Top sites that provide beautiful, free Photoshop Brushes

Top sites that provide beautiful, free Photoshop Brushes

You are passionate about Photoshop, surely the brushes (brushes) built in the application will not meet your creativity, so finding websites that provide Photoshop Brushes will be obvious and you should do.

Brushes in Photoshop allow you to create different artistic strokes quickly, helping users to add special visual effects to their design works without having to create them individually. Each component on the photo.

Using brushes in Photoshop is really great as well as saving your time for your design to have flourishes and highlights to create different artistic brush strokes, giving you more special visual effects. distinct.

The following article will introduce Top websites that provide beautiful, free Photoshop Brushes that are worth your visit and use.


1. Brush Photoshop from Web Brushking

– You access the Website Brushking Here

The Brusking website has 9642 brushes, packaged in 547 packages and has more than 48 million downloads.

top website also offers photoshop brush free2

Brushes are divided into many categories such as: Abstract, Nature, Swirls, Vector, Stars … for you to easily choose to use.

When you hover over the Brushes on this website, you will see a small window showing parameters such as the author, how many Kb, the number of downloads. Here, you can click to see details and click Download to download when you have selected the like Brush ..

2. Photoshop Brush from Web Brusheezy

– You access the Website Brusheezy Here

Visit this website, you can search Brushes by Photoshop versions, making it easy for users to choose.

top web site photoshop brush cap photoshop 3

You can also click on the Brushes to view, and you can send comments, share … After making your choice, click Free Download to download to your computer.

3. Free Photoshop brushes from Web My Photoshop Brushes

– You access the Website My Photoshop Brushes Here

The My Photoshop Brushes website is one of the oldest existing brush download sources on the Internet. After many years of operation, this website has a huge brush store with lots of new, unique and interesting brushes added to the database on a regular basis.

top website with cap photoshop photos free 4

Brushes on this page are divided into categories, tagged for easy search. In addition to the Brush, you can also find PSD files, Templates, shapes, styles and lots of other content for you to choose from.

4. Free Photoshop brushes from Web Fbrushes

– You access the Website Fbrushes Here

Fbrushes website has more than 5000 high quality Bruches (“F” stands for Free).

top web page cap photoshop beauty free brush 5

This website offers 3 different types: Brush, Pattern and Testure for both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Just like the services I mentioned above, you can use the site’s default search toolbar or browse through the topics to find the brushes you want.

Before you download to download, you can also see the reviews of previous users below the Brushes.

5. Free Photoshop brushes from Web BrushLovers

– You access the Website BrushLovers Here

The last website I would recommend is BrushLovers. This is a website dedicated to Brush enthusiasts, it only focuses on Brush and tries to bring the best experience for graphic designers.

top web site photoshop brush cap free 6

At BrushLovers, you will see a multitude of different brushes from the most common, simple to the most creative, inspirational needs of designers to you.

When accessing and using the brushes on this site, you need to pay attention to read the license carefully to avoid having problems related to copyright.
You see, there are many websites that provide brushes but not every page will help you get the brush you want. With Top 5 websites that provide free, beautiful Photoshop Brushes I just introduced will be the best answer for you to get the desired brush, read the article Choose a color for the brush in PhotoshopIf you do not know how to choose a brush color in Photoshop!


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