Top image compression software, the best capacity reduction

Top image compression software, the best capacity reduction

Today, social media platforms have become an important part of most people’s lives. The most common trend is to share about life, experience through photos and videos. However, many large and heavy images can take up a lot of your space, so you need to compress them and reduce them before saving or uploading.

Top best image compression software

Table of Contents:
I. Why is image compression needed?
II. Top best image compression software.
1. Caesium Image Compressor.

2. JPEG Optimizer.
3. FileOptimizer.
4. JPEGmini.
5. Mass Image Compressor.
6. PNGGauntlet.
7. TinyJPG.
8. RIOT.
9. JPEG Compressor.
10. Pixillion Image Converter.

Most of us don’t know about tools or software specifically designed to optimize and compress images. Along with that, Windows Paint does not provide many options to resize and compress images. As a result, we have to search for online support on the Internet with imperfect quality. In the article below, let’s find out the best image compression software.

I. Why is image compression needed?

In this predominant social media era, image compression software has become a need for everyone. As a photographer, you need tools to upload photos quickly; As a website designer or developer, you’ll want your site to be filled with beautiful images that allow for faster loading without sacrificing quality. Optimized images not only save bandwidth and help load pages faster, but also help you maintain within file size limits.

II. Top best image compression software

1. Caesium Image Compressor

Caesium Image Compressor is open source software, the interface is divided into 3 parts: Compression, Resize and Output Folder options. The compression option allows you to edit image formats, such as PNG, JPG and BMP, but you will not be able to change the quality for images in BMP or PNG format. With Resize Options, you can set the relative or absolute image size according to your needs. While the output directory allows you to add compressed images to a new folder.

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+ Characteristics:
– Compress entire folders with images loaded in one go
– User interface is clearly divided into 3 columns
– Allows to set the format, size and frame rate
– Mobile version available, that is, users can use the application without installing in the PC
– The application is a bit slow and requires regular updates
– Download Caesium Image Compressor here.

2. JPEG Optimizer

Based on MagiCompressTM technology, JPEG Optimizer can compress up to 100 images at a time without loss of quality. This not only saves your time but also limits bandwidth usage. JPEG is the most popular and widely used format worldwide, so it is one of the simplest and most effective image optimization tools. You can also resize the image as you like.

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+ Characteristics:
– Allow compress and resize photos
– Support compress and resize multiple images at the same time
– Can adjust the quality of compressed images
– Unique ISO noise optimization algorithm
– Can share and save images as separate JPEGs as well as JPEGs in a ZIP archive
– Download JPEG Optimizer here.

3. FileOptimizer

FileOptimizer allows you to compress photos for free. Initially, this software was originally designed to compress all types of files and folders, then move on to image optimization. Through the user-friendly interface, you can add images directly to the application and start compressing as needed. It has many different compression levels to choose from but also has certain limitations. The application will automatically replace the original files with compressed files and move the original data to the trash. In addition, this software lacks advanced setup options and does not have a preview window.

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+ Characteristics:
– Free application for compressing and optimizing images
– User friendly interface
– Many different compression levels
– Mobile version available
– Download FileOptimizer here.

4. JPEGmini

JPEGmini is one of the best tools for compressing images up to 5 times without losing quality. With the user-friendly interface, you can easily add photos and get compressed images automatically. The application will only keep both the original image and the compressed image if you have adjusted the settings options, otherwise the application will overwrite the original image. The downside of this application is the lack of quality sliders, so you have to tweak the application algorithm to get the best results. The application also has no advanced options.

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+ Characteristics:
– It is possible to resize JPEG images without configuration
– Best for beginners
– Simple and intuitive user interface
– Trial version allows compression of up to 20 images per day
– Download JPEGmini here.

5. Mass Image Compressor

This software allows users to compress entire image folders but cannot add and optimize individual images. Just create a folder, put all the images you want to compress into, add a folder to the app, and wait a few seconds to get the compressed image automatically. You can then adjust the image and quality manually.

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+ Characteristics:
– Adjust the quality and size of multiple photos at once
– Change image format to JPEG or PNG
– Save compressed images to a specific folder
– Can overwrite original image.
– There is a preview window for viewing sample images and file sizes
– Download Mass Image Compressor here.

6. PNGGauntlet

Designed for PNG files, this image compression software can also convert GIF, JPG, BMP and TIFF images into PNG format. However, you will not be able to save images in any format other than PNG.

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+ Characteristics:
– The tool uses PNGOUT, OptiPNG and DeflOpt to compress images
– Can configure each image individually
– Can select output directory or overwrite original files
– No preview window
– Download PNGGauntlet here.

7. TinyJPG

This software supports cropping and compressing your photos without losing quality. This software is available for free and is considered one of the best tools for processing and compressing images.

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+ Characteristics:
– Choose the best strategy before compressing images
– Free photo optimization tool
– Compress JPEG and PNG images
– Can upload up to 20 5 MB images in one go
– Can download images on computer or save in Dropbox
– Support drag and drop
– Download TinyJPG here.


RIOT or Radical Image Optimizer is a free image compression tool with advanced features. This software is quite light and useful for both professionals and beginners. One of the best features of this software is that it allows you to reset the length and width of the image along with the aspect ratio and pixels. In addition, it also supports GIF conversion.

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+ Characteristics:
– Can optimize JPEG, GIF and PNG images
– Allows changing the quality of JPEG images
– Can choose different encodings.
– Allows adjustment of image contrast, brightness, gamma and other settings
– Allow to rotate or flip images
– Option to resize photos through 6 filters
– Can modify or reduce colors
– No preview window
– Download RIOT here.

9. JPEG Compressor

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, JPEG Compressor is the best free tool for you. For most newcomers, the interface of this software may be a bit messy, but you can change it by adjusting some presets. The app allows adjusting color balance, brightness and saturation available in the settings options. In addition, this application allows automatic optimization of images in KB.

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+ Characteristics:
– One of the most advanced image compression software
– Cluttered user interface
– Available in different modes
– Compress edited images
– Can customize compression values
– Can change the compression value Chroma and Luma
– Detailed quality equalizer allows fine-tuning of images
– Resize photos and crop
– Bulk edits
– Download JPEG Compressor here.

10. Pixillion Image Converter

If you are looking for both image converter and compression, you can choose Pixillion Image Converter. With this application, you can convert and compress photos at the same time and add multiple photos at once. In addition, image resizing options are also available without compromising on quality. Moreover, it has basic editing options like rotate, flip, add watermarks and resize.

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+ Characteristics:
– Support both compression and image conversion
– Allow adding and compressing multiple images at a time
– Can change image size
– Basic editing options available
– Limited compression option
– Download Pixillion Image Converter here


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