Top free CSV file editing software for Windows 10

Top free CSV file editing software for Windows 10

CSV is a fairly common file, but it is not easy to edit this type of file because you need a spreadsheet software. If you are looking for the best free CSV file editing software for Windows 10, invite you to refer to the article below!

Summary of the best CSV file editing software:
1. CSVed.
2. CSVStar.
3. iMatrixitor.
4. CSVPad.
5. LibreOffice.
6. CSVFileView.

The best free CSV file editing software for Windows 10

1. CSVed

CSVed is a free program that can handle any type of CSV file. It has the ability to add, delete, edit items, import and export data, delete duplicate data, break columns, insert, delete or reorder columns, etc.

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CSVed has a sidebar interface that can be easily navigated with main document view above the compact editing window and a four-in-one toolbar. This program has a font manager and mobile version.

– Download CSVed here.

2. CSVStar

CSVstar is a free software that helps you edit and process CSV files with a color user interface for each feature and support users through PDF files. With CSVStar, you can create templates and easily modify Headers and Trailer with the help of simple wizards.

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Moreover, CSVStar also has some features to help create CSV files automatically. You can also easily manage templates and create as many template files as possible. CSVStar can work with many types of data for fields like int, string, enum, etc.

– Download CSVStar here.

3. iMatrixitor

If you’re looking for a CSV editor with limited commas and tabs, iMatrixitor might be right for you. It works with Unix / PC formats of text files and binary files stored both on the hard drive and on the remote FTP server. iMatrixitor can open / edit / store files locally and FTP, supporting “save as” files.

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iMatrixitor displays all fields and titles using external identification files. It also provides a general read / write mode and allows you to unlock while opening a file. It provides support for Windows and Unix formats with lines and numbers. In addition, iMatrixitor can automatically refresh opened files on both the local hard drive and FTP server.

– Download iMatrixitor here.

4. CSVPad

You can download CSVPad for free and use it right away. This software supports all types of formats including files containing separating tabs, colons, semicolons, etc. CSVPad can automatically identify and use the correct format.

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CSVPad can open files in a table and you can browse or start a quick search, edit individual fields and even extend files. In addition, for cases where the file structure is incorrect, you can rearrange the rows by adding new rows or columns, making copies or editing, dragging, copying and pasting, or simply moving the selected row / column to a new position.

Not only that, CSVPad also has some very interesting features such as Snapshot (saving a table in JPG format), the option “Search online” to open a webpage with Google search results for the selected cell. When you’re done, the file can be stored in CSV format or with other delimiters like tabs / colon, … or export as XLS, ODS, XML or HTML.

– Download CSVPad here.

5. LibreOffice

LibreOffice has a range of advanced features that are loved by professionals around the world. It integrates a wizard and allows you to select and use more advanced features. It also allows you to download templates from the LibreOffice template library.

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With LibreOffice, you can have flexible cell formatting options, freely rotate the content, borders, etc. by using styles and formatting functions directly. LibreOffice also allows you to reuse ready-made sheets and continue your current work by using built-in templates.

– Download LibreOffice here.

6. CSVFileView

Although CSVFileView is just an editor, it still has other great features. It is a simple and free tool that allows you to view and modify CSV files. You can open the CSV file, automatically identify the delimiters and quote the characters as options and insert extra lines.

the top free software version for the best csv file for windows 10 6

Besides, you can put files into the table and here you can rearrange or hide columns as you like. The CSVFileView tool can also save your data as HTML, tabs or files separated by commas or in XML format. CSVFileView also has some advanced options such as in-depth control of the data you want to see and it has a command-line interface that automatically converts files.
– Download CSVFileView here.


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