Top e-Learning e-Learning tool on Linux

Top e-Learning e-Learning tool on Linux

With technology on the rise, it is much easier and faster to learn, research remotely or use e-Learning e-Learning tools on Linux. Linux has many e-Learning tools available to help users study and create electronic lessons very conveniently and effectively.

e-learning is online learning, this is a method of learning using the Internet to connect for learning. Users can use a computer or smartphone and then connect to the server to another server where electronic lessons are stored. Or users can use the support tools to ask / request / test /or create e-Learning electronic lessons.

Users can use tools to support the creation of e-Learning lessons

Clearly work online education (e-Learning) allows training anytime, anywhere, regardless of space, time as long as an Internet connection. With participants can access courses as well as take courses quickly and wherever it is possible to study at home, at work after work, at public Internet access points … As for lecturers, e-Learning with supporting tools, in addition to online teaching, it is also possible to create e-Learning e-Learning very quickly.

Top 5 e-Learning e-Learning tools on Linux

In this article, we will focus on open source software on Linux with quite user-friendly e-Learning tools.

1. E-Learning Moodle tool

Moodle is a free online Learning Management System that allows lecturers and teachers to create their own websites, and easily create dynamic courses and can be studied at any time. , everywhere.

e-Learning e-Learning application on Linux

With Moodle whether you are a teacher, a student, a student or an administrator Moodle can meet all your needs. Here are some of the salient features of Moodle:

– Modern design interface, easy to use.
– Control panel is personalized.
– Allow easy work, learn together in forums, Wiki …
– Keep track of class schedules, course deadlines, group meetings and other personal events.
– Convenient file management.
– Simple and intuitive text editor.
– Create bulk courses and easily back up data.
– High interaction, simple plugin management, high security.

Access HERE
Download the tool Moodle The link is here.

2. Rogō e-Learning tool

Rogō formerly known as TouchStone – is the electronic assessment management system of the University of Nottingham with the purpose of creating and making the best online reviews for users. With this tool, almost all the support from the process of creating questions and exams to analyzing exam results as well as creating reports.

I create e-Learning on Linux

Rogō It is designed according to the prescribed standards and supports QTI 1.2 input / output into the question bank, and supports LTI for integration with VLE and LDAP for authentication.

Salient features Rogō that is:
– Support the entire process from creating questions and exams to analyzing exam results and creating reports.
– The system can create all kinds of tests and examinations such as: Assessment of self-test process; progress tests, final assessments, surveys, e-OSCE, student reviews.
– Easy mixing and matching of question types.

Access Rogo Here and download the latest version at the link here.

3. e-Learning ATutor tool

ATutor is an open source web-based e-learning management system (LCMS). This tool administrators can easily install or update ATutor very quickly.

Phan mem create bai e-Learning e-Learning

Using this tool, educators can perform content creation, posting, or Web-based tutorials. With many updates, versions ATutor The latter is always highly mature, and the main purpose of this change is to allow users ATutor can add new features inside ATutor.

Some cool features on ATutor Can mention as:

– FAQ utility.
– Search feature by Google.
– Module management feature, allowing users to add new modules.
– New HTML Editor: Atutor has replaced the old HTML Editor with the new Editor, TinyMCE 2.01.
– Allow the teacher to ask frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers.
– Syndicated Feeds Reader – users can read RSS with this tool
– Multi-Select Multiple Choice Test Questions: you can use to create multiple-choice questions with more than one correct answer.
– There are documents for developers: documents that help developers master the basics, thereby quickly developing modules with a minimum knowledge of PHP.

Access Atutor Hereand download the open source package by following the link here.

4. e-Learning Processing tool

Processing is an open source tool that allows users to easily create images, animations and interactive images.

I create a code on Linux

The main objective of this tool is to teach users the fundamentals of the computer programming language in the most intuitive way, thereby laying the foundation for the power of electronic sketching.

With this tool will be very suitable for students, artists, designers, researchers … who are passionate about learning, modeling and producing.

The main features of Processing was:

– Sketchbook – the minimum alternative to an integrated IDE development environment for organizing projects.
– The interaction tool and the output are 2D, 3D or PDF.
– Has OpenGL integration.
– For projects running online or as an application, users can double-click to use.
– There are more than 100 libraries to expand software into video, audio …
– There are documentation, good help.

Access Processing HereTo view more details.

5. E-Learning VUE tool

VUE is a flexible tool for managing and integrating digital resources to support teaching, learning and research. This tool allows users to graphically represent the relationship between ideas, images, digital assets, and documents.

Phan mem tao bai gia e-Learning

VUE provides a concept mapping interface, which can be used as an interface to organize digital content in non-linear ways.

The features of VUE including:

– Flexible tools to help lecturers and students integrate, organize and contextualize electronic content for their work.
– Pathways feature allows presenters to create annotated paths through the map. It also provides users with a slide view on the map.
– Support in-depth analysis of maps, with the ability to merge maps and export connection matrix to import statistics packages.
– Support for multiple platforms, because this is a java application, it can run on all major platforms.

Accessing VUE HereSee detailed information here.

The above is useful information about the top 5 e-Learning e-Learning tool on Linux Many users around the world appreciate its usefulness to users who are lecturers and students.
In addition, you refer to top e learning lecture creation software The best of shared in the previous article to have more necessary and useful information for his work as well as his study.


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