Top Live Streaming game software for gamers

If you are a game streamer who wants to improve the quality of Facebook Live Stream, Youtube such as streaming, voice quality, … then the Live Streaming software is your “salvation” now. To find out more, please read the following article of on Top 4 Live Streaming game software for gamers.

Top Live Streaming game software for gamers

Summary of software Live Streaming game:
1. OBS Studio.
2. Xsplit.
3. Lightstream.
4. Wirecast.

1. OBS Studio

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OBS (full name is Open Broadcaster Software) is a free live streaming software in the streamer game world. However, this software is not for beginners but even for experienced people also need to “hard work” on the forums to consult information about complex features.

Besides, although it supports most operating systems and does not require a CPU to operate much, OBS software lacks advanced options to help streamers “break the record” on views.

– Download OBS Studio here.

2. Xsplit

top phan mem live streaming game list for game thu 2

Xplit is a paid-for option that includes two different parts: XSplit Gamecaster and XSplit Broadcaster.

XSplit Gamecaster has simplified complex options to make it easier for you to show your ability. In addition, some of Xsplit’s support features start or stop the overlay process when you live streaming.

XSplit Gamecaster allows you to live streaming on Youtube, Facebook or Twitch. Besides, Annotations feature allows users to highlight highlighting moments during live streaming.

In particular, you need to upgrade Xsplit software if you need to live streaming at a higher speed.

– Download XSplit here.

3. Lightstream

top phan mem live streaming game titles for game collection 3

Lightstream is an option for older versions of mobile devices called “Google Docs for video”. While the computer performs video recording, the servers of this software support all operations and reduce the pressure on the CPU. However, this software does not support complex features and customizations.

– Download Lightstream here.

4. Wirecast

top phan mem live streaming game titles for game collection 4

The plus point for Wirecast software is that it supports more than 100 titles and moving effects and more than 500,000 multimedia effects.

– Download Wirecast here.

Besides, with 30 days of software testing, users have the ability to experience virtual sets and backgrounds to make your live stream extremely unique.
The above is information about Top 4 Live Streaming game software for gamers. Hope the above article of has provided you with useful information. In addition, if you have any questions or questions, you can leave your comments in the comment section below the article.


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