Top most beautiful free WordPress Theme

Top most beautiful free WordPress Theme

If you are planning to start an online business, the first thing you need is a website or a blog to showcase your product. In the first phase, maybe you do not have much money for design, so free WordPress themes will be the best choice. In this article, let’s find out some of the best free WordPress themes, suitable for many different types of projects.

Top most beautiful free WordPress Theme

Summary of free WordPress Themes:
1. Appliance.
2. vFlex.
3. Strap Slider Lite.
4. Sensitive.
5. Noteworthy.
6. Zenith.

1. Appliance

Top best free WordPress blog themes

Appliance is one of the most beautiful WordPress themes, allowing all posts to be displayed in tables on the page, instead of displayed as a simple list. The clear interface of the Appliance theme is suitable for users who want to present article in a magazine style. The advantage of this theme is that it is lightweight code so it loads very quickly.

2. vFlex

top best free WordPress blog theme 2

vFlex is a very stylish and useful WordPress theme, primarily for designers and bloggers. The theme comes with the inbuilt FlexSlider, allowing you to easily add featured images, and the VibeOptions control panel lets you upload logos, settings settings and other features.

3. Strap Slider Lite

top best free WordPress blog theme 3

Strap Slider Lite is a modern theme that includes a wide sliding panel on the page. You can post images and add captions to the content via the slider.

4. Sensitive

top best free WordPress blog theme 4

The WordPress Sensitive theme is built using Twitter’s Bootstrap Twitter framework. This theme has 3 different page templates, support customized menus and wallpapers. Sensitive is the best option if you like a clean and modern WordPress theme.

5. Noteworthy

top best free WordPress blog themes 5

Noteworthy is the perfect theme for magazine style content, allowing to display the latest post with featured features. The color of this theme is very modern, neat but daring.

6. Zenith

top best free WordPress theme 6

Zenith fits both traditional blog content and magazine style, including lots of large images with text. This theme supports customizing menus and templates and integrates with Gravity Forms.
– Download Zenith here.


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