Top deleted file software

Top deleted file software

File undelete software are tools that help users close the software to run files and shut down all other programs that are running. However, not everyone knows about these software, so the article below Taimienphi will share with you the list of undelete file removal software for readers to refer and apply to your computer. count yourself.

The failure to delete files while using Windows is common and more or less we have encountered. The main reason is that the file is being used, corrupted, corrupted or for some other reason. Therefore, removing the software from the root becomes more difficult than ever, especially for those who do not know much about computers. So if you encounter the case can not delete files, the software will have to do like? Use immediately some of the undelete software we share right away.

Top deleted file software

1. Any File Remover

Any File Remover is a small software that can help you delete any file from your computer with just a few mouse clicks. Any File Remover will permanently delete files so they cannot be recovered and delete files that cannot be deleted by normal methods. This tool will be really useful for those who want to permanently delete personal files that do not want to be leaked.

Download Any File Remover here

2. Delete Doctor

Delete Doctor is a software that completely removes stubborn files and folders from your hard drive without leaving a trace. The software will overwrite any deleted files with blanks or other data several times. This tool is really useful for those who want to permanently delete annoying, virus-infected files that cannot be deleted by Delete.

top delete file not delete file 2

Delete Doctor is designed with a simple interface and easy to use with all types of users. Especially you do not need to install the tool and still be able to use it. From the program window select Browse and find the file location, the directory to be deleted and select the corresponding options to delete.

Download Delete Doctor here

3. Clean Disk Security

Clean Disk Security is a tool that helps users safely remove your files and data files from your computer. In particular, Clean Disk Security has the ability to delete data files and can not be restored by any recovery software.

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Clean Disk Security is a powerful and safe, reliable tool for cleaning up data files. Thanks to Clean Disk Security you can clean up space on your hard drive, USB flash drives, memory cards, mobile devices … and clean temporary files like internet browser’s cache, data files. in Recycle Bin.

Download Clean Disk Security here

4. IOBit Unlocker

For security reasons, users often lock files and folders so you will not be able to delete, move or rename files and folders on the system. IObit Unlocker software is an alternative, in addition to the same function as for deleting “stubborn” files, the software also supports many other useful extension features. For example, if a file doesn’t allow you to delete it, it also means that you cannot rename the file or move it to a new location. IOBit Unlocker not only provides the ability to delete stubborn files, but also allows users to move, rename or copy those files and folders.

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Download IOBit Unlocker here

5. SuperDelete

SuperDelete is an open source command-line utility that helps users delete files and directories with long paths that normally cannot be deleted. The utility ignores ACLs and runs in the background to delete files and directories regardless of path length. Super Delete gives you the option of erasing part or all, supporting FAT32, FAT16, FAT12 and NTFS formats.

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Download SuperDelete here
So, above are the deletion software file that readers can refer to and apply to your current file deletion needs. Along with that, the case of users on Windows 10 if encountering the situation of being unable to delete files can refer to the instructions Delete files that cannot be deleted in Windows 10 which we previously shared to handle this problem. Good luck.


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