Top most useful data analysis tool

Top most useful data analysis tool

Businesses are based on data, but all raw data needs to be processed and analyzed. Manually managing them all can be time-consuming and error-prone, so data analysis tools are created to solve this problem.

Data analysis programs is designed to accelerate the process of converting raw data into high quality useful information in a few clicks. However, the market is now filled with data analysis tools that make it difficult to choose. Therefore, it is important for each business to find some of the most appropriate tools based on performance needs, TCO identification, etc. Here are 6 best analytical tools with powerful features:

Top most useful data analysis tool

Summary of data analysis tools:
1. Excel.
2. Zoho Analytics.
3. Tableau Public.
4. SAS.
5. IBM Analytics.
6. Python.
7. Google Analytics.

1. Excel 2019, 2016 and lower versions

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There is probably no need to introduce much about Microsoft Excel because it is still one of the most popular analytical tools in all areas of business, as well as for personal use. Whether you’re an expert at using advanced tools like Tableu or SaS, you’ll still need Excel.

+ Adjust patterns and organize data to save time and effort.

+ Support for modern calculations and templates, for a customized table creation experience.
+ Lets download the latest charts and graphs to display data visually.
+ Easily create trend forecasts in one click.
+ Option to share spreadsheets and collaborate in real time. In addition, it also supports creating models with advanced business analytics.
Price: + Free up to 5GB
+ 1.99 USD / month for 100GB.

– Download Excel 2019 here.

2. Zoho Analytics

top cong analytical data most useful data 2

Zoho Analytics is a useful data analysis tool for individuals and businesses, allowing to create intuitive data reports and smart dashboards at a glance. Besides, it also helps users convert huge blocks of raw data into valuable information.

+ Allow to take data from spreadsheets, flat files (text files, CSV, HTML, Excel, etc.) and upload them.
+ Facilitate data visual analysis and create in-depth reports or dashboards via drag and drop interface.
+ The interface looks like a spreadsheet for data entry, analysis and reporting.
+ Option to share data with colleagues or customers and collaborate in real time.
+ Options for independent software vendors to seamlessly combine applications and products using the integrated BI.
+ Allows users to quickly set up a custom reporting website with their own brand.
+ Provides a range of Web APIs that support HTTP for data integration, mete data processing and more.
+ Ensure data is secure with support related to backup solutions, security, privacy and backup.
Price: Starting from 12 USD / month

In addition to using Zoho Analytics in a web browser, users can download apps on iOS and Android devices

– Download Zoho Analytics for Android.
– Download Zoho Analytics for iPhone.

3. Tableau Public

top cong cu analytical data most useful 3

Tableau Public is a free platform for those who are looking for a powerful data analysis tool. It allows exporting data on all topics that users are interested in, designing interactive charts, maps and real-time dashboard in just a few minutes.

+ Tableau Public helps to connect different formats including MS Excel, MA Access and other types of text files.
+ Storage capacity for data is limited to 10GB.
+ Data rows are limited to 1,000,000 in a file.
+ All content saved on this platform can be opened online to many users with the option to download a copy of the working sheet.
With the flexibility to allow work sharing in minutes and publish data analysis reports anywhere on the web, Tableau Public is one of the most complete, dynamic and secure tools.
Price: Free and open source

Tableau Public currently supports Windows 64bit, Mac, Android and iOS operating systems, in particular, you can use Tableau Public right on the web browser without having to install it.

– Download Tableau Public for PC.
– Download Tableau Public for Mac.
– Download Tableau Public for Android.
– Download Tableau Public for iPhone.

4. SAS

top best data analysis tools 4

Considered a leader in data analysis, SAS is for all data scientists and business analysts, helping them discover, analyze and present data. It works on reliable and advanced technology, allowing the conversion of raw data into fine data. SAS is capable of operating the same way on all platforms.

+ Provides terminal data analysis packages: Handling from simple to complex numbers.
+ Equipped with an integrated library to provide all the essential feature packages for data analysis and reporting.
+ Supported by 4GL programming language, comes with easy-to-learn syntax and clear instructions / instructions for the system.
+ SAS Studio feature allows access from any device and on any web browser.
+ SAS supports creating and combining personalized scripts stored in the code library.
+ Support for several types of data formats and allows reading data from any file, any format, even from files with missing data.
+ Warning, supervise data analysis with SAS manager.
+ Ability to display output, analysis and reports.
+ Providing SAS 9.4 security features, encrypting data on disks by different types of algorithms.
Price: Depends on the service package.

Users can download the application on iOS and Android devices

– Download SAS for Android.
– Download SAS for iPhone.

5. IBM Analytics

top cong cu analytical data most useful 5

IBM Analytics is a tool that helps accelerate data conversion process using both artificial intelligence (AI) technology and the classical method.

+ Streamline the process of collecting, sorting and analyzing data to enhance data storage and scale management.
+ Collect all kinds of data from different sources.
+ Predictive options and decision recommendations for users based on in-depth analysis.
+ Using machine learning helps speed up data science projects by optimizing your business application.
+ Traditional analytical methods that allow you to assess business constraints and maximize tradeoffs.
+ Make predictions based on data mining, predictive modeling, advanced analysis or text analysis.
In addition, IBM Analytics allows users to develop a basis for analyzing and organizing data in business-related environments.
Price: Depends on the service package.

– Access to services IBM Analytics here.

6. Python

top cong analytical data most useful data 6

Python is an open source data analysis tool, object-based programming, structure and function, etc. Recently, it provides advanced API for WHO and machine learning.

+ Clearly define functions, and allow enumeration of required / replacement arguments, as well as random and keyword arguments.
+ Python has many lists of different domain names that act as mixed data, allowing listing, segmenting and analyzing influence with other integrated functions.
+ Simplify calculations and expression syntax by allowing the +, -, * and / operators to function as usual. In addition, Python also supports the use of parentheses () to group data.
+ Easy to learn and use, user friendly.
+ Understand control commands that are normally used in other languages, for example: If, For, While and Range
+ Up to 5 Python libraries support data science tasks, including Numpy, Pandas, Scipy, Scikit-learn and Seaborn.
Price: Free and open source, Python is supported on both Windows and Mac, download it here

– Download Python for PC.
– Download Python for Mac.

7. Google Analytics.

google analytics

Google Analytics is a tool to help display user data on websites of businesses and individuals with high accuracy, articles, visits, access time, number of users in real time .. are updated by Google Analytics. This is a tool to evaluate whether your website is working effectively or not.

Currently Google Analytics supports use on web browsers, Android and iOS devices

– Access Google Analytics Web.
– Download Google Analytics for Android.
– Download Google Analytics for iPhone.
Above are 7 best data analysis support tools today.


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