Top hard drive error checking software

Top hard drive error checking software

In the process of using the computer can not avoid the situation of win errors or hard drive errors. If you want to check whether your computer has a hard drive error or not, how to do it? In this article, would like to introduce to you the best software for checking hard drive errors.

In fact, when the hard drive has bad sectors, it is difficult for you to recover the bad sectors, even if it cannot be restored. The best way is that we can only notify the operating system or the hard drive to not use the bad sectors.

The best software to check hard drive errors.

Top hard drive error checking software

For this reason, testing your hard drive for errors and damage is essential to protecting your data. Currently there are quite a lot of software to check and check the hard drive for this job and you can refer to and use one of the 5 hard drive error checking software rated as the best currently written by us. here.

1. HDD HDD Regenerator hard disk error checking software

– Download software HDD Regenerator here: Download HDD Regenerator

HDD Regenerator is a software that checks and fixes basic errors on the hard drive, can repair Bad Sector in DOS environment by creating a floppy disk or creating a USB boot containing a Boot-able repair program. HDD Regenerator is the simplest way to deal with the common Bad Sector problem on your hard drive.

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HDD Regenerator The main function is to back up all important files that can boot in damaged hard drive. Not only that, the program also allows the computer to automatically rescue errors that appear on the hard drive or localize damaged areas on the drive.

Theme of HDD Regenerator Also quite friendly and easy to understand. The functions and instructions of the program are designed with high clarity and detail, so you can feel secure when using them.

To better understand how to fix bad hard drive with HDD Regenerator, you see instructions for fixing bad hard drive with HDD Regenerator in the tips that we have introduced, shared.

The main features of HDD Regenerator can include:

– Check and detect computer hard drive errors.
– Recover almost all important files of the hard drive.
– Can automatically locate and repair errors on the hard drive through auto boot.
– Box statistics data of the hard drive.
– Compact size, flexible.

2. CheckDrive for hard disk error checking software

– Download software CheckDrive here: Download CheckDrive

CheckDrive is a powerful tool to check your hard drive for errors. This software was released by Abelssoft, a software company specializing in developing applications for Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

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CheckDrive Has a very simple and easy to use interface. The main task of CheckDrive It’s just checking for errors in your hard drives. The software has a very fast scanning speed for hard drives but it does not take much of your computer’s resources.

During the scan, CheckDrive will automatically fix the common errors in your hard drive. You can also shrink CheckDrive again on the taskbar. When the scan is complete, CheckDrive will automatically notify you about the errors encountered, how many errors have been overcome. You can also set CheckDrive Auto shutdown and restart after the troubleshooting process is completed. In addition, this software also allows users to scan one or more drives at the same time.

Here are the noteworthy features of CheckDrive:

– Check hard drive error easily, effectively.
– Easy to use and install.
– Has fast scanning speed.
– Does not take up many resources when performing a computer scan.
– Allow automatic shutdown when scanning and error correction is completed.
– Has automatic notification function for the latest version.

3. HDDScan hard drive error checking software

– Download software HDDScan here: Download HDDScan

HDD Scan Software is the ability to check computer hard drives most accurately and effectively. Thanks to this tool, you can easily check the hard drive temperature at each time, the amount of used hard disk space and free space, format the data partition on the hard drive … HDD Scan is considered a compact utility and outperforms the same tools developed by Artyom Rubtsov.

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The interface of the software is designed to be quite simple and easy to understand so all users including even less experienced computer users can use it.

The main features of HDD Scan can include:

– Check your computer hard drive accurately and effectively.
– Detailed statistical reports on results
– Support many report file formats: the results of the hard drive testing process are saved in HTML, HTM, MHT, TXT file formats.

4. Crystal Disk Info hard drive error checking software

– Download software Crystal Disk Info here: Download Crystal Disk Info

CrystalDiskInfo is a software that monitors and monitors the current state of your hard drive, giving you peace of mind always knowing what your hard drive is in. With CrystalDiskInfo, depending on the health of the hard drive, the software will display the colors to mark, and you can view the temperature, core software version, hard drive caching capacity, testing, analysis and Report hard disk problems …

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CrystalDiskInfo It is considered as the simplest and most compact solution for you to evaluate and check the hard drive at the present time, to foresee the potential risks that may occur with the hard drive, especially with those containing Many important data. On the other hand, with this software you can know the errors that your hard drive is facing, such as inaccessible errors, fragmented errors for data backup options, hard drive maintenance.

Some key features of CrystalDiskInfo are noteworthy:

– Check your computer hard drive accurately and effectively.
– Detailed statistical reports on results
– Support many report file formats.

5. SeaTools hard drive error checking software

– Download software SeaTools here: Download SeaTools

SeaTools for Windows is a tool that helps you examine and cure hard drives on your computer, thereby proposing a reasonable repair plan. At the same time SeaTools for Windows will recognize the signs to detect and promptly handle problems encountered on fixed hard drives as well as external hard drives.

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The main function of SeaTools including testing and fixing hard and fast hard drives. Status display S.M.A.R.T as software Crystall Disk Info.

The software also has an advanced test option (Advanced test) to help you check the drive more closely. In addition, you can go to the installation directory of the software to view the enclosed user manual (both in Vietnamese, so it is very convenient for you to view the manual).

Above is the article about Top hard drive error checking software The best current according to Each of the above applications and software has different features, methods and advantages, so you should, depending on your work needs and choose the most appropriate software to use.
In addition, you can also check the hardware of your computer through other specialized tools that we have shared through the top 3. Computer hardware testing tool effective. Wish you success and get the best choice.


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