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Top music player on mobile


A quality mobile music application that will help you enjoy both local and international songs with high quality, in accordance with the configuration of the device. However, choosing a music player that fits the above criteria is not easy.

Enjoying music anytime, anywhere on mobile phones is gradually becoming a habit of today’s users. However, most of today’s popular online music applications are foreign and usually contain only international songs. You will have difficulty finding songs in Vietnamese. In this article, Taimienphi will share the Top Music application on mobile phones Quality helps you comfortably listen to Vietnamese songs from modern to classical.

top music apps on mobile

Top 5 music applications on mobile phones

Top music application on mobile phones

1. Mp3 zing

top music apps on mobile 2

Top in the Top Music application on mobile phones Taimienphi wants to share is Zing Mp3. This application possesses a huge music store of famous songs both at home and abroad with high sound quality and copyright. Mp3 Zing’s interface is relatively simple and allows users to listen to music online or set up an offline music account. However, with some songs, you will need to upgrade your account to be able to listen and download.

Currently, users can download and use Mp3 Zing application on both popular mobile platforms today as Android and iOS.

– Download Zing Mp3 for Android
– Download Zing Mp3 for iPhone

2. Nhaccuatui

top music apps on mobile 3

Starting from a small music sharing site, Nhaccuatui has grown to become an online music website with millions of hits daily. Nhaccuatui also has its own music player that works on mobile devices using iOS or Android operating systems.

Using Nhaccuatui, you will listen to Vietnamese or international songs completely free. Besides, the application also regularly updates music collections or by themes or genres to help you have a more diverse listening experience.

– Download Nhaccuatui for Android
– Download Nhaccuatui for iPhone

3. Spotify

top music apps on mobile 4

Spotify is Music application on mobile phones popular in the world and recently used by Vietnamese users more recently. Besides the strength of foreign songs, Spotify also frequently cooperates with Vietnamese artists in many music projects. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the latest and earliest songs when using this application.

In addition, Spotify uses smart algorithms for its music applications. Based on your favorite songs and artists, Spotify will create playlists or suggest new songs that suit your music taste.

– Download Spotify for Android
– Download Spotify for iPhone

4. SoundCloud

top music apps on mobile 5

SoundCloud is not just one Music application on mobile phones merely an open platform, allowing users to listen and post songs. On SoundCloud, you not only enjoy the famous works of professional artists performing but also listen to interesting music from amateur artists.

If you are a user who loves using social networks, SoundCloud also has a feature that allows you to share songs on Facebook, Tweet, … quickly.

– Download SoundCloud for Android
– Download SoundCloud for iPhone

5. Youtube

top music apps on mobile 6

In essence, the main purpose of Youtube is where users watch and post videos rather than a music application on mobile phones. However, despite this, many people still have the habit of listening to music right on this app. As a long-standing platform, YouTube owns a large number of newly released classic music videos, classic words. However, due to copyright issues, you will not be able to download songs to your device, you can only listen to them online on the application.

Users interested in the YouTube application can download the installation on a mobile device or tablet.

– Download Youtube for Android
– Download Youtube for iPhone
Top 5 Music application on mobile phones Taimienphi has just introduced are intelligent applications, with a rich music store both domestically and internationally. Hopefully after consulting the article, you will find a music player that suits your interests and needs, in addition, you should also refer a lot. Music player software Free or other on the computer.



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