Top fine dust air purifier worth buying

Top fine dust air purifiers worth buying according to experts and users’ opinions will be summarized and shared below by You refer to to choose for yourself the best air purifier for yourself and your family.

Currently, the need to buy air purifying equipment for acne dust is increasing when the situation of environmental pollution, epidemic outbreaks is widespread, quickly spreading like H5N1 virus, Corona virus …. But not everyone knows air purifier Which is good to buy. Understanding that, will introduce to you the top best dust and air cleaners today, you refer.

Should buy air purifier, humidifier

Table of Contents:
1. Criteria for buying air purifier.
2. Top 5 fine dust air purifiers worth buying

I. Criteria to buy air purifiers

1. Space, room area

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Buy air purifiers based on your room size

Depending on the space and room size, you choose air purifier with different air flow. For example, with a room smaller than 15m2, you should choose an air purifier with the airflow of 160m3 / h, the room area of ​​15-20m2 should choose a filter with a flow of about 180m3 / h, while the large room area more than 20 – 40m2, you should choose the product with the wind flow of 240 – 360m3 / h.

2. Number of filters

The number of filters is the decisive factor to the quality of the filter when filtering air, dirt. Therefore, when buying air purifiers, you need to find out which filters and which ones are available.

– Coarse filter: The filter is placed on the outside with the function of retaining large dust, made of plastic with relatively high durability, so you do not need to replace.

– Hepa filter: The filter has the function of eliminating the microscopic dust particles, the cause of allergies and deodorizing, bringing fresh air. The life of this filter is 2-3 years.

– Activated carbon filter: High quality coating used for high-class air filtration equipment, with the function of deodorizing and eliminating toxins. This filter has a long service life of 2 – 3 years.

– Mosquito filter: Outside membrane is attached with glue to catch mosquitoes, kill each.

– Humidifying filter: Filter has the ability to provide moisture to help humidify in the space.

3. Air purifier cost

Currently, air purifiers come in a variety of types, from many different brands, offering diverse capacities, performance and models. Depending on the product line, air purifiers have different prices.

– Cheap air purifier (1-2 million VND) suitable for rooms with small area, few functions, small capacity.

– Universal air purifier (2 – 7 million VND) is fully equipped with features to ensure a clean space, durable sets and various models to meet users.

– High quality air purifier (over 7 million) equipped with many useful and advanced features, with a long service life.

4. Manufacturer, origin

Besides the above factors, you need to pay attention to the manufacturer and origin when buying air purifiers because reputable manufacturers will provide good products, possibly warranty, attractive price. Currently, there are many brands of air purifier brands, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. You should consider choosing.

II. Top 5 fine dust air purifiers worth buying

1. Kangaroo KG30AP1 air filter, fine dust filter

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Kangaroo KG30AP1 air purifier

Kangaroo KG30AP1 air purifier of Kangaroo brand, made in China, is in the top 10 best selling air purifier products in the present time. Equipped with coarse filters, HEPA filters and activated carbon filters, Kangaroo KG30AP1 not only filters dust from microscopic to large sizes but also has the ability to deodorize, ensuring the air is always fresh and clean. .

Moreover, the Kangaroo KG30AP1 air dust filter is equipped with an infrared dust sensor that displays the air through colors to help users easily monitor. With a capacity of 30w, the air purifier is suitable for space of 20 – 30m2.

Features of Kangaroo KG30AP1 air purifier

– Has a coarse filter.
– Has activated carbon filter.
– HEPA filter available.
– Power 30W.
– Filter range: From 20-30 m2.
– Noise level below 35dB.
– UV germicidal LED light.
– Create negative ions – Ionizer.

Reference price: 3,950,000 VND

2. Sharp air purifier FP-JM30V-B

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Air Purifier, fine dust Sharp Sharp FP-JM30V-B

Sharp Sharp Air Purifier FP-JM30V-B, manufactured by Thailand’s Sharp brand, is one of the best-selling fine dust and air filtration equipment available today. Not only equipped with coarse filters, HEPA filters, the Sharp FP-JM30V-B is equipped with UV lamps to attract mosquitoes; Plasmacluster function, help kill mosquitoes in the room effectively, filter viruses, micro dust easily, ensuring safety for the user’s body.

In particular, the Sharp FP-JM30V-B air purifier also has a handy HAZE mode, which adjusts the fan speed automatically to ensure the room air will always be clean and free of odors. With the smooth operation mechanism thanks to J-Tech Inverter technology, so even though the machine works, you and everyone can sleep soundly.

Features of Sharp Air Purifier FP-JM30V-B

– There is a raw dust filter
– There is activated carbon filter
– Has a HEPA filter
– HAZE mode controls fan speed automatically
– Equip effective UV lamp to catch mosquitoes
– Create ion density of 7000 ions / cm3
– Filter range: 23m2
– Power consumption (High / Medium / Low): 53/32 / 19W
– Noise (Ca / Medium / Low): 44/36 / 27dB

Reference price: 5,690,000 VND

3. Hitachi air purifier EP-PZ30J 240

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Hitachi air purifier EP-PZ30J 240

Hitachi Air Purifier EP-PZ30J 240 manufactured in Japan by the Hitachi brand is worth buying. The filter of Hitachi EP-PZ30J 240 has been certified by Allergy UK for reducing allergen exposure, and the ability to effectively filter dust on a large scale. In particular, HEPA filters are capable of filtering extremely small dust to the size of 0.3 μm, eliminating many odors in the room.

The Hitachi Air Purifier EP-PZ30J 240 also comes with a remote control that makes it possible to control the remote easily, effectively, with a timer off of 2 hours. Air flow is 2.8 / 3.2m3 / min so Hitachi air purifier EP-PZ30J 240 is suitable for rooms with an area of ​​22 – 25m2.

Features of Hitachi air purifier EP-PZ30J 240:

– HEPA filter
– Allergy UK certification (reduced exposure to allergens)
– Plasmacluster high density ion deodorizes clean, bactericidal.
– Smart Haze mode adjusts fan speed accordingly.
– Filter range: 25 m2
– Noise level: 45dB
– Power: 50w

Reference price: 4,990,000 VND

4. Sharp dust collector FP-J30E-B

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Best Sharp air purifier FP-J30E-B

The best Sharp air purifier FP-J30E-B is equipped with a HEPA kit with a central filter system, which not only eliminates 99% of the dirt but also removes bacteria and mold, ensuring room air. fresh. It also has the ability to produce bactericidal Plasmacluster ions up to 99%, for high ion density up to 7000icon / cm3 so suitable for rooms with an area of ​​23m2.

Moreover, the integrated Haze mode helps the Sharp FP-J30E-B to operate the fan itself at the right speed, with a flow of 180m3 / hour for the first 60 minutes, then rotates at a low level ( 60m3 / hour) and high for 20 minutes helps to remove fine dust, deodorize well.

Features of Sharp air purifier FP-J30E-B

– HEPA filter
– HAZE mode increases the ability to filter gas and deodorize
– Ion density: 7000 icons / cm3
– Filter range: below 23m3
– Plasmacluster ion technology helps users feel fresh and relaxed
– Noise level: 44/36/23 dB (high / medium / low)
– Capacity: 50/30/13 (high / medium / low)

Reference price: VND 2,400,000

5. Panasonic air purifier F-PXJ30A

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Panasonic air filter, fine dust F-PXJ30A

If you are looking for air purifier, fine dust for your family for a room from 20m2, you can refer to Panasonic F-PXJ30A product line. The device is equipped with modern Nanoe technology to help clean and disinfect 99.9% of bacteria, effectively purifying the air. The design of Panasonic F-PXJ30A has an LED control panel that displays a clear control button to help you balance and control effectively.

Not only that, Panasonic F-PXJ30A also features many features such as 4 fan modes, Turbo mode for fast, effective filtering and 8-hour sleep mode to help you easily adjust the room temperature. In particular, Panasonic air purifier F-PXJ30A is also equipped with a laptop to help you move easily.

Features of Panasonic air purifier F-PXJ30A:

– Nanoe filter
– Integrated air filter including Super Alleru-buster filter, Catechin essence in green tea, Antibacterial enzyme
– Super Nano technology deodorizer filter
– Filter range: 20m2
– Noise level: 44/32/18 dB (High / medium / low)
– Power: 20/9 / 6w (High / medium / low)

Reference price: 3,200,000 VND

Above are the top 5 air purifiers, fine dust filters worth buying in the opinion of users and experts. You consider more needs, financial conditions to choose the product that best suits the needs.

Currently, the situation of Corona virus spread rapidly, global alarm, so besides buying air purifiers to ensure your residential space is always clean, you also need to prevent and update symptoms of Corona disease to When they see signs, promptly seek medical facilities and clinics for examination.
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