Top proxy server allows anonymous surfing

Top proxy server allows anonymous surfing

Proxy server helps to change a user’s IP address without encrypting the traffic. This allows you to surf the web privately, making it impossible for malware to gain access and collect information about your browsing data. Using Web Proxy will also help users to access websites that are blocked at work, school and blocked by Internet service providers.

Web proxies work by hiding your IP address, acting as an intermediary between the computer and the website you want to visit. Your computer will require access through a proxy, and then will go through filtering. When the process is completed, the request will be sent to the website. Once the site has received a response, it will redirect back to your computer, allowing you to view the content available on it.

Top proxy server allows anonymous surfing

If all you need to do is hide your identity when surfing or accessing a blocked website, you can use proxy servers. Introduced below. Very simple, you just need to enter the domain name into the proxy and then browse.

Proxy servers allow anonymous web surfing:
1. HideMyAss.
2. 4everproxy.
3. ProxySite.
4. Hide.Me.
5. Whoer.

1. HideMyAss

top proxy server for anonymous web surfing

The most famous and widely recognized proxy server is HideMyAss (HMA). It provides standard features to hide your real IP address, besides ad blockers, to help you surf the web smoother. The proxy server is completely free, but if you want to increase your own security, HMA also offers a paid VPN service.

HMA is a collection of different VPN projectors globally. That means you will enjoy a fast and flexible service. There are official extensions for both Google Chrome and Firefox browsers, so you don’t need to download and install the entire software.

The only minus is that HMA will store both your IP address and the VPN server being used secretly. They pledge not to use this information and only share it with their partner – The Avast Group to enforce the rules of the service, to market directly or to help develop the product.

Therefore, if you are worried about this, choose another proxy server.

– Download HideMyAss for Android .
– Download HideMyAss for iPhone .

2. 4everproxy

top proxy server for web anonymity 2

This is the most prominent proxy server to access YouTube and HD streaming services often blocked by geographic location. 4everproxy offers unlimited bandwidth and is suitable for those who want to access streaming video sites outside of their country.

Good playback quality when used for HD quality online video. You rarely need to use a buffer when you have used this service. No need to log in to YouTube to watch videos either. 4everproxy also provides an additional security measure by automatically deleting all login history in the browser after two hours.

– Access 4everproxy for Web.
– Access 4everproxy for Youtube.
– Access 4everproxy for Location.
– Access 4everproxy for Video.

3. ProxySite

top proxy server to allow anonymous web 3

ProxySite helps improve security when working online by using SSL encryption. Similar to HideMyAss, ProxySite provides the same quality of VPN for your searches. You can hide your IP address, access blocked websites, and access popular websites once history has been completely erased.

There are also many other proxy servers available with ProxySite, including servers located in the US and Europe, allowing free use. There is also a paid VPN option for additional security features, but the free proxy almost has all that it needs.

Access ProxySite here.

4. Hide.Me

top proxy server to allow anonymous web 4 is also a famous web proxy. It will not record your diary or information. As soon as you exit the browser, the URL provided to disguise your IP will expire. There will also be no annoying ads on the website, and they will be automatically blocked by the browser, helping to enhance the browsing experience. is one of the fastest proxy servers and allows you to easily change your location, control browser cookies, and block harmful scripts. Server selection is limited, cabinets only available in Germany, USA, and the Netherlands. However, the interface is very professional and user friendly.

For a more secure solution, offers a premium VPN service for only $ 5.41 / month.

Download HideMe for iPhone
Download HideMe for Android

5. Whoer

top proxy server for web anonymity 5

Whoer is not just a web proxy, it also allows you to change your IP address quickly. This may seem quite similar to other proxy servers, but Whoer’s speed is second to none.

Website Whoer also provides tools that allow you to track information on a specific website, test the Internet connection speed, and run command line tests to determine server response time.

You can manually select between 7 and 9 proxy servers available in most European and American countries. The only weakness is the Whoer website is not capable of removing ads. This is inevitable because smoke is a way to help Whoer maintain your business so you can continue using the service.

Whoer proxy server is available on Google Chrome, FireFox, Opera, and Yandex browsers.

– Download Whoer For Chrome.
– Download Whoer For Firefox.
– Download Whoer For Opera.
Above, has provided insights about the most popular and effective proxy servers today, promising a smooth browsing experience and improving the security of your personal information.


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