Top most popular graphic design software

Top most popular graphic design software

Graphic design software is an essential tool for designers whether amateur or professional, if you are new and still have a question about what is the right tool for you, you should join Refer to the article Top rated graphic design software below.

If you just need the basic design, the free online photo collage software can now meet the needs. However, if you want to develop in a more professional way, you should learn and master a graphic design software. Taimienphi would like to introduce 5 Common graphic design software most for your reference and have a suitable choice.

Introducing the top 5 most popular graphic design software today

Top 5 most popular graphic design software

1. Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Photoshop has a more familiar name is Pts is one Graphic design software have the most users in the world. This is also the tool that many people choose when they first begin to learn about design industry. Photoshop has powerful image and graphic processing capabilities with professional image editing and design features aimed at designers or photographers.

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Photoshop interface through many updates is relatively complete and not much has changed. If you are new, you can download the old version of this software like Cs2 to use for free. Once you get used to it, you may want to consider buying the latest version of Adobe Photoshop CC with more advanced features.


Graphic design software GIMP uses open source so you can download it for free, which is much cheaper to use than competitors. For basic users, GIMP has functions for collage, brightness, color correction, … to bring the perfect beauty to photos. For advanced users, GIMP provides a huge library with unique filters or animation packages.

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You will not take too much time to do use into GIMP. Theme of Graphic design software This is relatively simple and you can study by yourself without having to go to any training. In addition, to expand the functionality, the software also allows users to download and install additional support plugins from 3rd parties.

3. Adobe Illustrator CC

If Adobe Photoshop is an advanced visual design tool, Adobe Illustrator is the solution to vector graphic design. It is suitable for users who need printing, in-game graphics, illustrations, … jobs that require detailed designs and high resolution.

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Owning a large library with many sample designs available, new users can refer and create quality products more quickly. The alignment system is also a strong point of Illustrator when it comes to smart, accurate pixel correction.

4. CorelDraw

When listing Top Common graphic design software Nowadays, CorelDraw cannot be ignored. With features comparable to Photoshop, CorelDraw allows you to freely realize your ideas in every common design today.

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CorelDraw brings in all the necessary features of a professional graphic design software. However, what makes users love this software is the ability to create technical design drawings. CorelDraw supports users to frame, color the objects, view drawings before printing, … This is a graphic design software if you are in the direction of technical design.

5. AutoCAD

Not as famous as the Common graphic design software other, AutoCAD silently possesses a large number of users who are construction designers, mechanics, … The features of this software focus optimally on the ability to design 2D, 3D graphics professionally. . With AutoCAD you can quickly create quality designs by manipulating commands, creating and printing drawings instantly.

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Image editing is not the strength of this software. If you are interested in the field of design 2D and 3D AutoCAD is the tool you should learn right now.
So Taimienphi has just introduced you to the Top 5 Common graphic design software most today. Hopefully after referencing the article, you can choose for yourself graphic design software in accordance with your development orientation later. Good luck!


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