Top game is coming out in March 2020

The top game coming in March 2020 will make gamers curious and looking forward to testing. With beautiful graphics and extremely attractive gameplay, let’s dig deeper to see what’s interesting in action games, strategy, shooting … okay!

February 2020 has just passed quite gently with the gaming community because there are very few new games released but March is different. Gamers will surely “stand still” because there is a series of games coming soon. So what are those games, what’s interesting in them, please read along with!

6 games released in March 2020 are noticeable

1. Bleeding Edge

– Available with PC, Xbox One
– Release date: March 24

Bleeding Edge is a multiplayer strategy game with an art style (similar to Borderlands) and interesting gameplay. The game is designed and produced by famous and creative developers. In the online 4vs4 arena of the game, you can choose many characters to play. You will also need to choose some tanks, DPS and healers for your team.

game released on March 3, 2020

Pre-register Bleeding Edget here.

2. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

– Available with Nintendo Switch
– Release date: March 6

3Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is a remake of the game Red Rescue Team after 14 years. Mystery Dungeon is one of the best Pokemon games and it will be harder to play than regular Pokemon games.

game released on March 3, 2020

In Mystery Dungeon, players answer a few questions and become Pokemon (from one of 16) and then go into a town full of Pokemon. You can perform quests and explore the world, recruit Pokemon to fight in your team, do side quests and many other interesting things. Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX is believed to be the first Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch devices.

– Link to register Pokemon Mystery Dungeon here.

3. Ori and the Blind Forest

– Available with PC, Xbox One
– Release date: March 11

Art style from Ori and the Blind Forest is one of the best art styles in any video game at any time. The world in the game is very attractive to players and the small ball character Ori in the game is also super cute. With Ori and the Blind Forest, your task is to defeat monsters and bosses as well as puzzles to explore new worlds.

game released on March 3, 2020

– Link to register, download Ori and the Blind Forest here.

4. Half-Life Alyx

– Available with PC (Steam VR)
– Release date: March 23

game released on March 3, 2020

Half-Life 3 was once one of the most famous memes on the internet and the manufacturer at the time had no intention of releasing the next game after Half-Life 3. However, after 13 years, now Half Life players will extremely excited when the next generation of this game is about to be released, which is Half-Life Alyx.

Half-Life Alyx will only be available with Steam VR and the game maker has no plans to design the game so that players can play it on PCs and other common gaming devices. Half-Life Alyx is a prequel and takes place before Half-Life 2 but after Half-Life 1.

– Link to register and download Half Life Alyx here.

5. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

– Available with Nintendo Switch
– Release date: March 20

This is also a game to look forward to in this March. New Horizons will be the first Animal Crossing game for Nintendo Switch. Animal Crossing is arguably one of the most popular social simulation games today.

game released on March 3, 2020

Players can run a community where they can explore, farm items exchange with neighbors, fight and many other interesting things. Animal Crossing games take place in real time, meaning that if you play during the day, the game will be daytime and the same goes for the night.

– Link to register Animal Crossing New Horizons here.

6. DOOM Eternal

– Available with PC, PS4, Xbox One, Stadia
– Release date: March 20

DOOM Eternal will probably be the most anticipated shooter in March 2020. Perhaps you also know DOOM had created a craze in the 90s and accordingly, DOOM Eternal is inspired by DOOM so it will certainly be more interesting. The gameplay is quite similar to DOOM where players need to fight monsters in Hell with the help of their arsenal.

game released on March 3, 2020

Some of the new features in DOOM Eternal include extremely challenging challenges, additional resource upgrades and the ability to control enemy units. However, DOOM Eternal retains some good features of the original DOOM game.

– Link to register and download games DOOM Eternal here.
Above is a list of games released in March 2020. Please wait to register and install offline.


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