Top download site software for offline use

Top download site software for offline use

Today, the Internet is no longer a very expensive service, but users still cannot access it continuously. It is one of the main reasons for the need to save web pages offline or download the entire contents of a web page to read or view later.

To download content and store resources, you will need the help of a professional website downloader. Not only does it support loading content, it also organizes web pages based on the actual link arrangement. Moreover, you just need to open one of the HTML pages in your browser and start browsing the downloaded website.

Top download site software for offline use

In addition, you can access downloaded websites even when there is no network connection. Besides, the tool will help you create a backup or the option to move the site to the new server to find out the source code. Below is a list of some of the best website downloaders:

Summary of software for downloading websites:
1. HTTrack.
2. WebAssistant Proxy Offline Browser.
3. Cyotek WebCopy.
4. Web2Disk.
5. SurfOffline.
6. GetLeft.

1. HTTrack

Install and download websites to use external websites

HTTrack is one of the best free website downloading software. It is very easy to use, helps download website content and save to the directory they want. This helps to periodically build all directories with graphical content, HTML and other files directly from the server to the computer.

The best part is, HTTrack stores content according to the original website with the corresponding topology. All you need to do is launch one of the parts of the web page in the browser, then you can access the website from one link to another, like the online interface. In addition, the software also allows the restart of paused downloads and updates an existing website. Finally, it supports customization and comes with integrated instructions.

Price: Free

– Download HTTrack here.

2. WebAssistant Proxy Offline Browser

top of the site download website to use external 2

WebAssistant Proxy Offline Browser is a software capable of transferring all web traffic to instantly create copies of the pages you browse. After that, you can use all those files conveniently, even, the original content and the copy in the archive remain the same, there is no difference.

Not only does it support searching for downloaded pages even without an Internet connection, WebAssistant Proxy Offline Browser also allows users to use bookmarks while offline. When you are back online, the proxy server automatically updates the cached and new pages. It also allows you to access the actual location of downloaded pages, bookmark links to cached resources for quick access, compare HTML pages, etc.

Pricing: Free trial version available; pro version yes price of 29.9 USD.

– Download WebAssistant Proxy Offline Browser here.

3. Cyotek WebCopy

top of the site download website to use external 3

Cyotek WebCopy helps copy the whole or part of a web page, allowing users to view it offline later. The software runs a scan on the destination website and downloads all content to the computer hard drive.

In this process, links to various resources, such as pages within the site, tables, or images, are automatically mapped to local links. Moreover, you can also set the option to copy each part of the site. In general, the software will evaluate the HTML of the website and try to find out all the associated resources.

Even after all the resources have been downloaded, Cyotek WebCopy will continue to search further. This helps program crawl a site more complete.

Price: Free

– Download Cyotek WebCopy here.

4. Web2Disk

top of the site download website to use external 4

Web2Disk is the ideal choice for those who want to download a complete website to their PC. All you need to do is enter the URL, press the Go button and the site will be downloaded to the system for offline use later.

The software also helps to keep the web pages configured as they were downloaded, ensuring that all links will run directly from the hard drive. You can then access the site the same way you did when online.

You can also check downloaded web pages in any browser. The software allows you to copy unlimited websites. Moreover, you can even use the program to put web content on CDs and distribute them offline. Finally, Web2Disk also automatically downloads your favorite websites and even saves them daily, weekly or monthly.

Price: Free trial version available; pro version yes price 39.95 USD.

– Download Web2Disk here.

5. SurfOffline

top of the site download website to use external 5

SurfOffline is one of the best website downloaders available today. This tool has a very easy to use interface, effective quickly. Website content is saved to the computer’s hard drive, and users can view it offline later. Moreover, it also supports some settings for downloading websites.

Besides, you can also use the Export Wizard to view downloaded web pages in another browser or copy them to another system using the Wizard, and even transfer content to CD / DVD.

SurfOffline can download up to 100 files at once and up to 400,000 files in a project. Moreover, it also supports loading entire websites including images, audio, video, etc., password-protected websites, such as with HTTP and FTP verification. In addition, the built-in browser and cookies also allow you to download encrypted websites.

Price: Starting at 39.95 USD.

– Download SurfOffline here.

6. GetLeft

top of website memes to use external website 6

GetLeft is another neat website downloader. It is available as a free download, quickly downloading all files from a website for offline browsing. The interface is available in 13 languages.

The software saves you time by scheduling or restarting downloads and restoring updates. All you need to do is filter large files by type or one by one on the site map before starting to download to save disk space. GetLeft is suitable for downloading small files.

Price: Free
– Download GetLeft here.


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