Top Blockchain games make money for free

The “rise” of the cryptocurrency industry during the past 2 years has created many great strides for the gaming industry, especially the advent of blockchain games that make money for free. In which players can collect and sell NFTs in the virtual world to earn money.

Technology Blockchain The development leads to blockchain games becoming more and more popular when players are more interested in the field of cryptocurrencies. The idea behind the games, the top free blockchain games that introduces in the article below helps players make money when trading rare items as well as bringing moments of endless entertainment. equally interesting.

Top Blockchain games make money for free

I. What is blockchain game?

Simply put, a blockchain game is an electronic game that uses blockchain technology. This series combines cryptocurrency, NFT (non-fungible token) or both, creating a difference between blockchain games compared to other traditional games.

When used as an in-game digital currency, cryptocurrency offers players the opportunity to earn money while playing the game. Meanwhile NFT gives players control, ownership and ability to trade their digital assets.

II. Top free money making blockchain games

1. Silks – the best P2E virtual world game

Silks is a brand new free-to-play blockchain game that uniquely combines real-world horse racing with a one-of-a-kind virtual world. In this blockchain game, each player can own a virtual horse (an NFT), associated with a racehorse in the real world.

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Each NFT horse has characteristics similar to its original real-world counterpart. So, if a certain real horse is known for its excellent trotting ability, the corresponding NFT horse will also have that ability. Silks uses sources of information about track record, training history, blood, breed and more to create incredibly unique virtual horses that can realistically mirror the races of the world. around the world.

In addition, the results of horse racing in the real world will also determine the results of horse racing in the virtual world in Silks. If your real horse wins the race, you will receive an in-game reward of a virtual currency called STT. The more STT you earn, the more you breed and bet. Moreover, you can also buy and sell your horses as a type of NFT, which is also a very effective way to make money in the game.

=> Download link Silks Game here.

2. Splinterlands – Game to explore, fight, buy and sell cards in the virtual world

Splinterlands is a fun, fast-paced free-to-play blockchain game that combines Pokemon and Magic. Unlike other card games, each battle in Splinterlands takes place within minutes. So, even busy people can take advantage of their short free time to make money from this game.

The special thing about Spinterlands is that the virtual world in the game is constantly expanding. The game publisher has released 500 cards and more than 64 different features. New NFT projects built into the Splinterlands are growing, further increasing the number of cards and combinations available to players.

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Splinterlands also makes it easy for amateur players to earn rewards. You can earn new cards and in-game currency by completing quests, challenging other players in ranked mode, or participating in tournaments. You can also trade tokens, convert them to cryptocurrency, or even rent them out to other players.

=> Download link Splinterlands here.

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3. Alien Worlds – super potential Metaverse game

Alien Worlds is one of the best P2E games for people who want to explore a whole new virtual world. In this free money blockchain game, the entire universe will be spread out before your eyes. Players can freely colonize planets, establish their own empires, and explore distant planets.

The cool thing about Alien Worlds is that you can choose between battle or alliance modes, join other players to explore and find new NFTs, or even create your own. Players can also team up to organize minigames or to form the government agency of the planet.

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On the other hand, players can also fight with each other to assert the sovereignty as well as the currency of the planet they own. For players who simply want to explore the virtual world in a blockchain game, Alien Worlds offers Mission NFTs for you to perform missions in the distant galaxy. You can sell Mission NFTS for Trillium – an in-game cryptocurrency, and this is what makes Alien Worlds one of the best blockchain games for virtual money.

=> Download link Alien Worlds here.

4. Cryptopop – virtual money game for Candy Crush followers

Basically Cryptopop is Candy Crush blockchain game version. Instead of gems or diamonds, Cryptopop players need to arrange virtual currency symbols together to complete the game.

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The more symbols disappear, the more virtual money you will earn. When you are ranked, you will receive Popcoin – an ERC-20 virtual currency. Every 10 points in the game is worth 1 Popcoin, so you can easily earn a large amount of virtual money from playing the game.

The advantage of Cryptopop is that the gameplay is much simpler than other blockchain games. If you are new to P2E games and want to earn virtual money while relaxing, this is definitely a name not to be missed.

=> Download Cryptopop here.

5. Gods Unchained – the best NFT card game

Gods Unchained is a card game that allows you to fight other players. This blockchain game is published by Chris Clay, the creator of Magic: The Gathering Arena, attracting more than 50 million USD from trading activities in the game.

Each time you win the game, you will receive a new card. Each card in Gods Unchained is an NFT, so you can trade in the virtual currency market. Gradually, you can build your own perfect deck and exchange rare cards for virtual currency.

blockchain game earn money

This game has now opened 2 more versions, Trial of the Gods and Divine Order. This is a free monetization blockchain game, although you can spend money to buy new decks to gain an edge in the game.

=> Download Gods Unchained here.
The free blockchain game for money gives you the opportunity to explore the virtual world, compete with other players and build a collection of extremely valuable NFT assets. hopes that the above sharing will help you earn more income from interesting moments of entertainment with blockchain games.

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