Top effective Email Marketing support tool

In the previous Email Marketing lesson, introduced you to Email HTML and Plain Text in Email Marketing. In the next lesson below, will introduce you to the Top effective Email Marketing support tools.

If you are looking for effective email marketing solutions, tools, and services, please read the article Top effective email marketing tools of

Top effective Email Marketing support tool

1. SendinBlue ( )

SendinBlue includes a free package that supports SMS services. The free plan does not limit the number of emails, but if you want you can limit 300 emails per day. Basically this Email Marketing support tool is not a great choice in case if you want to send email to all subscribers at the same time, but if you are doing a small campaign, SendinBlue is quite flexible because there is no Limited number of registrations.

If you upgrade to the Lite package priced at 25 USD, you are limited to 40,000 emails / month, no email limit / day.

Advantages of SendinBlue:

– A powerful drag and drop email editor.
– Automate coupons in forgotten cart and email messages.
– Integrating platforms like Shopify, Salesforce and intercom.
– Link SMS marketing to your email campaigns.
– The WordPress plugin allows users to manage everything from their WordPress dashboard.

2. MailChimp (

MailChimp is the favorite email marketing tool and service for many bloggers and small businesses, simply because it was one of the first major services to offer a completely free package. In addition, Mailchimp also integrates a number of excellent e-commerce and automation tools.

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The free plan includes 12,000 emails / month for up to 2,000 subscribers. If you want to upgrade to unlimited email packages, you will have to pay 10 USD / month, but only send up to 500 subscribers.

Advantages of MailChimp:

– Drag and drop templates and eye-catching templates.
– You will receive a landing page.
– MailChimp is integrated with advertising tools and posts on Instagram and Facebook.
– Connect with tools like Shopify, Eventbrite and Salesforce.
– Automation tools including options for abandoned carts, welcome campaigns and product suggestions.

3. Benchmark (

Benchmark is proud to be an effective email marketing tool. Users can edit photos right in the editor and provide templates suitable for many businesses.

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The free plan allows users to send 14,000 emails per month for up to 2,000 subscribers. $ 13.99 / month upgrade package allows users to send unlimited emails to up to 600 people.

Advantages of Benchmark:

– Free package allows sending 14,000 emails / month.
– Does not take too long to build an email campaign.
– Users can easily customize their email code.
– Automation options including welcome email, abandoned cart, and tracking.
– Includes polls and surveys.

4. OmniSend (

OmniSend is suitable for those who are running online stores. The tool quickly grabs products from a user’s store and creates emails to grow your email list.

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The free plan offers 15,000 emails / month and 2,000 emails / day, not limited to subscribers. Upgraded $ 8 paid plan allows users to send 15,000 emails to up to 500 subscribers.

Advantages of OmniSend:

– Integrated e-commerce feature to add the products you want to sell into email.
– Creative registration forms such as popup windows, landing pages, …
– Submit discount code or scratch card.
– Automatic email for abandoned cart and order confirmation.

5. Sender (

Sender is the last Email Marketing support tool that would recommend for you. The free plan allows sending up to 2,500 subscribers and 15,000 emails / month. Upgrading the free $ 10 package allows you to send up to 5,000 subscribers and 60,000 emails / month.

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Sender advantages:

– Plugin support for most popular content management systems.
– Videos are converted into animated GIF images in email.
– Analytical tools including click map and Google Analytics.
– Add ecommerce products by copying and pasting links.
Above is a list of Top effective Email Marketing support tools. Also readers can refer to some more articles learn Email Marketing More on to learn more about writing Email Marketing content How offline.


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