Top gun aiming the most powerful Garena Free Fire

Free Fire is a great survival shooting game released by Garena in Vietnam, in Free Fire there are many different types of weapons, and those who love the game’s titles prefer to use sniper rifles. with the ability to defeat enemies from far away. Here are the sight guns in Garena Free Fire and their power.

The sight guns are always considered to be the pinnacle while shooting with the ability to defeat targets from afar in Free Fire in particular and other gun games in general. Always the most powerful gun and have the most emotion when firing, aiming guns are always the target that no gunner can ignore in Garena Free Fire.

The most powerful sniper rifle Free Fire

Currently Free Fire has versions for Android, IOS and PC, you download the appropriate version below:

– Download Free Fire for Android
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– Download Free Fire for PC

1. Types of sniper rifle in Garena Free Fire


Top most powerful garena free fire 2

SKS is not really a sniper but can still be included in this list. This is an automatic long-range sniper gun, equipped with an x4 scope. SKS has the ability to shoot medium and long range very good, damage can not be 1 deadly shot, but because it is an automatic gun, there is no need to change bullets after each bullet, thereby being able to shoot continuously to take down opponents from long range. SKS has a variety of accessories to help reduce the recoil of guns.


Top most powerful garena free fire 3

AWM is the favorite gun of many people in any genre of shooter. Great damage, extremely long range and high accuracy make AWM extremely sought after. In Garena Free Fire AWM comes equipped with an X8 viewfinder that is extremely suitable for your long-range shooting situations. With the damage of AWM, the enemy needs only one bullet to hit him.


Top most powerful garena free fire 4

Emerging as a national sniper rifle in survival shooting games such as PUBG or Rules of Survival, in Garena Free Fire, Kar98 is also an extremely popular sniper rifle because of its stability. The damage is good, the accuracy is high, the 8x barrel is available and the high accuracy makes Kar98 extremely popular. The amount of Kar98 damage will take down an opponent with a bullet in the head, suitable for highly skilled people.


Top most powerful garena free fire 5

VSS is probably the least popular gun in the line of sight gun when damage is extremely low salaries. However, VSS has a high rate of fire and comes with silencers, suitable for firing in the early stages of the match.

2. The situation of using the strongest sight gun and sight gun

Top most powerful garena free fire 6

Sniper rifles are very powerful guns, in exchange for being unsuitable for close-range gun fights. The middle and the end of the game is the sight of the gun when it is possible to take down enemies from afar and move immediately, as well as suitable for defense of beautiful positions.

Top most powerful garena free fire 7

AWM deserves to be the most powerful gun in Garena Free Fire with the strongest damage in the game, along with an extremely good amount of support accessories. AWM is always the gun that Garena Free Fire players desire to own and suitable to end the match with a bullet on the opponent.

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Above are the sniper rifles and the strongest sniper rifle in Garena Free Fire. Those who love the survival shooting game cannot ignore PUBG, the game that enlightened a new series. Currently there are many people who love playing PUBG Mobile in the Chinese version, you can see the instructions How to play PUBG Mobile Chinese version here.


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