Top Fake GPS apps for phones

Top Fake GPS apps for phones

Social media, maps and many other apps need access to your location to work better, but you can give apps fake location instead of your real location, with the help of Fake GPS applications for phones are shared by right here.

There are a number of reasons why you might want to create a fake GPS location on your phone such as catching Pokémon in other locations in Pokémon GO, accessing some services or apps that aren’t available where you live, or to expand circle of friends when using online dating apps, don’t want Facebook or Google Maps to know your real location information and more, so the Fake GPS way is the best way to create fake location, now the Fake GPS App will be a great assistant and the following article will introduce you to the top Fake GPS app for the best phone today.

Top apps Fake GPS location Android, Android

5. Hola Fake GPS.
4. Fake GPS.
3. GPS JoyStick.
2. Fake GPS Free.
1. Fake GPS location (multiple users).

5. Hola Fake GPS

Fake GPS Location is a fake GPS app from the developer Hola VPN. You can disguise your real geolocation with Hola Fake GPS app easily. To change the coordinates, simply use the search bar or select any location on the map as the default location for your entire mobile device and press the Play button. If you want to hide the places you’ve searched, you can quickly clear your location history in the app for added security.

top fake gps apps for phones

Hola Fake GPS

Highlights of Hola Fake GPS:
– Change any location by searching or selecting the location.
– Easily stop location spoofing.
– User-friendly interface.

Hola Fake GPS download link:

=> Link to download Hola Face GPS for Android

4. Fake GPS

Application to create fake location Another great thing that wants to share with you is Fake GPS. With more than 5 million downloads on the Play Store, the application deserves to be on the list of the best Fake FPS apps for Android today. True to its name, Fake GPS does a good job in helping you find and change many different locations on your smartphone. Users can save frequently used locations to a favorites list or randomize locations using the built-in settings in the app.

Fake GPS location apk

Fake GPS

Features of Fake GPS:
– Set your phone location anywhere in the world.
– Save frequently used locations to favorites list.
– Choose random location from available option.

Fake GPS download link:

=> Fake GPS download link for Android

3. GPS JoyStick

Like the Fake GPS app Other than that on the list, GPS JoyStick also allows the user to select any location in the world by moving a joystick or using the map to overwrite the current location, and applications need to use the location information. Your mind will think you are in London, New York or anywhere. One of the coolest features of GPS JoyStick is that you can even create fake routes on the map as if you were walking or running a certain distance. This feature can be useful in some games where you have to move to complete missions.

How to use Fake GPS on Android

GPS JoyStick

Features of GPS JoyStick:
– Select current location or any location in the world using map or joystick.
– Create and save a route through any place on the map.
– Save a list of favorite locations and routes.
– Adjust the size and type of joystick as you like.
– Easily import and export GPX files.

Link to download GPS JoyStick:

=> Link to download GPS JoyStick for Android

2. Fake GPS Free

Fake GPS Free will magically take you to another city or even to another country. Of course, not practically but only with the help of your Android device. With Fake FPS Android application With this, you can search for places by name or enter GPS coordinates to fake your location to tease your friends, fool other apps into thinking you’re somewhere else, or for any purpose. Fake GPS Free is perfect for those who want to spoof GPS location to play Pokemon Go, as well as use other Android apps that need your location information.

Fake GPS Android

Fake GPS Free

Features of Fake GPS Free:
– Save history and create list of favorite locations.
– Create your own custom route.
– Works with other apps.

Fake GPS Free Download Link:

=> Link to download Fake GPS Free for Android

1. Fake GPS location

It can be said that Fake GPS location is The most popular fake GPS app, the highest rated and most downloaded on the Play Store. Fake GPS location is like a big traffic map of the whole world. The app has a search box where you can find the desired city, street and any other location. You just select the location and all apps on your phone will treat this geolocation as your current location. Rooted or non-rooted devices can take advantage of the benefits that Fake GPS location offers and prevent other apps from capturing your actual location.

Set up Fake GPS on samsung

Fake GPS location

Highlights of Fake GPS location:
– Works on both rooted and non-rooted phones.
– Easy to set fake location by search.
– Location can be shared with others
– Protect user’s actual location.

Link to download Fake GPS location:

=> Link to download Fake GPS location for Android
Fake GPS apps allow you to change your real location to any random location at will. In this article, introduced the top 5 fake GPS apps that are being used the most today for your reference and experience. In addition, you can also use many fake IP software other to access blocked websites like Facebook … offline.


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