark (signature mark) so all the images. Your content will be more difficult to copy, minimizing the possibility of copyright infringement.

– Download Watermark Reloaded
With 5 WordPress image optimization plugin Taimienphi has introduced hope you can improve page loading speed, attract more traffic from users and achieve high rankings on the search results page. In addition, you refer to the top WordPress acceleration plugin best here.


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