Top Shopee sales support software

In the following article, would like to introduce to you the top best Shopee sales support software so that you can have an overview, make a decision to choose the best and suitable Shopee sales tool. with needs.

In addition to selling on Facebook, many people also combine sales on Shopee to customers know more about products and services, thereby increasing sales. Therefore, the previous article, shared the top facebook sales management software, in this article we continue the top suggestion Shopee sales support software Best for you to choose.

The software supports and manages many Shopee accounts effectively

Top Shopee sales support software

1. Simple Shopee software

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Simple Shopee software interface

Speaking of the best Shopee sales support software today, I would like to mention the Simple Shopee software developed by ATP. Useful features of Simple Shopee software such as:

Analyze products on Shopee with different information such as the amount of inventory, the average sale per day, the selling price, the estimated revenue per day, the total number of products sold …

Data Backup function on Shopee: If your account or shop on Shopee is locked then re-uploading the product will take a lot of time. However, when you use Simple Shopee software, having backup data previously created by this software will help you get it back easily, in no time. Moreover, this useful function helps you to backup any data from any shop. Therefore, analyzing and researching content is easier and more effective.

Management of multiple shops: The fewer accounts, the lower the competitive advantage. Therefore, people often set up many shops but this makes you spend a lot of time and effort to take care of. With Simple Shopee, managing many Shopees is easier, other data, messages, and chat are all in one place so it’s easy to manage.

– Increase follow-ups automatically on Shopee
– Find hot products on Shopee
– Find hot keywords, summarize sales channels

=> Download Simple Shopee here.

2. ShopeePlus software

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ShopeePlus software is free to try

ShopeePlus is also one of the many Shopee sales management software. Key features of ShopePlus software to mention are:

Send Message: In addition to sending a message for UID to post a product for sale, a comment on this product, this ShopeePlus also sends a message to the old customers, customers who are ordering, waiting for goods …. So, you take care Best old customers, don’t miss any customers.

Increase likes and follow interactions: Like the products of the shop and follow the shop when searching by keywords, categories or by product reviews.

Batch editing and pushing products: ShopeePlus Software makes a series of modifications to the product or modifies the content of each product according to your needs. You use this software to reduce the effort, time and attract customers and want to bring the product to the forefront and increase the rate of access.

Copy other shop products to your shop: You search for the products that you want and post to your shop by keyword hot products, product categories. Once done, you can edit the description, weight, and category information to avoid duplicate content.

With ShopeePlus sales management software, your shop increases likes, follows effectively, automatically pushes products, copies products from other shops, sends messages to take care of old customers, edit products … fast quickly and effortlessly.

=> Download ShopeePlus here.

3. Shopee toolkit

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Using the Shopee toolkit gives users a variety of uses

The Shopee toolkit is also the familiar Shopee sales support software. This Shopee sales management software is divided into 3 different products, each with its own use to support sales on Shopee ecommerce site. Specifically:

Fshopee: The software helps you exchange sub, like automatically, help increase sub / like quality, reputation. Moreover, this software can use many different Shopee accounts more smoothly.

Xshopee: Copy your products or any shop. This helps you to post products easily and quickly.

Mshopee: Software can manage multiple Shopee accounts at the same time, send messages to a wide range of customers, automatically push products, create a list of available answers and sales statistics by week / month.

=> Download ToolShopee here.

The above Shopee sales support software is a useful tool for people who shop on Shopee, help improve sales performance, save costs and time, especially in the above business. Shopee becomes more efficient.

To use Shopee on mobile, download:
– Download Shopee for iPhone
– Download Shopee for Android


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