Top free Facebook marketing tools

Perhaps we all know how to start a Facebook marketing strategy by creating a fanpage and using them for business purposes. However, to get the most out of your strategy, you need the support of many other tools. So what are those tools? Read and discover with!

Currently there are many tools Facebook Marketing free. Today in’s article, we will introduce to readers the top 5 free Facebook marketing tools that are used most and most appreciated on Facebook today.

Table of Contents:
1. Drumup.
2. Likealyzer.
3. Canva.
4. Facebook Power Editor.
5. Headline Analyzer.

Summary of marketing tools on Facebook for free.

1. Drumup

Attractive content is a very important part of any Facebook marketing strategy. However, creating attractive ideas is not an easy thing that anyone can do. If you are having this problem, do not worry because Drumup can be of great help to you.

This free tool will determine which stories are compelling, relevant to your target audience in your Facebook marketing strategy, compare, rate them and then organize your content and divide. share on your social media accounts.

Top marketing campaigns on Facebook for free

To start using Drupup, all you have to do is provide a list of related keywords. Drumup scans the web for stories related to these keywords and displays them in the content feed. Your job is to see a story you like and click. Then DrumUp will add it to your sharing queue. DrumUp will even help you choose the best time to share your post.

If you want to adjust the post to your liking, you can click on the post and add comments along with the title, adjust the post date and time, add hashtags, upload an image and even upload it. calendar to post, …

In addition to giving you content, with Drumup, you can also create your own unique posts and manage all your Facebook shares.

– Download Drumup here.

2. Likealyzer

Likealyzer is a free Facebook marketing tool that you should not ignore. Likealyzer gives you in-depth reviews of your Facebook page performance and suggests you actions you can take to increase customer engagement with your brand.

Top marketing campaigns on Facebook for free 2

Unlike many other free Facebook marketing tools, when using Likealyzer, you don’t need to provide any personal information, just give your Facebook page URL and Likealyzer will automatically work for you and Gives you a report on the effectiveness of your Facebook page.

– Download Likealyzer here.

3. Canva

Canva is a design tool that effectively supports marketing on Facebook and you should use it when you need to design images for your marketing strategy. Many people love Canva because it’s very intuitive.

Top marketing campaigns on Facebook for free 3

Canva provides image templates of the right size for the Facebook post cover and application background image. Once you’ve selected your favorite template, you can drag and drop a variety of design elements like images, text, shapes, etc. to fill out the form.

– Download Canva here.

4. Facebook Power Editor

Facebook Power Editor is a free tool designed specifically for sophisticated advertisers managing multiple Facebook marketing and advertising campaigns. If you’re fed up with the standard Facebook Ads interface then you should consider the Facebook Power Editor.

Top marketing campaigns on Facebook for free 4

With Power Editor, you can quickly build and copy campaigns and ads. It allows you to edit all your ads in the same window, making it easy to tailor details to your desired goals. Once completed, you will be approved promptly.

An even more interesting use of Power Editor is that you can get updates and test new advertising tools. Typically, Facebook runs a test run of all the new tools in Power Editor to assess their effectiveness before building them into a standard interface.

– Download Facebook Power Editor here.

5. Headline Analyzer

The title of each post also has a great influence on the effectiveness of the Facebook marketing campaign, but you will feel secure when using Headline Analyzer. It helps create eye-catching, compelling headlines for blog posts, Facebook ad posts.

Top marketing campaigns on Facebook for free 5

Accordingly, if you think of a good title and want to know if this title will work for your Facebook marketing strategy, you just need to include this title in Headline Analyzer. Headline Analyzer will evaluate the details and give an overall score for your title. And what’s even more remarkable is that it provides suggestions for improving the quality of your titles.

– Download Headline Analyzer here.
With the top 5 free Facebook marketing tools, hopes that readers will have a useful choice for their Facebook marketing strategy. If you have any questions or questions regarding the above, please leave your comments in the comments below!


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