Top most reputable Bitcoin buying and selling website in Vietnam

Top most reputable Bitcoin buying and selling website in Vietnam

Refer to the article sharing top Bitcoin buying and selling websites in Vietnam of to choose websites, Bitcoin exchanges that are cheap, reputable, high reliability, fast processing speed and conduct purchases, sales, and Bitcoin investments when needed.

In this article, will share for readers, especially those who have just learned about Bitcoin, to know the top reputable Bitcoin buying and selling websites in Vietnam, helping you know how to register and how to register. perform buy / sell transactions, invest Bitcoin without having to collapse, hack your account or encounter problems during the transaction.

Refer to top reputable Bitcoin buying and selling websites in Vietnam.

Note: The list of Bitcoin trading websites shared in the following article of is only subjective judgment from the author. The websites here are listed according to the number of years of operation, feedback from the participants. If you feel any other website or Bitcoin exchange is worth mentioning, please leave a comment and comment below the article, I’d love to know more about them.

Top website to buy and sell Bitcoin prestige and cheap in Vietnam

1. Why buy and sell Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, virtual money is encrypted as open source to serve users.

In Vietnam, after owning a certain amount of Bitcoin, you need to participate in Bitcoin trading markets, Bitcoin exchanges to make transactions and make a profit.

On Bitcoin trading floors, Bitcoin is traded via electronic devices connected to the internet and bank payment accounts.

Read up to here, if you are still not familiar with Bitcoin, you can refer to the information in the article Bitcoin what? How to register for a Bitcoin account of

2. Top reputable Bitcoin trading websites in Vietnam

As analyzed above, participating in reputable Bitcoin trading websites and exchanges is essential for professional BTC investors. Here are the top 5 safe and reputable Bitcoin exchanges in Vietnam that you cannot ignore.

Before checking out the top reputable Bitcoin buying / selling websites in Vietnam, you should refer to the article shared How to sell Bitcoin where, how, for whom of to get the most clear picture of the method of trading, buying and selling Bitcoin on websites, trading floors buying and selling Bitcoin in Vietnam.


Remitano is considered the oldest Bitcoin trading floor in Vietnam today. Remitano is called BTC Remitano market name. Here, Remitano does not directly buy and sell Bitcoin, but only intermediates, holds coins and holds the money of parties involved in the transaction.

Advantages of buying and selling Bitcoin at

– Make quick, safe transactions with low transaction fees: The price of buying and selling Bitcoin at is about 1.5 million to 2 million VND, the service fee at is 1% / transaction.
– High liquidity, support to create a transaction wallet in VND: Currently, you can perform transactions on with Vietcombank bank account (recommended) and other bank accounts such as Vietinbank, BIDV, Techcombank, …
– Applying high technology in the process of building the system, 2-layer security technology, Remitano brings safety to the account, to the coins in the user’s account.

Disadvantages of Remitano BTC floor

– Time to complete transactions slowly: If you do not use your VND wallet to make a purchase, you will need to wait for the buyer to confirm the transaction. This process can cause you to wait time or risk losing money or losing coins if you encounter unreliable Bitcoin buyers / sellers.

Slow support: Currently, Remitano is the largest Bitcoin trading floor in Vietnam. Therefore, no matter what happens, the Remitano support team will not be ready to assist you.

Top websites to buy and sell bitcoin in Vietnam

The interface of Bitcoin

2.2. is one of the oldest Bitcoin trading websites, stable and reputable, used by many people. All Bitcoin trading on is done automatically via the website. The floor owner always has a large amount of coins and money in the account to support the implementation of bitcoin transactions on your web.

Advantages of buying and selling Bitcoin on

– Make transactions quickly and accurately with high security: Make purchase and sale transactions within 1 minute, the amount and amount of Bitcoin transactions are displayed directly from the time of creating orders.
– Simple interactive interface, no account can still participate in buying and selling coins on the website.
– Enthusiastic support team.


– The price of buying and selling Bitcoin at is about 8 million to 9 million VND
– Complex interactive interface, only supporting transactions by Vietcombank bank account.
– No payment invoice, no transaction confirmation information to email to the buyer and seller.

Top websites to buy and sell bitcoin in Vietnam. 3

Bitcoin shopping mall interface


According to the introduction at, this is a reputable virtual currency exchange, which provides an enabling environment for users to conduct coin trading transactions with the lowest cost.

In essence, the mechanism of operation of Aliniex floor is similar to Remitano floor. In addition to Bitcoin, the Aliniex Bitcoin Trading Market also supports trading and trading of other virtual currencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, USDT and Litecoin (LTC).


– Walking through an Aliniex website, we can identify this is an effective Bitcoin trading channel with many preferential policies for users such as low transaction costs (0.6% / transaction), speed Fast trading, professional trading platform, safe and fast.
– Support multi-bank transactions, users on Aliniex can make transactions or withdraw VND from any account type
– Enthusiastic support team


– Has not developed an app on the phone, making it difficult for users to want to buy / sell Bitcoin on the phone
– The company’s address is not clear

Top websites to buy and sell bitcoin in Vietnam. 4 Bitcoin buying and selling interface


Although newly launched, the virtual currency trading platform has been widely circulated among many BTC investors about the safety, security as well as the speed of making Bitcoin purchases / sales. Fiahub was founded by Singite Digitex PTE LTD.


– Bitcoin purchases / sales are made immediately from the time of booking, greatly reducing users’ waiting time.
– The price of Bitcoin Ethereum USDT transaction is clearly transparent, the actual price when matching with the proposed price is not much different
– Fee for making cheap transactions, only from 0.5% of total transactions
– 100% free of charge when you deposit VND BTC ETH USDT BNB for trading
– Use 2-layer security technology, easy to interact interface, use, have app on the phone
– 24/7 support team


– As a newly established exchange, the number of participants to buy / sell Bitcoin on the exchange is not much
– Only support withdrawals from accounts Vietcombank, Techcombank

Top websites to buy and sell bitcoin in Vietnam. 5

Interactive interface on the virtual currency trading platform

According to, Bitmoon is an intermediary website, supporting members to trade virtual currencies through international exchanges. Currently, Bitmoon is in the process of applying for business registration, so there are many restrictions on the safety and legality for users when making transactions.


– There is a clear transaction address: 8C Cong Hoa, Ward 13, District Tan Binh, TP. HCM
– Provide the best virtual currency services for investors of virtual currencies in Vietnam
– Low transaction costs, support payment on many different bank accounts


– The difference in the actual purchase / sale price of Bitcoin received compared to the proposed price
– Not yet licensed by the competent authorities in Vietnam.

In addition to the above Bitcoin trading floors, in Vietnam market, participants investing in the virtual currency market can refer to a few other Bitcoin buying / selling websites such as,,, …

Top top Bitcoin buying and selling websites in Vietnam. 6

Interactive image on

In the article above, has introduced you to the top reputable Bitcoin trading website in Vietnam, hoping to help you in finding a reputable address to perform transactions, first. from your Bitcoin.
To increase understanding as well as know how to invest Bitcoin properly, should find out the article How to make money online with Bitcoin. Not just plowing Bitcoin, buying / selling Bitcoin for profit, the article will share with you a lot of useful content to maximize the profits from this virtual currency.


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