Top great plugin for WordPress

Top great plugin for WordPress

WordPress is a flexible content management system, but its default site search does not support sorting, customizing posts, and content fields. Luckily, there are many plugins available to extend the site search capabilities on WordPress. Most plugins are free, though some have premium versions as well as advanced features that require users to pay.

Top great plugin for WordPress

Table of Contents:
1. SearchWP.
2. Smart Ajax Product Search.
3. Jetpack Search.
4. Relevanssi.
5. Better Search.
6. Ajax Search Lite.
7. Advanced Woo Search.
8. FacetWP.
9. ACF: Better Search.
10. YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search.

1. SearchWP

Top great plugin for wordpress

SearchWP integrates with product search for popular ecommerce plugins like WooC Commerce, Easy Digital Download, WP eCommerce, etc. It allows searching by keywords in posts, topics, content etc. All results are stored as WordPress customizations, including content from advanced custom fields, CMB2, and many other popular custom field plugins. SearchWP charges a fee of $ 99 per site.

– Download SearchWP here.

2. Smart Ajax Product Search

Top great plugin for wordpress 2

Smart Ajax Product Search is a plugin for fast advanced search. Ajax is an acronym for asynchronous JavaScript and XML. For example, for a Woo Commerce product search, the system will perform the search without refreshing the page. The standard version of Smart Ajax Product Search is free to use, but you can also opt for a premium service pack with more product search customization and settings ($ 39).

– Download Smart Ajax Product Search here.

3. Jetpack Search

Top great plugin for wordpress 3

Jetpack Search provides quality search results and improves the search experience. It features indexing of real-time changes to your content, custom analysis for 29 languages, sorting by relevance or date, phrase search and tab filter search. , category, custom author classification, date and post type. Jetpack Search has a public API for developers to run their own Elaticsearch queries. The basic package of Jetpack Search is free, while the premium package starts at US $ 3.5 per month.

– Download Jetpack Search here.

4. Relevanssi

Top great plugin for wordpress 4

Relevanssi is a popular search site with over 100,000 active installations. Relevanssi features include search by relevance; highlight document search terms and adjust weights for custom comments, tags, categories, and fields; identify the most popular login and display queries, and also show no hits. Relevanssi allows running searches on many sites and is free of charge. However, users can buy the premium version for $ 299.

– Download Relevanssi here.

5. Better Search

Top great plugins for wordpress 5

Better Search provides contextual search results sorted based on relevance, rather than by date. In addition, this free plugin displays a map of the most popular searches. Better Search integrates with your WordPress theme but also allows customization, disables integration, and creates your own template.

– Download Better Search here.

6. Ajax Search Lite

Top great plugins for wordpress 6

Ajax Search Lite is a free plugin that allows direct searching for WordPress with user-friendly Ajax-based search. It filters results with content type and article filtering boxes. The plugin also includes Google keyword suggestions. The premium version of Ajax Search Lite costs $ 36 per 6 months.

– Download Ajax Search Lite here.

7. Advanced Woo Search

Top great plugin for wordpress 7

Advanced Woo Search offers a free and premium version to search across all your Woo Commerce products. Product data syncs with automated plugins, enabling search of product titles, content, excerpts, categories, tags and SKUs. The premium version costs $ 39.

– Download Advanced Woo Search here.

8. FacetWP

Top great plugins for wordpress 8

FacetWP is an Ajax-based plugin to add advanced filtering controls to your WordPress site. FacetWP allows searching by 12 key elements such as date range, geographic location etc. You can use custom fields, taxonomies, and post data such as author, date posted, and post type; Use the integrated layout builder to design grid lists in the WordPress admin interface. Therefore, visitors can quickly find what they are looking for because only relevant information options are displayed.

The price of this plugin is $ 99 per year for up to 3 websites.

– Download FacetWP here.

9. ACF: Better Search

Top great plugins for wordpress 9

ACF: Better Search is also a free plugin that allows you to add advanced custom fields to your website. Website visitors will search for content based on the fields they choose. Supported fields are text, text area, number, email, URL, file, WYSIWYG editor, selection, checkbox and radio button.

– Download ACF: Better Search here.

10. YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search

Top great plugin for wordpress 10

YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search allows you to search for specific products by inserting a few characters. With the search provided by Ajax, users can quickly find the content they are interested in, without wasting time between pages. In addition to the free service, this plugin also has a premium package for $ 29.99 / month. oray-cho-wordpress-55220n.aspx
– Download YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search here.


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