Top iOS apps are free and discounted 11/14/2021

ProShot (support taking pictures) $5.99/Free Download PS Juice Watch (monitor iPhone battery level on Apple Watch) $4.99/Free Download JW Super Tank Battle – myCityArmy $4.99/Free Download STB Color Tap – Coloring game $1.99/Free Download CT Camera for OBS Studio (stream with iPhone camera) 17.99$/Free Download COS StickText (color text app and create stickers with text) $4.99/Free Download ST Antistress – Relaxing games $1.99/Free Download ARG Shortcut Pro – Icons Changer $2.99/Free Download SP Metadata (image metadata viewer) $0.99/Free Download iP Meditation Oasis: Simply Being (study meditation) $1.99/Free Download MO iPingpong 3D $0.99/Free Download iP AR Runner (virtual run) $0.99/Free Download AR 100 Balls $0.99/Free Download 1B Life Lists: List Organizer $0.99/Free Download LL Document Scanner – mobile scan (scan data) $4.99/Free Download DS MealBoard – Meal Planner (store recipes) $3.99/Free Download MB Sky Guide (find constellations) $2.99/Free Download SG fogu Pro – VPN & AdBlocker $0.99/Free Download FVPN Murmur: voice diary $0.99/Free Download MM Book Track – Library Manager (manage your book collection) $4.99/Free Download BT Hide N Seek : Mini Games $0.99/Free Download HNS Charger Play $0.99/Free Download CP Veritas $1.99/Free Download VR iKamasutra® Sex Position Guide $2.99/Free Download iKM MarineTraffic – Ship Tracking (displays information about the entire ship’s movement) $4.99/Free Download MT Zoetropic – Photo in motion (create motion pictures) $2.99/Free Download ZT Wise Camera (support taking pictures) $3.99/Free Download WC RecipeBox – Save Your Recipes! (save recipes) $4.99/Free Download RB Quicker VPN – secure surfing (VPN) $1.99/Free Download QV AR tape measure (actual ruler) $0.99/Free Download ATM The Blocking Dead $0.99/Free Download TBD YepNoteS: Simple notes & lists (note management) $1.99/Free Download YN Video Teleprompter 16.99$/Free Download VT Boximize $9.99/Free Download BM WatchChat 2: for WhatsApp (receive and send Whatsapp messages on Apple Watch) $2.99/Free Download WC2 Parkour Flight $0.99/Free Download PF Bakery・(real-time baking) $0.99/Free Download BKR Glory of Generals 3 $0.99/Free Download GoG Playground AR: Physics Sandbox $2.99/Free Download PAR Monster Stunts $1.99/Free Download MS Pedometer Plus (Apple Watch pedometer) $0.99/Free Download PP Card Maker Creator for YugiOh (making Yugi-Oh cards) $0.99/Free Download CMC Vxcam – AR Video Text & Emoji (create AR effect video) $2.99/Free Download VXC Find My Headphones & Earbuds (find lost wireless devices) $5.99/Free Download FMH AR Measure $1.99/Free Download AM Voice Recorder Lily (smart recording) $1.99/Free Download VRL Sticky Notes Widget (add notes) $0.99/Free Download SNW Duck Life: Adventure $3.99/Free Download DL Calm Baby Sleep Sounds (sounds for baby to sleep) $4.99/Free Download CBS Next Up – A Podcast Alarm $0.99/Free Download NUTS AdBlock Pro for Safari $9.99/Free Download ABP Safari Rescue: Bubble Shooter $1.99/Free Download SR Primalist – a Short List (sort of tasks) $1.99/Free Download PS (themed photo editing) $19.99/Free Download FLP PicFrame (merge multiple photos together) $1.99/Free Download PF NVSUAL Photo Filters & Effects (high resolution photo editing) $3.99/Free Download NPF Yomiwa Japanese Dictionary (Japanese dictionary) $8.99/Free Download YJ ChatterBoards AAC (communication support) $12.99/Free Load CB Bongo Cat Musical Instruments $2.99/Free Download BC Wind Speed ​​Forecast App (weather forecast) $2.99/Free Download WS Air Tracker – Bluetooth Finder (find lost devices) $3.99/Free Download AT Farming Simulator 16 $0.99/Free Download FS All-in-One Year Calendar (calendar app) $9.99/Free Download AO National Weather Forecast Data (weather forecast, natural disaster) $2.99/Free Download NW Power Private Photo Vault (lock, hide photos and videos) $2.99/Free Download PP Split Smart (swimming data app) $0.99/Free Download SS Marine Weather Forecast Pro (weather app) $3.99/Free Download MW 3D Photo Ring – Album Browser (photo browser) $2.99/Free Download 3DP Evertale $0.99/Free Download ET Fully Noded (Bitcoin Wallet) $49.99/Free Download FN National Hurricane Center Data (disaster notification) $1.99/Free Download NC Photo Cleaner -Album organizer (delete duplicate photos, videos, compress) $3.99/Free Download PC LightApp: Photo Selfie Editor (photo editing) $2.99/Free Download LA Reverse Chord Finder Pro (tells you what note is playing) $9.99/Free Download RC CITY REAL ESTATE TYCOON (city building game) $0.99/Free Download CR Hashtag Manager Pro (Insta hashtag management) $1.99/Free Download HM


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