Top smart watches worth buying

In the era of technology, smart watches have become the favorite trend of all. Most products offer features such as connectivity to smartphones. However, each product has its own outstanding outstanding advantages. Here are the top smart watches worth buying today, you refer to for the best choice.

In the past, people could only use clocks to see the time, but nowadays, with the clock smart watch (English is Smartwatch), we also know the weather fluctuations, receive call notifications, messages, monitor the health situation. Moreover, this phone also attracts and appeals to users by its impressive, compact design.

Which smart watch should buy? Samsung, huawei, xiaomi, apple …

Many technology companies like Samsung, Huawei, Apple … have launched many different smartwatch products that make it difficult for you to know whether cheap smart watches are worth buying? To become a smart user, you and update reviews top smartwatches worth buying down here.

1. Apple Watch

top smart watches are buying the most 2

Apple Watch S4 has an S4 processor

Apple Watch is one of the world’s most popular smart watch manufacturers, used by many people. Up to now, the Apple Watch S4 GPS is the latest product of the Apple Watch brand of smartwatches launched in September 2018. With superior features, sophisticated and eye-catching design, the product line Apple Watch S4 GPS 40mm vs 44mm and Apple Watch S3 38mm vs 42mm are the most popular choice.

* Highlights of Apple Watch S4

– Big, sharper, thinner screen design with screen sizes of 40mm and 44mm

– In addition to changing the strap, the Apple Watch S4 can replace the watch face on the screen

– Use S4 processor fast

– Integrated ECG sensor

– The watch has a large battery life, can be used continuously throughout the day

– Loud speaker 50% can answer calls via FaceTime or chat with Siri

– 50m water resistant to help the watch work well whether you wear it while swimming or going in the rain

– Ability to detect falling users

– Selling price: 10,990,000 VND

* Highlights of Apple Watch S3

– There are many types of bands with diverse materials, rich colors bring you suitable products.

– Women’s, men’s smart watches with sizes 1.56 inches and 1.5 inches

– Water resistant up to 50m, so it can withstand rain or shine

– Apple Watch as a presentation control device, if combined with the iPhone can store PowerPoint files to move over slides on the watch screen.

– Selling price: 7,990,000 VND

2. Samsung Gear

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Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro is 5ATM waterproof

Referring to the top smart watches worth buying, it is impossible not to mention Samsung Gear. In particular, the Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro and Samsung Gear S3 Frontier series are considered to be the best-selling today.

* Highlights of Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

– 5ATM water resistant makes this watch withstand pressure up to 50 meters

– Running on Tizen 3.0, can run on devices from iPhone 5 and above, run on iOS 9.0 and above or run on Android 4.4 and above, and for Samsung phones Android 4.3 and above.

– Long battery life, can operate 3-4 days on a single charge

– Detachable design strap and screen body should easily change the type of strap to suit your taste, taste.

– Selling price: VND 3,790,000

* Highlights of Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

– Plaid strap brings accents, the bezel is serrated to bring elegance and robustness to the wearer.

– Thanks to GPS positioning, this Samsung smart watch is capable of independent operation. All parameters are updated correctly.

– Equipped with 4GB memory, Gear S3 works like a music player.

– Meets IP68 standards for water resistance and absolute dust resistance.

– Equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass SR + layer to help the watch against impact, scratches and anti-reflection effectively.

– High level of data security thanks to Samsung KNOX platform

– Selling price: 6,490,000 VND

3. Samsung Galaxy watch

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Samsung Galaxy Watch integrates many applications

As for Samsung Galaxy watch products, users often choose product lines such as Samsung Galaxy Fit e R357, Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm vs 46mm or Samsung Watch Active R500.

* Highlights of Samsung Galaxy Fit e R375

– A line of sports watches, also known as smart wristwatches, ultra thin design

– Strap, detachable watch face makes changing wires, charging battery convenient.

– This cheap smartwatch is equipped with a full sensor to help track the best health situation.

– Up to 13 days of battery life when using normal tasks.

– Price: 990,000 VND

* Highlights of Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm vs 46mm

– Classic round face combined with a variety of different watch faces

– The strap made of high quality rubber helps you to get the best movement

– Equipped with Gorilla DX + glass and Super AMOLED panels to help minimize scratches and display clear information

– Integrated with many different applications

– Selling price: from 6,990,000 – 7,490,000 VND

* Highlights of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active R500

– Ultra light product line suitable for women who love sports

– Thanks to the integration of the Daily Activities feature, the watch can remind you when you need to replenish water or sit for too long, track and record the effective training time of the day.

– Be able to report and give breathing exercises if you are too stressed so you can control stress levels.

– Waterproof watch with 5ATM waterproof and built-in GPS, equipped with advanced useful sensors.

– Selling price: VND 5,490,000

4. Huawei Watch GT

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The Huawei Watch GT watch is well positioned

Huawei smart watches are also the brands that many Vietnamese people trust, in which Huawei Watch GT is highly appreciated.

* Highlights of Huawei Watch GT

– Exterior design with strong and sporty style

– Equipped with 1.39 “AMOLED panel to help display letters and numbers on the screen well even outdoors

– Flexible watch face interface changes

– Battery life up to 2 weeks

– Keep track of your heart rate constantly, reminding you to stay in shape

– Good sensor and positioning capabilities

– Monitor sleep, notify problems and offer solutions to overcome this problem

– Water resistant with a depth of up to 50m

– Can be connected to any iOS or Android operating system

– Selling price: 4,690,000 VND

5. Xiaomi

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Xiaomi Amazfit Pace GPS has a great battery time

If you love the famous Xiaomi smartwatch brand then you can choose Mi Band 3, Xiaomi Amazfit Pace GPS, Xiaomi Amazfit Stratos 2S, Xiaomi Amazfit Bip, Xiaomi Amazfit Stratos 2. All these product lines are is the favorite and most sold by users of Xiaomi today.

* Highlights of Xiaomi Amazfit Pace GPS

– Listen to music and practice through connecting Bluetooth headset

– Remove and change the strap easily

– Large screen allows displaying a lot of information

– Using time up to 5 days, with GPS up to 30 hours

– IP67 dust and waterproof standard

– Selling price: VND 3,400,000

* Highlights of Xiaomi Amazfit Stratos 2

– Strong design, sturdy, sporty

– Lightweight with only 70g, removable wire convenient

– Equipped with Gorilla Glass 2.5D tempered glass and surrounded by ceramic bezel for good impact resistance, Transflective LCD flat screen makes clear display in any environment

– Water resistance up to a depth of 50m

– Monitoring health, training process with 11 modes

– Integrated GPS positioning

– Can listen to music, receive and display notifications

Great battery life with normal mode is 11 days, smartwatch mode is 5 days.

– Selling price: VND 5,290,000

* Highlights of Xiaomi Amazfit Stratos 2S

– Equipped with Sapphire glass to help you feel secure even when bumps

– Integrating reflective technology Transflective LCD screen, the information and images on the screen are clearly displayed

– Good water resistance up to 50m

– Silicone strap helps users feel light and can change the rope easily.

– GPS positioning total route

– Measure the amount of Oxygen

– Selling price: VND 6,990,000

* Highlights of genuine Xiaomi smartwatch Amazfit Bip

Reflective technology helps to clearly display information even in the sun

– Do not miss important announcements

– Using and connecting with Mifit in Vietnamese

– Features are always displayed

– IP68 waterproof standard

– 190 mAh battery, up to 22 hours of use with GPS

– Selling price: VND 1,800,000

* Highlights of Mi Band 3:

– Sports product line, also called bracelet

– 0.78 inch OLED touch screen helps simultaneously save energy and display well outdoors

– Connect with Smartphone via Mifit

– 110mAh battery so the watch can use up to 20 days

– Waterproof 5ATM up to a depth of 50m

– Track and update health indicators accurately

– Selling price: 750,000 VND

With the share of the top smartwatches worth buying along with the above review, have you decided to buy your watch yet? Each product has its own strengths, different prices, so you need to consider the needs, financial conditions to buy the most appropriate product.

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