Top free games on Macbook

Top free games on Macbook

The free games on Macbook are not as many as on Windows, but many users appreciate the quality of experience, the top free Mac games on the following will be worth consulting for you to have. moments of fun, thrilling entertainment with friends whenever or show gaming skills as well as their ingenuity.

Many people use the Macbook because this device not only helps them perform work functions quickly, but also allows them to freely play games in their spare time, especially online games. If you are looking for these Free game on Macbook, invite you to refer to the top of the most popular free games on Macbook summarized in the article below.

Top free games on Macbook worth playing

The best free games on Macbook

1. Fortnite


As of now, Fortnite is the hottest game on platforms, including the Macbook. What makes this game receive great attention from players is the extremely attractive gameplay.
In the game, all players must fight to survive and the person who can eliminate others will become the winner. On the way to fight, players must collect items and tools to hunt. They also need to equip armor to shield themselves from the enemy’s brutal attacks. Moreover, the game also gives players the option to partner with friends to stay ahead of deathmatch!
– Download Fortnite here: Download Fortnite for Mac

2. Heroes of the Storm


Heroes of the storm is an interesting game for fighting game lovers. In this game, you will be a heroic savior, fighting against the evil forces to restore peace in the world.
At each stage, you will face great challenges because your enemies not only attack you with deadly weapons but they also have great power. Therefore, you have to calculate carefully to deal with their nefarious strategies. To be able to play Heroes of the storm well, you can consider playing with other players and taking every opportunity to make money to win all kinds of gifts to build your character stronger.
– Download Heroes of the Storm here: Download Heroes of the Storm for Mac

3. Gods of Drifting


Gods of Drifting is a good racing game for Macbook users that will take you to a thrilling race. This racing game is very different from other games of the same genre. You will have to complete missions on the track and to complete these tasks, you need to have a smart strategy. You will experience the feeling of racing on 30 world-class race tracks to spend the best time. Pay attention to the achievement rankings because it will help you see the pro level of racing, handling your super cars compared to other competitors.
– Download Gods of Drifting here: Download Gods of Drifting for Mac

4. Township


If you like building cities and farms, download the Township game right away on your Macbook device. Try your best to harvest your plants and handle them in your well-equipped facilities. After that, you can sell your goods and trade cleverly to make a lot of money.
Moreover, you can create a huge zoo by collecting animals from around the world. Then, when you have a lot of money, start building a town. You can build interesting landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and Big Ben to decorate your town.
– Download Township here: Download Township for Mac

5. 2048 Game


2048 Game is a free puzzle game for players using Macbook. The rules of the game are very simple. You just need to move the numbers in the direction you want with your hands like up / down / left / right. You will get a new value when you combine 2 adjacent cells that have the same number. For example, if two cells have a number 2, you can create a number 4, 2 cells 4 next to each other you can create numbers 8. So your goal is to create numbers to reach. value 2048 and win.
– Download 2048 here: Download 2048 for Mac

6. Contract Killer 2


Contract Killer 2 is a game that allows you to be a notorious assassin. You will sneak into enemy territory and shoot them to death before other players take this opportunity. To complete the assassination from a distance, make the most of the sight and silencer. To be able to make good melee attacks, make use of cover and stealth.
Contract Killer 2 offers players many unique challenges to test their skills and also makes them addicted because when playing, players must compete to win special titles, badges and rewards.
– Download Contract Killer 2 here: Download Contract Killer 2 for Mac

7. Fishdom


You want to get lost in the aquarium on your own Macbook, download the game Fishdom right now to explore the underwater world and make friends with the 3D virtual fish. Fishdom game play is also very interesting. You will have to solve the puzzles and you will also have the opportunity to decorate and take care of your beloved fish.
– Download Fishdom here: Download Fishdom for Mac

8. Starcraft II


As a high-class strategy game, Starcraft II requires you to show your fighting skills to other opponents in the galaxy. Therefore, you will have to plan a murder strategy and implement it perfectly to win. When playing, Starcraft II offers you a lot of options to help you increase the amount of weapons to rule the galaxy. You can also participate in many cooperative missions in the game.
– Download Starcraft II here: Download Starcraft II for Mac

9. Homescapes


In this game, there is a man named Austin Austin who is assigned the difficult task of decorating the whole house. Your task is to help him swap and match the pieces so everything is neat and tidy. See what each character does and interact with them. In addition, you also need to pay close attention because in the game there is a naughty animal that can ruin your “enthusiasm”.
– Download Homescapes here: Download Homescapes for Mac

10. World of Tanks


World of Tanks has received a lot of praise when it became an overwhelmingly online game. In the game, there are 26 arenas where players face a lot of obstacles set by opponents. Players can build a team to attack in series and can also chat with other players in the game to coordinate combat.
– Download World of Tanks here: Download World of Tanks for Mac
Typically, Apple computers are optimized and often used by users for learning and working needs, so the game store on the Mac Store is also relatively limited. Hopefully, through this article of Taimienphi, users can refer and choose for themselves a free game on Macbook to relax in their spare time. In case you want to play games on Android with Macbook, try downloading and using the Android emulator on Mac Please.


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