Top frequently asked hotel management questions

Top questions of hotel management interview often encountered in the article below include a summary of questions including English and Vietnamese employers or raised when interviewing candidates applying for hotel management positions. With these questions, you can easily cultivate knowledge, conquer employers when confidently answering questions.

Professional working environment, dynamic; Attractive salary should work in the hotel, especially the location Hotel manager is considered the dream of many people. But to achieve that dream, you must pass the interview of employers. Top hotel management interview question Commonly asked below will help you confidently answer employer questions.

Good interview questions for Hotel Management

Top common hotel management interview questions

In addition to the top questions, also shares more job interview tips to help you easily pass the best interview round.

I. Interview Question Hotel Management

* Good questions about the hotel in Vietnamese

Question number 1. Could you introduce yourself a little bit?
Question 2. If what strengths do you have?
Question number 3. What are your weaknesses?
Question number 4. What is the salary and regime that you are expected to work?
Question number 5. Why did you quit your job at the previous company?
Question number 6. What is your career goal?
Question 7. Please list the principles of hospitality industry?
Question 8. For you, how do guests return to the hotel next time?
Question number 9. Please tell us the standard customer service process?
Question 10. From the previous jobs and positions, what did you learn?
Question number 11. Why would you like to apply for a Hotel Management position?
Question 12. In your opinion, what are 3 important and essential skills for Hotel Management?
Question number 13. Tools and methods in hotel management. Please explain how you use them?
Question 14. What is ISO 9001, how do you apply ISO 9001 to your hotel management work?
Question 15. What are some common mistakes in hotel management? How is your treatment?
Question No. 16. What are some work experience related to Hotel Management?
Question number 17. What can you improve your hotel management job?
Question number 18. Please describe your working principles?
Question 19. Do you have any questions for us?

* English interview questions for the hospitality industry

Question 1. Could you tell me something about yourself? (Provisional translation: Can you introduce yourself a little bit?)
Question 2. Why do you want to become a hotel staff? (Translation: Why do you want to become a hotel worker?)
Question 3. What strong points are you suitable with the position of a hotel staff? (Provisional translation: What strengths do you have that fit the position of a hotel employee?)
Question 4. What do you see as your weakness? (Roughly translated: What weaknesses do you see in yourself?)
Question 5. How will you enhance if customer explains about the service of hotel? (Provisional translation: How will you handle if customers complain about hotel services?)

II. Tips for answering hotel management questions

1. Find out the types of questions related to hotel management positions

In the interview, the employer will ask questions related to yourself and professional questions related to the position that you apply, so do the Hotel Management interview.

2. Prepare for the interview

Most of the employers interviewing candidates in the Hotel Management position ask professional-related questions so you need to cultivate a full industry knowledge:

– Learn the principles, standards of hotel management work.
– Job description for the title of Hotel Manager.
– Each employer will have their own interview process, format and questions. Going to many interviews helps you draw a lot of experience, and confidently answer the questions that employers ask.

To conquer the employer and take the position of a hotel manager, you hone your knowledge, confidently interview by referencing and answering the top frequently asked Hotel Management interview questions above. interview.

But before hiring employers to notice you, you need to have a form Hotel management resume impressive, highlight the expertise and skills related to the industry that this Manager.
Currently, many businesses have provided helpful hotel management software for different hotel sizes. Depending on your purposes, your management needs, you choose hotel management software TopSoft Hotel, OHOTEL, Faceworks …


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