Top personal information security software for computers

Did you know you are being silently watched on the Internet by browsers and software? You can also leak important information when accessing public WiFi. To protect your privacy and safety when accessing the Internet, use the Top best personal information security software for computers.

In the current technological age, privacy is one of the most commonly violated factors when accessing the Internet. A lot of software and browsers silently collect your information without your consent, besides annoying ads due to your browser tracking your actions. And more importantly, you want to be safe when you access public WiFi.

Use the following software to provide absolute security for your activities on the Internet, from hidden browsers to data security tools.

Top best personal security software for computers

1. Tor Browser

Download the Tor Browser here: Download Tor Browser:

In previous articles, we mentioned Tor. Tor (The Onion Router) free open source software. Tor is the best tool to help both bypass the firewall and anonymously access the Internet.

Tor has the function of hiding the original IP, erasing the access of computers when sending or receiving information via the Internet. The information exchanged via Tor will be encrypted and transmitted through multiple intermediate servers. You can surf the web anonymously right on Chrome with Tor with advanced security features.

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If you want to use a professional anonymous browser, then install the Tor Browser, a special version of Firefox capable of transmitting data through multiple intermediary servers to help ensure maximum security for your information.

You will still be surfing the web as normal but the browser will encrypt your information. Especially in activities that require high security such as e-banking, transactions, online shopping, etc., the Tor Browser will protect your valuable personal information.

You can also use the Tor Browser to access Vietnamese IP blocking websites.

2. CyberGhost VPN

Download CyberGhost VPN here: Download CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN is a free VPN creation tool. A VPN (Virtual Private Network), a virtual private network is a network that connects computers together through the Internet. Computers participating in virtual private networks will see each other as in a local area network (LAN).

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CyberGhost VPN works to create virtual private network (virtual private network), hide the location and identity of users when accessing the Internet. This application is best for torrent users or when they want to access Vietnam IP blocked websites.

CyberGhost VPN has 6 main applications: an anonymous browser, access to blocked streaming sites, protect Internet traffic, pull anonymous torrents, access blocked websites, choose a VPN server to use.

If you want the application to run smoother and do not want to see ads, upgrade to the premium version.

3. Ghostery

Download Ghostery here: Download Ghostery.

Did you know that online advertisements use cookies to build a profile of your information and activities on the Internet. If you do not want to be tracked like that, install Ghostery on the browser you are using.

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Ghostery prevents cookies from tracking your browser and reporting information back to advertisers.

Have you ever wondered why I was looking for a tourist destination in the morning and immediately saw an advertisement for tours and hotels in that location in the afternoon? Even if you don’t pay attention, your surfing habits are quietly monitored and advertisers try to send you information that best suits your habits and interests.

In essence, these cookies are not malicious but if you do not want to be tracked, install Ghostery on your browser. The application supports all popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Coc Coc as well as on both Android and iOS.

Ghostery blocks tracking systems and retrieves your information on the Internet. Besides, the application also tells you exactly what companies are looking for you and your information. This will be a comprehensive protection tool for those who shop online or regularly surf the web.

4. KeyScrambler Personal

Download KeyScrambler Personal here: Download KeyScrambler Personal.

The software protects your important information by preventing malicious keylog programs from copying what you type on the keyboard. If you do not know, keylogs are spyware programs that track and record all keystrokes in a log file for the person who installed it to use.

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When being tracked by a keylog, you may lose important information such as electronic bank accounts, credit card information, etc. into the wrong hands. To prevent this risk, use the KeyScrambler Persona.

KeyScrambler Personal is very light at about 1.5MB with the sole task of encrypting the information you type on the keyboard to prevent keylog software from stealing your information. The free version of the application supports up to 38 different web browsers. And the paid version will protect you both in email applications, messages as well as online games.

5. AntiSpy for Windows 10

If you don’t want Windows 10 to collect your personal information and report it back to Microsoft, use AntiSpy for Windows 10.

Download AntiSpy here: Download AntiSpy.

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Publishers are currently tracking users’ personal information illegally for reasons of collecting user information and feedback to make improvements to the following operating system. However, this tracking makes users feel uncomfortable. So, AntiSpy provides a tail cutting feature for Microsoft and returns your private space on Windows 10.

AntiSpy can disable items in Windows such as remotely disabling, biometric identification, sharing handwritten data and bug reports, recording steps, Cortana, sensors, access lists Language, WiFi Sense, Cloud Storage and Windows automatically update

6. GnuPG

Download GnuPG here: DownloadGnuPG.

GnuPG is the abbreviation of GNU Privacy Guard. As the name implies, the software helps protect your privacy by encrypting your important data and email.

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GnuPG encrypts important information and documents with nearly indestructible technologies. While GnuPG itself is just a command (you can run the program in a DOS window), there are dozens of other programs that encrypt information, so you can feel secure when using GnuPG to send and receive top secret data.

7. Wise Folder Hider

Download Wise Folder Hider here: Download Wise Folder Hider.

You often use the same computer with other people and you are really worried because important data could be leaked out or erased. So Wise Folder Hider is the solution for you right now. It is considered the absolute security tool for your data files.

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Wise Folder Hider gives users the ability to hide files and folders on the hard drive so others cannot detect and access them. Wise Folder Hider will safeguard your important data as well as your personal information. Besides, the application can also prevent infringement, damage your documents, even before the virus attack.
Above, has just introduced the Top best personal information security software. With this software, you will no longer worry about being monitored on the Internet, stolen important information and data, or unauthorized access to files on your computer by others.


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