Top PDF reading software on Macbook, Mac OS

New to Mac OS and looking for a software to support reading PDF files on the device, with the article Top software for reading PDF files on Macbook, Mac OS below, Taimienphi will introduce to you some software Read popular PDF files like Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader … as well as many people use.

PDF format stands for Portable Document Format, and this format is quite small, so it is now used by many people to store and share. To open PDF files, you need to use PDF reader software and of course on Macbook. However, there are quite a lot of software for reading PDF files on Macbook, so the following article Taimienphi will introduce Top PDF reader software on Macbook that readers can refer to from which to choose for themselves an appropriate software. Please read along.

Top PDF reading software on Macbook, Mac OS

Adobe Reader for Mac

Adobe Reader for Mac is software that supports reading PDF files for Mac computers with many features, which can be used to view, print or ownership the PDF file. In addition to not only viewing regular text files, Adobe Reader for Mac also supports users to view media files including video, audio, images, including CAD designs as well as diagrams of drawings. be converted to PDF file by integrated PDF Portfolios feature.

PDF Expert for Mac is also a PDF document viewer and editor with many useful features, supports users to insert annotations, extract pages, merge documents, fill out forms and add signatures to files, in addition PDF Expert for Mac has the ability to edit multiple documents at the same time to save time.

Download Adobe Reader for Mac here

Foxit Reader for Mac

Foxit Reader for Mac is a PDF reader application on the Mac operating system recently released by Foxit Software, which provides Mac users with many convenient features to work with PDF files. Foxit Reader application has a pretty eye-catching interface, allowing you to easily customize the background and color. The window consists of many buttons and menus but is not too complicated, taking up a lot of space to display PDFs, rotate pages, zoom in, zoom out or share documents on social networks like Facebook.

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Foxit Reader for Mac allows you to read comments, preview each class and attached documents as well as signatures. Easily read PDF documents by page number, page thumbnail or bookmark. In addition, the Foxit Reader for Mac application also supports opening password-protected PDF files, searching documents and opening multiple files on different tabs to easily open and view the document content. In short, Foxit Reader for Mac is an intuitive application designed to help you work with PDF files in the easiest way.

Download Foxit Reader for Mac here.

Soda 3D PDF Reader for Mac

Soda 3D PDF Reader for Mac is a PDF reader application supported on Mac operating system with interesting feature is to view PDF documents with unique 3D effects. The software also allows you to create PDFs from a variety of formats, compatible with all PDF files created from many applications, and can extract or print PDF documents.

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Soda 3D PDF Reader for Mac displays PDF documents in 3D just like when you are holding a book, both unique and close. The application can open all PDF files created by various software such as Foxit Reader or Adobe Reader. However, the advantage of Soda 3D PDF Reader over Foxit Reader is that you can view PDF files as 3D effects.

Download Soda 3D PDF Reader for Mac here

Haihaisoft PDF Reader for Mac

Haihaisoft PDF Reader for Mac is a free software used to read and print PDF files on Mac systems. This software has a compact size, fast loading speed and many functions. In addition, it can read DRM-X-locked PDF files and supports multiple languages.

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The interface of Haihaisoft PDF Reader is quite basic and intuitive. You can open a document only by using the file browser, because the “drag and drop” method is not supported. So you can view PDF file properties (e.g. title, author, creation date, PDF manufacturer and version), email the file and change the view (single page, face to face) , read book).

Download Haihaisoft PDF Reader for Mac here.

Enolsoft PDF Magic for Mac

Enolsoft PDF Magic for Mac is an application that helps you edit PDF for MAC OS. It allows you to join different PDF files into a single file or split an original PDF file into component PDF files depending on your intended use.

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Enolsoft PDF Magic for Mac can organize your PDF files or rotate pages when viewing this PDF file. Also, you can insert PDF pages as well as add image files with different formats such as PNG, JPG …

Download Enolsoft PDF Magic for Mac here
Above is a list of PDF reading software on Macbook that Taimienphi would recommend to readers who are looking for an application to support reading and editing PDF files on MacOS. Hopefully, you will find the software you like and that suits your work.


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