Top most played female generals in Mobile Union

Not only is the strength of the male generals, the female generals in the Mobile Union are also particularly popular. What are the most used female generals in Mobile Union?

Each female general in the Federation of Mobile has its own beauty and strength, the choice of which female champion in Mobile Union depends entirely on the forte and preferences of the player.

1. General Krixi

As a female general appearing from the early days of the Lien Lien Mobile arena, Krixi bears the silhouette of a goddess with a graceful and graceful appearance. Not only that, she also has the ability to run very fast, away from the pursuit of the opponent. The meekness of Krixi captivates gamers to choose in every battle.

2. General Payna

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The female Payna has the ability to support the whole team with great control and healing skills. But General Payna needs to be protected because only when the enemy is close, this general certainly cannot resist. This is also the most used general in Mobile Union.

3. General Ilumia

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Ilumia is a champion that creates a lot of annoyance for the opponent in Mid Street. The poke attack of this female champion along with the skill of the map makes you can eat many lives in a match. This week you will have the opportunity to try this general.

4. Sculpting Boat

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The female general always proved dangerous to anyone in the bursts of damage. She has been strengthened continuously through game updates, so it is stronger. Not only that, if there is a beauty contest female general, it is impossible not to have Diao Chan.

5. General Tel’Annas

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As a highly-regarded AD carry on all fronts, Tel’Annas has always been the female general sought by the Federation of gamers. So a lot of people believe in using this female general because of her ability to attack and escape when deadlocked.
Each of the above generals has their own set of powers. In each match, the presence of these generals has made victory for many gamers. This is also the top most trusted general in recent years. Besides, you can refer to generals carry their team in Lien Lien Mobile to choose your favorite champion.


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