Top calendar app for Windows 10

Gone are the days when you had to use a paper calendar to keep track of your work, special dates, appointments, etc. Thanks to the development of smartphones and personal computers, now you can follow Keep track of time from the calendar application that is available on your device or download a calendar application yourself. It is more convenient, and can assist you in a lot of different jobs. So, which is the best calendar application for Windows 10, let’s follow in detail in the article below of offline!

Top calendar app for Windows 10

Calendar software for Windows 10:
1. Mail and Calendar.
2. Efficient Calendar.
3. Google Calendar.
4. Mine Time.
5. Microsoft Outlook.
6. My Calendar.

1. Mail and Calendar

For Windows computer users, Microsoft Corporation’s Mail and Calendar is one of the best calendar applications. This is a lightweight application and does not need as much space as Outlook. It works completely independently, so you don’t need to install it separately like the Office integration suite.

Top list of applications for Windows 10

This app will help you update your email, manage schedules, stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues. Whether you’re working at the office or at home, this is the perfect app to interact quickly. It also helps you focus on the work you need. It is compatible with Gmail, Office 365,, ….

– Download Mail and Calendar here.

2. Efficient Calendar

Efficient Calendar will help you manage your time effectively with calendar modules, tasks, and events. The software is designed with a very easy to use interface, with the feature set to the left. It also offers a variety of views (day, week, month, and year) along with a list view that makes it easy to keep track of appointments and events.

Top apps list for Windows 10 2

You can also synchronize applications between your computer and mobile phone with just 4 simple steps. In addition, it also has other features such as a set of documents to help store details for a job or event, options for setting up priority events and tasks, and trash (with the feature backup and restore) so you can discard old data that is no longer in use.

– Download Efficient Calendar here.

3. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is one of the free easy-to-use apps. The interface is simple design, everything is arranged in a unique way. You can quickly add priority events or jobs with just a few simple steps. Moreover, it will send reminders over and over, so you do not miss any important events or tasks.

Top apps list for Windows 10 3

Google Calendar has outstanding features such as:
– Ability to send email and messages to users themselves
– Priority update option for specific events
– Option to share calendar with others
– The ability to sync with any application on the computer
– All free

You won’t even need to check to see if your spouse is busy or if your friend has scheduled a trip. Very simple, just download Google Calendar and get notifications anytime, anywhere.

– Download Google Calendar here.

4. Mine Time

Mine Time is also a great calendar application, which can be installed and used easily. All you need to do is connect to the account on your various services. You can install and even update applications with just one click. The biggest advantage is that Mine Time is integrated with all other calendar applications on your device such as Google Calendar,, Exchange, iCloud, and all CalDAV services. Therefore, you can own all kinds of calendars with a single location.

Top apps list for Windows 10 4

Moreover, you can view detailed statistics of the number of times you have updated your colleague’s information in the past few months, the number of times to change the event date, etc. The easy-to-use interface will allow You schedule events or actions easily. This multi-platform application will learn to organize your daily work and hobbies with artificial intelligence. Best of all, you can use it for free.

– Download Mine Time here.

5. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is more than just email. It is integrated with the calendar, contacts, to-do list, etc. The calendar function allows you to organize your work more conveniently. From conference room booking to RSVP tracking for meetings, all can be done directly from this app.

Top 10 apps for windows 10 5

You can also share calendars to plan and synchronize schedules, and even view your colleagues’ free time. Moreover, it provides high security and helps store your sensitive information in the safest way. In particular, your travel schedule and invoice expiry date will be automatically scheduled and sent to you, so you don’t miss important events.

– Download Microsoft Outlook here.

6. My Calendar

Microsoft’s My Calendar is one of the best calendar apps for Windows. It has many different categories, allowing you to customize the calendar view, add photos, birthdays, and manage tasks.

Top apps list for Windows 10 6

My Calendar has features such as:
– Lets see the calendar by day, week, month
– Option to change the calendar view
– See birthdays, vacations, and other special events
– No advertising
– View the weekly calendar as a grid
– Allow to select multiple cells
– Task management options
– Add photos on birthday

– Download My Calendar here.
These calendar applications are The above recommendations have been carefully selected and received a lot of positive feedback from the users. Have you ever used these applications? If so, please share with us your experiences by commenting in the box below!


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