Top most used melena melee weapons

Garena Free Fire is a hugely popular survival shooter game in recent times, in Free Fire weapons systems are extremely rich and in addition to the main weapons, melee weapons are also The equipment needed to be able to win.

Free Fire Possesses a diverse weapon system with extremely unique weapon types. In a Free Fire match, sometimes you will need to use melee weapons to be able to knock down nearby enemies right before your eyes.

Free Fire melee weapon

Free Fire currently has versions on Android, IOS and PC operating systems, you can view and download the version appropriate for your device:

– Download Free Fire for Android
– Download Free Fire for iOS
– Download Free Fire for PC

List of melee weapons in Garena Free Fire.

In Free Fire, there are currently 2 commonly used melee weapons

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Knife is a weapon used in the early stages of the game, when you first parachute down and can not find a gun to use and need a defense item. Knives are great for situations that hide in the room and take out opponents as soon as they open the door. In fixed situations this is an item worth using.

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Pans is a very special melee weapon when it acts as an impenetrable armor behind your back. The enemy who is about to shoot you in the back will have to be very careful because maybe the bullets will hit the pan you are wearing and prevent all damage of those bullets, an effective item that can save live you in unexpected situations.
Free Fire has an extremely diverse weapon system and includes guns Free Fire rifle extremely powerful, you see and choose the best guns to take down the enemy.


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