Top effective project management tool

Top effective project management tool

Good project management requires following the schedule, combining many different projects and managing time and budget effectively. In this article, will introduce to you some of the most effective project management tools and software that you should consider using in the coming 2020.

Every startup will grow. Having more projects means you will have to use more workers; therefore, project managers must be able to multitask with high accuracy to be able to assign work and human resources appropriately. You can also manage manually; This method will sometimes lead to unnecessary mistakes.

Top project management tool

Summary of the best project management tools:
1. GanttPRO.
2. Basecamp.
3. Notion.
4. Scoro.
5. Epicflow.

1. GanttPRO

With over 500,000 subscribers and an even higher number of projects, GanttPRO has proven to be an extremely effective project management software. Although this is a relatively new application (established in 2015), with Gantt charts, it has quickly become one of the best planning support solutions over the years.

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Besides Gantt charts, you can create and plan with Board view. GanttPRO allows project teams to easily track time, progress, budget, resources, and milestones. GanttPRO is loved by many users thanks to its intuitive user interface and very easy to use, especially for beginners.

The software still needs to overcome certain limitations such as no mobile application and no view for all projects. However, compared to most applications on the list, this is the most effective software and requires less time to learn. It will be a great investment when you decide to start your 2020 with this tool.

– Access and use GanttPRO here.

2. Basecamp

Basecamp is an easy-to-use project management tool launched in 2004. It is available in web, mobile, and desktop versions.

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So, what can Basecamp do? The company is trying to cut application integration by creating more features. These include direct messaging (private and public), file sharing and storage, scheduling, and browsing of conversations and files.

It has the perfect user interface along with advanced features for easy navigation, although the price of this software is quite high for small groups, and usually only suitable for large companies.

Basecamp is currently available on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android operating systems.

– Download Basecamp for Windows.
– Download Basecamp for Mac.
– Download Basecamp for iPhone.
– Download Basecamp for Android.

3. Notion

Notion is a combination of cooperation with project management, it is also very user friendly and flexible to use. This software is available for web, desktop, and mobile applications.

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Notion has special management features and tools as well as a flexible, intuitive user interface. However, if you often use Gantt charts, this will not be a suitable choice. In addition, it is not integrated with essential applications such as Google Sheets, so you will have trouble using these types of documents.

The tool also offers a trial version so you can consider whether or not the above deficiencies, it can meet your work requirements, and then make a decision to pay.

Notion is currently supported on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS operating systems, download the application here:

– Download Notion for Windows.
– Download Notion for Mac.
– Download Notion for iPhone.
– Download Notion for Android.

4. Scoro

Scoro is a SaaS solution for large project managers. Founded in 2013 in London, it can support a wide range of project management segments, such as scheduling, financial management, budgeting, quotes, and report generation.

It comes equipped with a number of standard features like general team scheduling, task management, time and invoice tracking, project overview and deadlines. Just by scanning Scoro, you can know what stage of the project you are in fact.

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In addition to providing many useful features so that users do not need to use other additional applications, the price of Scoro is a big disadvantage. Another downside is that it cannot synchronize contacts with any email service. However, the developers are still trying their best to compensate for these shortcomings.

Scoro currently supports web browsers as well as Android and iOS operating systems, you can use or download the application by following the link below.

– Access Scoro web.
– Download Scoro for Android.
– Download Scoro for iPhone.

5. Epicflow

Epicflow is designed to manage many different projects; It is particularly useful in a number of industries, including the IT industry.

Epicflow has key features such as continuous operation on various projects, general information and milestones are displayed and shared whenever users need it. It also has quick editing mode to summarize tasks and improve and adjust if necessary.

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Epicflow is also integrated with Microsoft Excel & Project, Jira, and a number of other useful applications. If you need to connect a special application to Epicflow, you can contact customer care. You may also have to spend more time entering information into this software.

In addition, this tool is relatively easy to use and there will be a free version for everyone to try before making a decision to buy a paid version.

– Download Epicflow for Android.
– Download Epicflow for iPhone.
What software is Introduced above have the same features, but different in terms of design, workload, and especially the price. They will make project management, customers, and even employee management of each company (from small to large) easier than ever. What do you think of these software? Is this the application best suited to your party’s work needs? Please share with us your comments by commenting in the box below!


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