Top free and open source content management system

Top free and open source content management system

Content Management System (CMS) is a software to organize and build a system of documents and content in a consistent manner. Some CMSs use free and open source code, allowing major developers to provide platform updates and thousands of themes and extensions.

Top free and open source content management system

Summary of open source content management system:
1. WordPress.
2. Joomla.
3. Drupal.
4. Magento Open Source.
5. Webflow.
6. SilverStripe.
7. Craft.
8. Contao.
9. Umbraco.
10. Fork.

1. WordPress

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WordPress launched in 2003 as a blogging platform then evolved into a sophisticated content management system, built on PHP and MySQL, operating many websites around the world, from blogs to news portals. biggest news. WordPress has more than 54,000 plugins and themes that help customize settings – including ecommerce functionality, galleries, mailing lists, forums and analytics.

– Download WordPress here.

2. Joomla

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Joomla is a user-friendly CMS that allows building basic web sites and advanced web applications. Joomla is also mobile, search engine friendly, multilingual, flexible and scalable. The platform has thousands of gadgets and third party templates for further customization. Joomla runs about 10% of business websites in the world.

– Download Joomla here.

3. Drupal

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Drupal is a free and open source CMS, written in PHP as a custom platform. Drupal provides a flexible, easy-to-use content architecture for content authors, with a broad, integrated ecosystem and active community. With many extensions, Drupal also lets you publish to websites or share content in multiple languages ​​on multiple devices. Drupal manages some of the largest websites in the world, such as

– Download Drupal here.

4. Magento Open Source

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Magento Open Source (formerly Magento Community Edition), is an ecommerce CMS. Its administrators include marketing, search engine optimization and product management tools. Magento has many topics and extensions in categories such as customer support, payment and security, shipping and website optimization, etc. Magento also owns a large community of deployment and development partners.

5. Webflow

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Webflow provides visual support in building custom blogs, ecommerce stores and other websites. The design on this site is clear, scientific. You can choose the store-specific payment experience design, focusing on specific product features, posting pictures and other information with customizable templates. Besides, Webflow also allows to adjust the cart layout, positioning and animation to attract customers.

However, Webflow is only free for the first 2 projects, after which users will have to pay for different service packages, as low as 16 USD / month (maximum 10 projects).

– Download Webflow here.

6. SilverStripe

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SilverStripe is an easy-to-use, free platform with a sample web terminal tool and an extensive list of modules to enhance the functionality. In addition, it allows you to create fields, page types, data structures to suit your CMS needs. SilverStripe has over 2,500 modules and 50,000 live websites.

– Download SilverStripe here.

7. Craft

Craft management system allows you to create project-specific experiences without making assumptions about the content, just select the features and functions you need. For example, Craft Commerce has plugins that integrate seamlessly with the shopping and shipping process, you will only have to manage the product and the rest of the content; use Twig to create a pattern; Use Live Preview to preview content …

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Individual projects are free on Craft, but if you want to build professional websites, you have to pay $ 299 / project.

– Download Craft here.

8. Contao

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Contao is an open source CMS that allows you to create professional websites and expandable web applications. Contao has many additional languages ​​and topics, licensing systems, version management, flexible form builder, advanced search and sorting options integrated with many modules. An ecommerce web template added and integrated with payment providers, warehouse managers, analytics tools, etc. More than 150,000 sites have been built with Contao.

9. Umbraco

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Umbraco is designed to be simple for users to freely build custom websites and applications. To use the Umbraco administration system, you need to use the CSS and JavaScript programming language Umbraco contains more than 300 free extensions and more than 200,000 active users. If you want to use the hosting package, users will have to pay from about 30 USD / month.

– Download Umbraco here.

10. Fork

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Fork is an easy-to-use, open source CMS that allows the use of Symfony software to design. It has an intuitive and friendly interface, assisting with building, monitoring and updating your website. Fork also has a lot of free themes and applications to expand the site.


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