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There are many services that limit the amount of people downloading and using file-sharing software that is the solution to the problem. With 5 file splitter software like HJSplit or Fastest File Splitter and Joiner … we introduced the following is a tool to help you split files effectively.

Not all storage services or your USB peripherals are enough to hold those files. Especially with game files when its capacity can be up to 30, 40 GB that USB you can not contain. It is because of the above issues that we need to have The software splits the file smaller so it’s easier to copy. Even online storage services limit a certain file size when uploading if it is free, so if we use file sharing software, it will be more effective.

top part file sharing software

To talk about the file splitter, file splitter has a lot on the net today. However, not everyone knows how to use the file splitter software as well as the file splitter and file cutter software that is best. And with the list 5 file sharing software The following will be the optimal choice for readers.

The best file sharing software on the computer

1. HJSplit file sharing software

share file sharing top 2

If it comes to file sharing software then HJSplit is the first name that we need to mention, HJSplit software with all the basic cutting features makes it easy to split your file into many different formats that some file splitter software can use.

HJSplit is very easy to use and is a free file sharing software so readers do not need to worry about trial or software copyright, please download HJSplit according to the above link of and try it out. Is HJSplit really worth using?

2. Fastest File Splitter and Joiner software

top part file sharing 3

Behind HJSplit is Fastest File Splitter and Joiner, a fairly long and often called FFSJ name. But if you’ve been using Fastest File Splitter and Joiner, this is the easiest file sharing software ever, not only easy to use but the security features in Fastest File Splitter and Joiner make users Absolutely can be assured. File encryption of Fastest File Splitter and Joiner is very powerful and it is also completely free software for readers.

3. 7 Zip decompression software

top part file sharing 4

You may find it strange that 7 Zip is on this list, but it is also a file sharing software to help you split the file as you like. Different from other software when not allowed to customize the split file, but with 7 Zip you have complete control of this feature and in addition 7 Zip also supports strong 256 Bit file encryption technology.

However, readers should also note that using 7 Zip also means that you compress the file so that for some heavy files, the file merging process will take longer than the mainstream file sharing software.

4. WinMend File Splitter

top part shared files 5

Although not widely used as the above software, WinMend File Splitter is also a good choice for those who want to split files or merge files. Owning the basic interface is quite similar to FFFJ but more beautiful, the function of WinMend File Splitter is similar, this is also a file splitter worth trying for you to use.

5. Martik Mpeg Video Joiner

top part file sharing 6

Last on the list of file sharing software is Martik Mpeg Video Joiner, but Martik Mpeg Video Joiner has quite different characteristics compared to other file sharing software Martik Mpeg Video Joiner can only be used with files that have MPEG format only. But in return for files in the MPEG format, it works very effectively in file sharing.
Above are 5 file sharing software you should use in many areas as well as different purposes to help you share files better or upload them to online storage services more effectively. Although today’s online storage services support high-capacity files, if your file is too large, using a USB or portable hard drive is the better solution.



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