Top software for changing male and female voices, boys to girls

Is it possible to convert male-to-female voices and vice versa? The following top male and female voice changer software will show you that it is possible to convert boys into girls.

Job change boy voice to girl It will be interesting to allow you to hide your identity. In fact, many people change their voices when chatting to prevent friends, relatives or strangers from knowing whether they are male or female. With top parts Soft to change male to female voice The following will help you do the job of changing the voice when chatting or using for more purposes, depending on your needs.

In the following male-to-female voice changing software, you will be able to adjust not only male to female voice but also the opposite, in addition to being able to customize different voices according to your needs.

Top software to change male voice to female

1. Auto Tune software

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– Download Auto Tune to your computer here, download Auto Tune.

Auto Tune is a voice recording and audio editing application with many interesting functions to help you raise your voice level to a new level. It is also because of the ability to edit sound that you can apply to the software to change the male to female voice according to your wishes and vice versa.

The interface of Auto-Tune Evo is user-friendly and easy to edit, allowing you to edit carefully and meticulously, helping you software to change male to female voice perfectly.

2. Adobe Audition software

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– Download Adobe Audition to your computer here, download Adobe Audition.

Adobe Audition supports professional audio editing on computers including software to change the male to female voice. If Adobe Photoshop is a witch editing photos, we can consider Adobe Audition as a witch editing sound. A variety of useful features in Adobe Audion such as cutting, stretching, increasing the intensity, frequency, adding tracks … will help you create the best sound, your voice will become a stranger to Adobe Audition.

3. Fake Voice software

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– Download Fake Voice for computers here. download Fake Voice.

Fake Voice is a male to female voice changer, which helps you change your voice so that others cannot hear your true voice. This utility is a useful tool for you to hide your true voice when you are using Voice Chat on familiar chat applications such as Facebook, Skype.

Fake Voice provides hundreds of different special sound effects, you can change the voice from the old to the young, the natural voice to become a child voice, or the male voice to a female voice, high voice to Low voice and many other effects.

4. AV Voice Changer Software

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– Download AV Voice Changer Software here, donwload AV Voice Changer Software.

Voice Changer Software be used to change your voice in online chat or add real-time effects to audio. If you don’t want anyone to hear your true voice, this is a useful program. And this is the software to change the male to female voice that you need if you do not want someone to detect you.

The software is very simple and easy to use. It can block any audio signals from passing through the sound card and change them. Using Voice Changer Software to connect WaveOut signals as well as DirectX audio, this means that it is compatible with most multimedia software.

5. MorphVOX Pro software

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– Download MorphVOX Pro here, download MorphVOX Pro.

MorphVOX Pro is a software to change the male-to-female voice, used to change the pitch, pitch, pitch, and pitch of the voice when making a voice chat on windows operating system, it allows users to change the voice , insert other voice chat audio.

MorphVOX Pro gives you the ability to change the voice of a familiar character or create a voice of your own personality. In addition, the program window integrates features for you to use and operate with the mouse or joystick.
Above is the top software for changing male to female voice, with the above software, hopefully readers will have a reasonable choice for themselves. As for please suggest you use Fake Voice because this is the software with the most basic usage and effective quickly for you. Anyone can Use Fake Voice even people who don’t specialize in computers.


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