Top most effective personnel management software

The most effective human resource management software compiled by in this article will give specific users who are HR managers one of the most suitable options for management needs. employees at the company.

Before every project of an investor, a company or an organization must have a very well-planned plan through the project management software, financial management, and accounting software.

Using the most optimal personnel management software?

However, human capital is one of the indispensable factors in each company, project, so for successful project management, in addition to using the project management software system, management software financial management or accounting software, any administrator needs to be equipped with effective HR management software depending on the size of the company.

Top best human resource management software

1. Effective HRIS Software Solution (EMS CORPORATION)

– One of HR software system Overall, in the past few years in the High-Class segment but the choice of most companies and large corporations in replacing ineffective human resource software solutions by the responsiveness and background. New technology platform on Web-base / Clouds & Mobile Apps.

– With multiple versions of HRIS software and support for specific features for each different field, HRIS’s HRM management software system EMS CORPORATION conquered the satisfaction of Coteccons Group (Construction field), An Cuong Group (Wood and furniture manufacturing field), Hainan Seafoods (Seafood production and processing sector), TMI Group, Elite Garment (Adidas partners in the field of export garment) and many customers in the field of commerce – services – production such as Daesang Korea Group (German Vietnamese sausage brands and Miwon), Andros Group Asia (France), ENT Hospital,….

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HRIS software system

– In addition, EMS CORPORATION’s product development & project implementation team is one of the strengths that is distinct from most other suppliers in the market. With many years of experience in deploying for hundreds of large projects, the project implementation team will assist customers in standardizing documents, forms, processes in the deployment process to increase efficiency when deploying. software.

2. Perfect HRM management software

Perfect HRM software provides users with effective company personnel management system with employee-related information, salaries, social insurance, taxes, and nearly all relevant information. each employee such as profile, tax, reward fund, position, …

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Interestingly enough, Perfect HRM also supports connection with a fingerprint timekeeper to easily manage the company’s payroll. This is one of the outstanding features of Perfect HRM compared to software such as SV.HIRS, HR Manager, Fast HRM Online.

– Advantages: Human resource management tools, reports, personnel fluctuation statistics, smart user delegation.

3. HR Manager management software

HR Manager software is fully equipped with functions and tools specializing in HR and salary management in the company, especially many features are quite professional compared to TCSOFT HRM Pro, Attend HRM, Lotus Pro.

  Top of the best management software

Through the use of HR Manager, HR administrators are able to capture personnel fluctuations, help track and manage interviewing, hiring, and monitoring and managing timesheets for employees. tablets.

4. SV.HRIS human resource management software

Among the current employee management software, SV.HRIS personnel management software is one of the very good software for managing and controlling the company’s personnel.

Best security management software

SV.HRIS software provides nearly complete tables, personal profile management, monthly timesheets, and from the software, users can access many important HR management information easily and easily. Easy sharing through Office files.

– Advantages: One of the advantages of SV.HRIS staff management software is the intuitive design with an intuitive chart system and provision of integrated employee record management tools.

5. HRPRO7 human resource management software

Highlights of HR management software HRPRO7 is located in 3 functions: Attendance Management, Salary Management, Assessment Management. It can be said that, if these three functions alone, HRPRO7 HR management software proved to be completely superior to current products on the market.

– In the attendance management module, thanks to the experience of deploying many customers, HRPRO7 has the ability to automatically handle work for almost all types of cases in Vietnam, especially in “difficult” industries such as manufacturing, accommodation, catering services …

– In the salary module, the open salary formula allows users to set and expand themselves, which can meet many current salary models.

– In the evaluation module, users can also set up and organize the evaluation activities for many forms, from KPI assessments, competency assessments, job evaluation, to daily assessment activities. .

– The software allows users to experience the test by registering information at the site Introducing HRpro7 HR software.

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6 OOS.GHR human resource management software

OOS.GHR is bringing total, optimal, professional solutions for human resource management for medium and large enterprises. OOS.GHR handles the entire life cycle of an employee through a closed process from recruitment to retirement, retirement or transfer.

All parts of management are best

Staff information will be constantly updated in real time. In addition, OOS.GHR also integrates many different solutions to salary management, timekeeping, reporting and personnel evaluation.

– Advantages: Intensive human resource management solution, giving complex personnel solutions in large-scale companies. The reporting system, personnel management and user interface are intuitive and suitable for all users.

7. HrmCloud human resource management software

HrmCloud is the leading name of HR software today with full features such as setting schedules, timekeeping, payroll, personal income tax, insurance, performance evaluation, employee satisfaction survey tablets, …

HRmcloud HR management software

Businesses save maximum time and reduce up to 40% of workload thanks to the outstanding features of HrmCloud bring such as automation of employee management processes, attendance management, recruitment, training, …

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Businesses do not need infrastructure investment, IT resources amount to hundreds of millions. With HrmCloud online human resources software, investment cost is zero, businesses just need Internet connection and can be easily managed remotely, used anytime, anywhere on computers, mobile devices, computers board.

HrmCloud provides and advises on effective HR management solutions 24/7 instead of just providing software, committed to being the best choice for businesses today.

8. Online HRM Online management software

Fast HRM Online HR management software combines a lot of employee management tools, updates employee information, manages the current situation or looks up employees according to hierarchical structure of the enterprise quickly.

List the best management software

Fast HRM Online provides a diverse and quite complete reporting system of company manpower. In addition, Fast HRM Online also connects to the payroll system to manage employee salaries. Like Perfect HRM, SV.HRIS, OOS.GHR software, users can completely export data for easy reading and sharing via Excel with specialized accounting software.

– Advantages: Intuitive personnel management tools, diverse reporting systems for employee evaluation, employee training management and overall statistics.

The above integrated human resource management software is a great choice for any HR manager today. Depending on the needs and capture of the best features and advantages of such software as Perfect HRM, TVS HR, TCSOFT HRM Pro, Attend HRM, Lotus Pro, HR Manager, Fast HRM Online, managers have Selecting personnel management software that best fits the company’s size and charter.

9. CoreHRM human resource management software

100% web-based software, designed to be intuitive to the user, flexible and highly customizable, meet up to +10 years of use, refer to the companies and corporations that are using the soft here.

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The salient features of CoreHRM personnel management software:
– Manage all personnel records, work history of employees
– Attendance: provides automatic shift recognition, allowing flexible travel
– Salary: flexible configuration, define input information, define salary terms and all allowances, define formula calculations, define additional attributes for payroll, set up print form and send mail Batch paychecks
– Establishing the process of recruiting, managing training, evaluating employees according to criteria, a scale …
– Portal (Personal Services): registering and approving leave, registering shift – work schedule online
– Create reports on personnel and salary management
– Ensuring safety with Web API, token based technology and SSL Hosting, decentralized organization using strictly each function, each type of data.
In particular, HR management software will often come with attendance management systems, so managers should also use financial management and accounting management software compatible with management software. employees to ensure harmonious coordination between departments in the company.


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